Monday, October 31, 2011

A little more CL

I had a few more photos to share of our Country Living “soiree” so I thought I would go ahead and share those…

This girl was a doll!  Personality and talent all over the place!  Her name is Molly and she and her husband, Brent are Barn Trash.


They make these fabulous pieces from doors!  Absolutely gorgeous stuff!  They are from Carlinville, Illinois and they were loving the South!  Well, what’s not to love ya’ll?


loved this coffee table and the top opened for storage….


Some more random shots….

Just in case you ran out of money….heaven forbid!






The end of a VERY long, but fun day….well, we still had to drive 3 hours home, and stop to eat, and stop at a Hobby Lobby….

and there are those PINK fingernails again…..sheesh!


This was a booth that Country Living had where you could go and get your picture made with some of your purchases, and they could, potentially, choose your photo to be in the magazine….well, I don’t look for that to happen as I don’t think our purchases were substantial enough….I did tell the little guy at the booth to not make me go back in there and buy a flippin armoire to haul out of there on my back so I can get my picture in Country Living!  Just sayin’…

Booth 2

The “silly” shot…


I will take some photos of my “stuff” as it is displayed about my humble abode and get those posted….

Than you for stopping by and have a GREAT week!!

Monday, October 24, 2011

Country Living Fair….Atlanta….

Oh-Em-Gee!!!!  WE LOVED IT!!!!  LOVED.IT!!  So much fun!!  I got up at 4:00 a.m. Friday morning and was at Sharon’s house at 6:00 a.m. and we headed for Stone Mountain, Georgia!  It was a three hour drive for us, but SO worth it!!  I wanted to go back Saturday!  I will NEVER miss another one!  The vendor’s were just AWESOME!!  Their Booths were Stunning!! Eye Candy GALORE!  We were overwhelmed….I ain’t EVEN lyin’ 

Every time we walked into one…we would just GASP!  We were there at 10:00 when the doors opened and we didn’t leave until almost 6:00 when we HAD to go….they made us!

LOVED SassyTrash!!  Loved them!



thought of Allison at the Polo House when I saw this…



Sharon loved this champagne bucket…


This arbor was SO cute!!!  The  Painted Fern….LOVED them!

It was made using windows and architectural pieces…I wanted it SO bad, but you had to come back Sunday to pick it up…







How cute is this guy??



Cari from Cash and Cari!  LOVED her!  She is just adorable!!  Sweet and gorgeous and TINY!!  I just TOWERED over her…I was so excited when I saw her!


Me and Sharon at the end of the day… I have more photos I will post later….with my purchases…


I wish I could find some pink nail polish….just sayin’


The talent that all of these artisans have is just mind boggling!  The creativity….the flair, the spark….and personality!  They were ALL so sweet and kind and talked and cut up, it was just an Amazing day!  We laughed A LOT!  This was a pre-requisite to Warrenton and Round Top!!  WE ARE GOING!!!!  Did you hear that Debbie of Talking Trash?  We are coming your way in the Spring if it kills us….

Watch Out!!!

Thank you for stopping by!!


Thursday, October 20, 2011

A Quickie…

Seth came home one day and told me that some friends of his were having a yard sale and he noticed they had a window that they were going to put in it and he asked if I wanted it….(yes, he knows me well)….of course I told him YES!  HE brought it home and I just hung it on the wall…



Every night I would look at it and “study it”….do ya’ll do that?  I do…all the time….so anyway I decided it needed paint….black paint….so I took it down and threw some paint on it…took me about 30 minutes or so….hung it back up and accessorized the area and this is what I got…


Oh yeah….moved the lamp over….raised the window up…it was too low…why didn’t I do that FOREVER ago???


I think it looks SO much better black….


cozied up the corner a bit…it is COLD here today…



You can see this is a checked chair….you know how I am about the gingham!  A FREAK for it!  Seriously… may be in order….NOT!


What do you think??

Thank you for stopping by :)

Country Living Fair tomorrow :) 

Driving in Atlanta    :0    :[    :0   :|    :0  

Tuesday, October 18, 2011

A Teensy Bit More Fall…

I tweaked the front porch a little more…just to add a little wheel barrow I found at Encore Resales in Birmingham…I loved it when I saw it but wasn’t really sure where I was going to use it and this seemed like the perfect place…




I have no idea if it is old or not, but it sure looks like it is….I just loaded it with “fall’ish” stuff, a crow and a candle and called it done…




That’s it for me today!  I am super excited as Sharon and I are heading to Atlanta on Friday to go to the Country Living Fair and we are pumped!  Wouldn’t you know it, a cold front is coming in tonight and it is supposed to be down in the 30’s at night and the high for Friday is 54!!  Breakin’ out the sweaters!!  We are having THE craziest weather this year!

Thank you for stopping by! 

Tuesday, October 11, 2011

TMI?? I think not…

Now all of us women….at some point in our lives….sooner or later….will have….”the” menopause…well, I am so sad to say that that time for me….is now….it is upon me!  The night sweats, the hot flashes, insomnia…all of that I can pretty much handle….what I have had the biggest problem with is….the MOOD SWINGS!!  LORD HAVE MERCY people!!  My emotions are ALL OVER the flippin map!  There is no rhyme or reason for it…..I NEED a reason for it…but, alas, there is none!

I will go from happy go lucky….to a hot mess of tears in the blink of an eye…or even WORSE….I will be madder than a wet hen…I ain’t EVEN lyin’…I HATE this! 

Case in point…

My girlfriend Jamie and I left Saturday morning and went shopping in search of fabric, and various other treasures…and I was unable to accomplish all of the “chores” that I do every Saturday…..On my way home, some 4 hours later, I called the hubster, a/k/a Steve, and said, “did you get anything done around there today?”…I could hear the apprehension in his voice…because these days he never knows what will either (a) send me into a fit of tears or (b) make me livid….he said, “well…no… I didn’t know you wanted me to do anything…..” (insert eye roll here) so, I just said… “ whatever”….yeah, he hates when I say that.

When I got home I could tell that he had literally hurled himself off the couch and ran, at breakneck speed, to the bedroom wherein, he “attempted” to make the bed….honestly, I wish I had taken a photo of that….looked like he had made it with his feet!  WHAT IS  UP WITH THAT!!!  I said nothing…I am maintaining control….I just redid the bed and then…

I dusted, vacuumed, swept, threw a load of clothes in the wash, cleaned up the kitchen, loaded the dishwasher, cleaned both bathrooms AND blew off the sidewalk and driveway…..every time I walked past the den where Steve was sitting watching FOOTBALL I would just pause and “look”  :|  at him….I’m telling you the look on his face is just priceless….he is nervous…

Okay, so I did good, held it together, did not launch into a tirade about everyone should be pitching in and I do MORE than my fair share, and I am not a maid….yadda yadda yadda…did not do any of that…no I did not….

Fast forward to Sunday….we went to church…emotions still in tact….doing good….after church we come home and I cleaned out all the bottom cabinets in my kitchen….I don’t know why….it’s a sickness…then I decided to make stuffed bell peppers for supper….I LOVE them….my mother used to make them for me…but they do require some prep work, they are not a one pot dinner….so I am saute’ing hamburger and garlic and chopping onions and cooking the rice and adding this and that and coring the peppers and then I parboil them for 3 minutes so they will be soft….take them out of boiling water….drain….stuff them with deliciousness and bake them for 30 minutes….smells divine….I am so excited….

I tell Steve dinner is ready….he comes in the kitchen….gets a plate….takes one of my beloved stuffed peppers and…

are you ready for it…

DUMPS the stuffing out on his plate and throws the bell pepper….IN THE TRASH CAN! 

SERIOUSLY????? ARE YOU KIDDING ME????  The bell pepper that I had cut and cored and boiled and hovered over and stuffed…..yeah those!

I look at him and say, very calmly,  “did you just throw that bell pepper in the trash?”  The “look” comes over his face again….”did you want it?”  he says….. ”I don’t like bell peppers.”  LORD.HAVE.MERCY!!  How in the World did I end up with a picky eater????

Well, folks, that was it…..the straw that broke this proverbial camel’s back………the hormones unleashed and I launched into one of my world famous TIRADES!!!  SHUT.UP!! I did!!  And then burst into tears because seriously….I do not know who this woman is that is dwelling within the confines of my body….”The Menopause” is kicking my ARSE!

My GYN told me last month that it lasts for ten years…….TEN…YEARS…….Isn’t.that.Special?

All I can say is….the men in my household better don some armor because….this is going to be a LONG ten years!

Just Sayin’


Monday, October 10, 2011


I decided to join Rene at Cottage and Vine for her Room by Room party and today is Kitchens…

I am not finished with my kitchen, as we are going to add butcher block counter tops and a backsplash of some sort…to be determined….

When we bought our house it had oak cabinets…..I am not an oak cabinet kind of gal….


That is A LOT of doors people….A LOT!  Howevah…I painted…and painted…and painted….and spray painted the hardware oil rubbed bronze…

Then I had this…


cabinets 2

cabinets 3

THEN…I decided to spray paint the countertops…yep…took’em outside and spray painted them…black…

and I got this…




new sink and faucet…the sink was a Craigslist find….$50



Then…I decided to make new window treatments….one thing ALWAYS calls for TEN others right?

Now, I have this….





So there you have it….the progression of my kitchen….and I’m still not finished!! lol

Thank you for stopping by and be sure and check out the other party participants :)