Tuesday, February 28, 2012


I have been amiss lately and I do apologize, however, I just sometimes feel that I haven’t done anything that is “blog worthy”.  While it is a triumph when Steve picks up all of the 44 zillion pine cones in the yard, I don’t necessarily feel that it would be a before and after that you would garner any knowledge or know how from whatsoever…then there is the BIG screen that we purchased and then I got motion sickness while watching it….yeah….not so blog worthy…that, however, is another story for another day.  :\

Sharon and I did head out Saturday to places that we have come to know and love and felt the need to check out again lest they get in a treasure that we desperately needed, whether we knew it or not :)

We first headed to Trussville, Alabama…home of The Sassy Sofa and The Trussville Antique Mall, which are places we both love and adore…

The Sassy Sofa had some really cute stuff….more notably this chair which I have been eyeballing for WEEKS!

I had decided waaaaay back in the recesses of my mind that if this chair was still there, then I was getting it!

It was….and I did!  It looks like a salmon color here, but it is red, green and gold, which are my colors and I  SO love it!  Whoever upholstered this did an AWESOME job!  (having taken ONE upholstery class for ONE semester….I feel that I am an expert on such things)….HA!

Look at the way the stripes match up…..you can’t see the back here, but it is pleated all the way down….love it!

22.28.12 034

Then on to the Trussville Antique Mall…

old chippy worn books…..which we love…

22.28.12 016

22.28.12 017

This chair was $35 and HEAVY!  There were two of them….I loved these!  It was in our FAVORITE dealer’s room….she has three here now….loved the fabric….

22.28.12 023

Loved this little Adirondack chair…..wish I had gotten it!  I have a “thing” for small chairs too….

22.28.12 018

22.28.12 021

22.28.12 020

22.28.12 024

22.28.12 025

These brackets are cute….Steve could make these and dress them up a bit for me…

22.28.12 029

22.28.12 027

Wish I had gotten this basket too…$15…may have to go back for this…

22.28.12 026

22.28.12 031

22.28.12 032

I have more photos that I will post later in the week.  I have to go and pick up my chair as we were not able to load it in the trunk of the car and get it home Saturday…..and after having Steve “get that rug out of the attic for me” so I could switch them out in the dining room…..I realized that is the wrong rug and the one I wanted to put in the dining room is now is Seth’s room…..OOPS!  Trip to Lowes for an inexpensive rug is on the agenda for today….and I have recovered the dining room chairs and will show those to you as well.  Thank you all so much for stopping by! 

Hope you are having a great week!

Lou Cinda

Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Vintage Marketplace~Nashville

Sharon and I headed out last Thursday afternoon bound for Nashville, home of Country Music and the Vintage Market…We had been planning to go to this event since we first learned of it months ago…and lucky me won 2 tickets from the most awesome Theresa at Time Worn Interiors.  Her booth was total eye candy!  Beautiful! 

Pictures?  You want pictures?  Well, I got a little story about that….we got into the door of the show, I whip out my new and improved camera with the 30x zoom…bring it up to eye level…turn it on….and BAM!  Dead batteries!  I could have seriously bawled my eyes out!  So you will just have to visit Theresa’s blog and see the photos she took!  It was truly a great show!

We saw Molly of Barn Trash who we met at The Country Living Fair in Atlanta.  She is just awesome!  A hoot!  Loved seeing her and her sweet husband and their adorable baby girl…I borrowed these photos of their awesome talent from their facebook page…

barn trash 2

barn trash

We met Sue Whitney of Junk Market Style fame, and she was also totally awesome!  SO NICE!!!  I had one of her books, and bought the other one….love her!  Love her books!  She is brilliant!

junkmarket style

After we left the Vintage Marketplace we decide to go to Franklin, TN, which if you have never been, is AWESOME as well!  It was 40 minutes from where we were to where we were going and thank God for the TomTom.  Sharon was telling me where to be and what lane to be in and when to turn and it was a zillion lanes of traffic and we were all going 100 mph with lanes merging in on all sides.  I was a HOT mess!  Some guy in a Nissan was trying to merge over and I had nowhere to go and he was MOST distressed with me!  After he got over  I could just see his mouth going in his side mirror…I started laughing and he gave us the bird!  Like, not a small bird…not a little flip off….noooooooo…  He stuck his arm out the window and up in the air as far as he could and gave us a big old gesture!  I laughed harder and he shot us another one!  Sharon looked at me and said, “I don’t think anyone has ever shot me a bird before on the highway.”  I said, “Really???  Happens to me all the time"!” LOL

We did make it to Franklin unscathed and had a blast there.  There are blocks and blocks of wonderful shops!  We are planning a trip back there because we did not get to see a fraction of what we wanted to.

A few shots of some things I got….you know me and the “smalls”….

this bundle of letters….

02.07.12 009

02.07.12 007

02.07.12 008

some dominos…and the little red game pieces…got these from Theresa…

02.07.12 010

02.07.12 011

02.07.12 013


I got the key holder from Theresa too…leathery and worn…love it!


02.06.2012 004

02.07.12 015

I have more….I just have to take photos….

ALSO….before I sign off….I am a BAD blogger!!  BAD!  Kathy from Creative Home Expressions sent me these adorable Fitz and Floyd creamer and sugar rabbits….just because she is SO sweet like that…she knows about my love of “the rabbit”…

02.07.12 001

02.07.12 003

02.07.12 002

Aren’t they adorable!  I have them in the cabinet in my kitchen so I can look at, admire, and think about the wonderful blog friends I have….Thank you so much Kathy!!

…looking up there at that last photo makes me think….I need to paint that shelf!

It truly is a sickness….

Thank you for stopping by!

Lou Cinda