Wednesday, April 18, 2012

I ain’t Crafty!

I call myself creative….or maybe I have an “eye” for things….you know…I like to think that I do anyway…from time to time…I can arrange things…or pick colors and fabrics that work well together….”marry them” if you will….but I have now reached the point that I must admit that “crafting” is NOT my forte’…I do not have the patience for it and more often than not, I end up with some sort of injury….or burn…or cut….or all of the aforementioned….

HOWEVER, that does not mean that I won’t TRY to make something….

case in point….I saw this on the blog Classicly Amber and thought it was SO cute!  I pinned it and looked at it and loved it and wanted it and while I sincerely would love it if Amber just popped that puppy in the mail to me…I highly doubt that that would  happen….isn’t it cute?


SO….one Sunday a few weeks ago I set about making myself one of these here wreaths….I mean, how hard could it be?  You just roll fabric to make the roses and wha la!  Cutie Patootie Wreath~!

Not so fast little missy!

This here craft calls for the use of the dreaded GLUE GUN!!  DEAR HEAVEN!!! 

First of all it took me an ENTIRE DAY to roll and twist and glue my little rosettes to said circular wreath form!  I sat and cut and rolled and twisted and glued and burned and cursed and rolled and twisted some more!  My knees were locking up and my back was cramping where I was sitting for HOURS all hunched over said project at hand….and I truly made the BIGGEST mess you have ever seen…fabric remnants all over the den…strings…glue sticks…threads…a HOT mess!

Then… I didn’t like some of them….so I REROLLED and RETWISTED and REBURNED myself again!!!

Then I arranged them on said circular wreath form and this is where I incurred a third degree burn to the wrist…I laid my arm right down in the hot glue that I had just squirted out and then pulled the glue off my wrist and the skin came with it and I thought, well….that will leave a mark….and it did!

But I am nothing if not PERSISTENT…so I did manage to create said wreath….I used the fabrics that I have in my dining room…

SO here is the final product…






So, there you go!  422 hours….a third degree burn….much gnashing of teeth and a teeny tiny bit of cursing later…..this is the end result…LORD HAVE MERCY!!  It was comical!  I ain’t even lyin’…COMICAL!

You crafty girls have my heartfelt admiration and adoration and respect….cos’ I have to admit…I AIN’T crafty!!!

And yes, I will sell this gawgeous piece of art….the price is $2,445,332.99.

Just sayin’….

Thank you for stopping by!!

Lou Cinda :)

Monday, April 9, 2012

More Kitchen

I had several people request additional pictures of the kitchen after our recent rehab of the countertops using birch doors….I took some photos Saturday in an effort to get better lighting….and I stress the word “effort”…



this small section was the “test” piece as far as staining and sealing went…we figured if we messed this one up, it would be easier to replace….being that it was small and all…











We went from this….


to this…

cabinets 2

to this….


to this…


There you go!  Hopefully this is enough so that you can see what we did!  Steve has to do all of the technical stuff…like MEASURE ACCURATELY!  I am of the “round up” or “round down” methodology….I just don’t get 16ths of an inch…Steve says they are very important!  WHO KNEW?  I have gotten the countertops sealed now.  I used Watco sealer from Lowes….it is for use on butcher block and is not toxic.  Most of the sealers I researched were food safe AFTER they were completely dry and cured….just make sure before you do it.  I use my cutting board on my island for chopping food and rolling out dough and stuff like that, not my countertops anyway.  I am still LOVING them!  I think it transformed the whole feel of the kitchen! I also think that painting the newly installed beadboard the same color as the cabinets made a HUGE difference.

Thank you so much for stopping by!

I am linking to the Talent Scouting Party at Whisperwood Cottage!



and…Restore it Wednesdays at Restore Interiors.


Lou Cinda :)

Monday, April 2, 2012

Road Trip…

Through my scouring of Facebook…and Laurie Evans’ Blog, I became aware of a place in Acworth, Georgia that I felt needed to be checked out….so….Saturday, Sharon and I headed for said Woodstock Market….after my arguing with the Garmon, who I was convinced was leading us in the wrong direction, and turns out it was right and I was wrong (imagine that)….we were on our way….albeit a little round about way….thanks to me!

Two hours later, we arrived at Woodstock Market….awesomeness!!!

Loved this chair!  First thing I saw when I walked in the place…


burlap covered buttons….


and arms….I am SO looking for a chair to do this with!


LOVED this booth…..WANT that red chair…for my front porch…





Is this architectural piece not gorgeous?? I can see it over a bed…or fireplace….




Laurie’s booth was gorgeous!







This place was SO worth the drive and we will be going back there.  They have a Junk Day once a month and they also have an auction here.  You can check them out on facebook….just type in Woodstock Market and “like” them!

We also want to visit Cave Springs, Georgia as well as Rome, Georgia.  Cave Springs is SUCH a unique town (we passed through there on the way to Acworth).  It is just littered with little shops….and historic downtown Rome was the same way….I see another road trip in the future!

Thank you for stopping by :) I appreciate it so much!

Lou Cinda xoxoxo