Wednesday, October 27, 2010


I went to the Trussville Antique Mall Saturday.  I had never been there before and had passed it on numerous occasions and I finally decided to stop! 

LOVED IT!  It is a place I will go back to again and again..

I loved this table…look at those legs!!


LOVE!!!  It was $450 FIRM….I started to say…will you take $449? HA!  The chairs were included in the price and I liked them, but the seats needed to be recaned or repaired….I just LOVE it!  Wonder if they do lay away???


I also loved this hutch/sideboard…it was in the same booth as the table I want…


I also loved this settee, but I so adore checks!  Buffalo, gingham, any kind of check! I did buy a few small things and I will get a photo of them and show you…I found two of the cutest bamboo lamps for $14.98 each!  SHUT UP!  I got one, and then when I was checking out the cashier said “I just love this lamp, she just put them in her booth yesterday.”  I said ring up the other one and I will pick it up on the way out the door!  I am so glad I got them both!  They went in Cameron’s room too.


I am excited to show you the chair I am working on right now in my upholstery class. It isn’t quite finished yet, but I am so LOVING it!!  I think it is my favorite so far…it is for Cameron’s room, so it is a little more masculine, (of course), than my rooster chairs….he might frown on a rooster chair or a girly fabric in his room….I hope to finish it next week….

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Kisses :)

Wednesday, October 20, 2010

More Upholstery 101…

The “Ottoman”….the latest finished project in my class..I LOVE this fabric!!  LOVE IT!!  I want to just “waller” all over it I love it so much…and what is UP with cats…they have to sit on anything new that comes into the house….that is “part” of Bella to the right…waiting her turn…


I did double cording AND single cording on this piece…look at me go….


I have made three pillows out of this fabric for the sofa and the chair this ottoman sits in front of…found the fabric at Hobby Lobby…


I was trying to find fabric that would coordinate with the plaid on the chair…I think this does…Simon thinks so too…


I am working on another chair that goes in Cameron’s room now…a little bit more of a challenge…I break a nail EVERY week….shows how hard I am working!

On a side note….I wonder why those little wrenches are showing up on my sidebar under my pictures…do you see them?  I added a button yesterday and they just “appeared”…how do I make them go away??


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Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Craigslist Etiquette

Okay…I LOVE Craigslist!  LOVE HIM!  However….there are certain rules that the listers should follow don’t ya’ think??

For instance….if someone were to see, say a sofa they LOVED on Craigslist and sent said lister an e-mail inquiring about the sofa….and you get NO RESPONSE!

I think that is just RUDE!  I mean, would it be SO hard to just respond to the e-mail with “Sold” or “decided to keep it” or whatever?  I hate to be a bother and resend another e-mail, but you wonder, did they get the e-mail, have they even the e-mail yet??  I know spamming is a problem, but I always try and inquire so they will know I am NOT a spammer.

Just RESPOND people!

OR, scenario number two….you see a sofa that you think you love and you e-mail and ask a few questions like, does it have visible signs of wear, or are the cushions firm…you know the usual.  They do respond and tell you the sofa is in excellent condition, firm cushions, just a great sofa….so…..

You drive 2 HOURS to get to said excellent sofa only to find that it is just worn all to hell and back OUT!!

SHUT UP!!!  This happened to me!!!  And Steve…God bless him….We drove 2 hours to go and we thought pick up this great sofa and it was just AWFUL!  4 HOURS total in the truck to go see a beat up sofa…

So….we came home without it….we had to laugh!

Take photos of any damage and e-mail it to the prospective buyer, especially if they are driving to another STATE to see it…..JUST SAYIN’…

That said, I do have two recent purchases from wonderful sweet people off of Craigslist….

First my sink….LOVE this sink….Exactly what I had been looking for…EXCELLENT condition…EXCELLENT! $50.00



This cute little chandelier….I spray painted it (of course) oil rubbed bronze…$25.00



I am looking for some shades for it….


I am wondering if I need to lower it….what do you think?


And my swan I have had…not a Craigslist find…but she is all decked out for Fall…




Thank you for stopping by and REMEMBER the rules for Craigslist….be honest, and RESPOND!!

Just sayin…

Thursday, October 7, 2010


It has been SO HOT down here all summer and into October.  This past week or so the temps have finally started to reflect the season…highs in the 70’s which is sooooo nice after the triple digits we have suffered through….

I did finally get motivated for some fall decorating…

The mantle…




The little wire basket was one of my purchases at Urban Suburban a couple of weeks ago….


Buffet in the dining room….



My beloved rabbit…..he stays out year round…


Love him….

101_1196 101_1194


Other beloved rabbit…




Thank you for stopping by!!  Happy Fall!!

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Tuesday, October 5, 2010


Well, I finally got it finished!  The spray painted countertops…..What a hoot!!  The hardest part was removing said countertops from said kitchen and taking them OUT into the back yard, cos’ you CANNOT spray paint in the kitchen….

just sayin’…

This is a photo of the less than joyful husband because after all, football was on!  It was a hot mess taking those things out!  My kitchen was TRASHED!


Everything came off the counters and out from under the sink, because we got a new sink….that is what I have been waiting on….and of course when Steve was disconnecting it….things broke….HOT MESS!


It did not take me very long at all to paint the countertops and we had them back in the house before Bama kicked off at 7:00…that’s just how I roll….


New sink and faucet!  I found the sink on Craigslist for $50!!!  PERFECTION!!!!






We went from this….


To this….101_0874

To this!


What do you think???  I really like it!  I didn’t do anything special to spray paint it…just point and spray….light coats….and then I rubbed it down and sort of buffed it out afterwards…so far…so good…

The worst thing that can happen is I get new countertops down the road, which was always the plan anyway….this is just an “interim” fix…

LOVE my sink!  You can’t tell much about the faucet but I got it at Lowes, oil rubbed bronze…I still need to change the ceiling fan in here…that is next….

Steve is thrilled…

just sayin’…

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