Saturday, January 2, 2010

I ~ Have ~ PICTURES!!

Well.....guess what???  I got my camera!  Yes....I did.....

Amazingly, Steve got it for me!  He came in with it on Friday......

I really had not said a thing to him about it....really....

I would NEVER hurt his feelings....I just vented to you guys cos' alot of you have been there....

So without any more are some photos I have taken...Jodie did a great tutorial that I have read and reread to try and get tips for taking good pictures....

Mine can only get better! lol

SHUT UP!!!  What do you think?

Look at my cropping self!!

Steve got me this rabbit for Christmas too!  Love him....

AND these birds....

This doll belonged to my mother....I love her...

So.....What do you think?  Better??


  1. Yeah, goodie for you! Nice pics. We have the same tall cloche. Your mom's doll is really cute in the other one. Good job...enjoy!

  2. You go, girl! Look at you and your fancy new camera! I think the pictures look great {and I love all your bunnies}!

  3. Your pics look amazing...and I agree with Kathy...lovin' the bunnies!!!


  4. Look at you all fancy schmancy! Isn't Jodie just the best to take all of us under her wing?
    Ok...the vote's in and Steve is SO a keeper!

  5. Look at you Miss photographer!!! Go girl! I love the gifts you got, well done! I just love the rabbit under the dome, did you make it?
    I am not sure but you should get your Santa next week, I am so disappointed that he couldn't make it for Christmas, but you will still enjoy him I hope!!!
    I need to start making things for next year and plan better.......
    Thanks for hanging in there and waiting!
    Margaret B

  6. Could you please have Steve call Marty for me now? I still didn't get anything :o(

    LOL, just kidding! Great pictures!!!


    Robin :o)

  7. You did a great job with your pictures! They look great. The doll is so precious and I know it's so precious to you because it was your mother's.


  8. Looks great! You might not have said anything..he just knew. ;)

  9. sweet bunny under the cloche jar... love the pics. decor and sweet touches!

  10. Woo Hoo! You can keep Steve for another year now! How sweet of him to go get the camera...before you did! :) Was he sneaking off and reading your blog? Congrats on the new camera and the super loving husband!

  11. I'm so glad he got his act together for you. Sometimes it takes men awhile to get it. You sure do deserve it. The pictures are fabulous. Can't wait to see more. Rosie

  12. This doll belonged to you mother is so beautiful.
    And pictures are fabulous!
    Happy new year to you and your family :)

  13. Yea! I'm so glad you got your camera!!! :-)

    Pics are great, and it looks like Steve did a good job picking out some very cute things for you... love the birds and the bunny! Your mom's doll is sweet, too, and of course, I love that rabbit under glass!



    Sheila :-)

  14. Great pictures! How fun for you and what a great gift!! Looking forward to all the new photos you'll be taking!

  15. I think he's a keeper,and the camera is too. A good camera makes all the difference and you can see that here. Have fun with it.

  16. So glad that you got your new camera! Great job Steve! Love the pictures. Have fun!

    Lee Laurie

  17. Aaah Lou Cinda...
    I KNEW STEVE WOULD COME THROUGH FOR YOU! And looky here, no divorce attorney is involved!!! yay!!! ;) You DO have a good man girl...I hope you paid him back with a little sumthin sumthin in appreciation for that wonderful and generous gift!!! (even though he had to make you sweat it out until after Christmas...errrr)


    (I'm really laughing sooo hard as I type this)...I'm so happy for you!!!!

    And let me tell you...THOSE PHOTOS ARE AWESOME GIRLIE!!!! I don't think it was my tutorial at all, it's ALL you and that camera that make the magic together. SHUT UP!!!! HAHAHA

    Lou Cinda, you never fail to make me laugh. You are such a wonderful person...and we all know that Steve knows that too!!!
    This has been a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year for you indeed!!!!
    everything vintage

  18. Lou Cinda:
    What a wonderful surprise! Looks like you are having a great time with the new camera and your pictures are really good. Pretty soon you will be posting photo tips for all of us! Can you do me a favor and send me your address on my e-mail. I have a snowman with your name on it :-)

  19. Lou Cinda, So glad that you got your gift! Now you can play to your heart's content and learn how to produce some really great pics. Have lots of fun- you're on your way!
    hugs, Sue

  20. Just Go Ahead On... With Ya Bad Self!!!

  21. Thanks for coming by for a visit! I'm soooo happy to hear that Steve did get you that camera...I'm soooo jealous...your pics look outstanding...I know you will enjoy it!


  22. Simply beautiful pictures...truly! I loved looking at all of them >> and now I'm ready for spring and bunnies! :) Well I decided to buy my own camera in early December, and then my dh wanted me to go shopping with him, so I was with him when he bought the perfume I wanted! :) Looks like we had a similar list going. Yes, I've heard parts of the south could get some snow. It's a crazy winter, isn't it? thanks much for your visit! Donna

  23. You got it! The pics are great and I'll bet they will get better and better!

  24. Welcome to a snap happy world! Love that bunny!

  25. Steve rocks!! Glad he came through. I was beginning wonder with the DS and all. By the way your camera takes amazing pictures!!!

  26. Yay...sooo pretty! Guess what? We got a new nice camera too, I am loving it to say the least. Yesterday I learned how to post big giant pictures for my posts. e-mail me if you want to know's super easy and really looks good in posts.

  27. OMG!!!I want that platter,where did you find that???It all looks sooooo pretty,thanks for leaving me such a sweet note today,means alot!!

  28. Beautiful!!!
    A camera, and bunny, and birds!! You must have been a really good girl.

    Have fun with your camera. Your pictures are great!

  29. You sound like kid with a new toy---of I meant camers Ha. Delightful blog and so full of lovely pictures

  30. Wow I love your cloche, and all the pretties that adorn your house, how beautiful!

    Great pictures too!

    Thanks for stopping by, and your sweet note!


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