Monday, August 27, 2012


Well, it has been a summer and I guess I decided, somewhere along the way to not blog during most of June and all of July….what can I say…it was HOT!  I have been doing things around the house, not a lot because usually in the summer I am busy going to the river and the beach and stuff and am usually not very productive as far as things inside the house go….I shift into maintenance!  But I have done some things in my bedroom and I thought I would share that today.  First of all, we rearranged the room….when we moved into this house I set the bedroom up one way and for the life of me I have no idea why I arranged it the way I did….or why it took me six years to change it!  This furniture is HEAVY and I guess I just thought it would be such an ordeal I just didn’t want to fool with it.  But I got some of those furniture sliders at Dollar General one day and wondered if they would even work….they did!  In a big way!  It made moving the furniture a breeze!

This was how it was before….from the doorway looking into the room…I just cut the room in half by putting the bed right here…





The after…from the doorway….it looks so much bigger!


changed up the bedding….the quilt is from Pottery Barn…I love this floral fabric!  I made the pillowcases and bed skirt…lumbar pillow from TJ Maax…Euro shams from Pottery Barn…



I made the vanity skirt and covered the seat…


I found the mirror at Trussville Antiques and Interiors and got it to replace the mirror I had here…love it! I have to get something for that long wall next to my vanity….I am on the hunt….shutters maybe?




found my shabby girl at one of my favorite haunts.  When I asked how much she was, they gave her to me.  I think they wondered why in the world I wanted her, as her dress is all chipped to pieces…but I love her…the stories she could tell…


I got this piece of marble at an estate stale for $5.  Love it…it is heavy!!


I have a “thing” for boxes…




I got this pillow from Rhonda at Blue Creek Home….love it…



Shabby M…



So there you go!  See?  I have been busy doing SOMETHING!  Hopefully now I can get back in the swing of things and visit everyone and get caught up!

Thank you for stopping by!