Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Another Win!!

Yeah Me!!  I am once again SO LUCKY!  I can't believe it!

I won a give away from Margaret at The French Bear!  Now if you have never visited Margaret's really need to!  She is an unbelievable seamstress!  And I mean...

She also writes some of the most touching posts I have ever read....
You will love her blog...

I picked up the package at the post office and of course...

Chloe had to check it out....

Look how CUTE!

Stickers along with Chloe's whiskers....

A precious card!

And look what was inside....

"Santa Greyson"

Isn't he Beautiful!!

Margaret MADE him....

The details are exquisite!

Look at his hands!

The little bird on the box "wish" it....

Bottle Brush'em...

I simply cannot pack him

for now....he is my Winter Santa and will reside in the den....

In the window....

Thank you SO MUCH Margaret!!  I will treasure him always and

I feel so blessed to have him...


  1. Wow, Lou Cinda! What a beautiful Santa! I don't blame you for leaving him out! And I had to laugh when I saw Chloe sitting on the package! Every package post I ever do has at least one cat in it, if not more! They love to check out something new! Stay warm!...Debbie

  2. What an amazing gift! He is wonderful.


  3. I'd call him "Old Man Winter" and leave him up forever! He is gorgeous and so much more detailed than anything in a store. Love his hands!

  4. Oh he's stunning! Lucky girl. :)

  5. Lou Cinda, I am so happy that he arrived all in one piece! I am thrilled that you love him, he is home!!!!! Thank you for being so sweet and thoughtful, and for reading my blog!!!!
    Margaret B

  6. Lou Cinda, what an amazing artist she is, and what a wonderful gift! I need to go for a visit! I don't blame you, He needs to stay out all winter!

  7. Don't worry when you can't find him at your house, he's resting comfortably at mine! He's beautiful!!!!

  8. Oh congrats!!! What great stuff you won and he looks right at home!

  9. what a wonderful Santa and the packaging is great too. Doesn't it feel great to win a giveaway?

    Enjoy your week.


  10. What a beautiful gift. Margaret is talented indeed. Congratulations on winning that amazing Santa.

  11. That is a beautiful Santa, Lou Cinda! I would keep him out for awhile, too! Margaret did a beautiful job on the packaging. I will definitely visit her blog.

  12. Oh my goodness...what a treasure you won! I am sure that this beautiful creation will be part of your family history from now on...passed from generation to generation! Absolutely beautiful! You know what I was most impressed by? That beautiful "Merry Christmas" on the box! What an artist! Congrats, girl!

  13. Congratulations! What a beautiful treasure! laurie

  14. WOW! you go girl! and lucky girl that you are be sure to stop by my blog i'm doing a Valentine give-away!

  15. The details ARE exquisite! Congratulations, what a wonderful win!


  16. Lou Cinda,
    That is awesome! Congratulations!
    He is wonderful and what a whole fun package.

    re: giveaway- Yes, I will be putting some new things in the store.
    No time to craft lately so I'm trying to hcath up. =)))

    hugs and blessings
    barbara jean

    PS You know you can order similar things if you see something you like at the store. =)))

  17. Oh he's beautiful. I wouldn't want to put him away for a while either.. She is one talented gal. Congrats on your win.. hugs ~lynne~

  18. Beautiful. Definitely a winter decoration. I would leave him out until Valentine's Day.

  19. Margaret is incredible! I LOVE this santa and usually they don't excite are lucky :)


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