Thursday, September 29, 2011

Door Decor

I thought I would take a few photos of my front porch and link up with Rhoda at Southern Hospitality for the Door D├ęcor Linky Party!  I think I have got the front porch as finished as it’s gonna get…

My ficus tree I have had FOREVER and it will have to get a pruning before it comes in for the winter…


this fern has THRIVED this summer….heat did not bother it one little bit…


these….have struggled….


I change out my rabbit’s bow with the seasons…



I loved the color of these mums…they are just starting to bloom…






I hope everyone is enjoying these cooler temps!  I know we are….it is supposed to get down into the 40’s this weekend at night…..BRING IT!!

Thank you for stopping by and be sure to check out the other partiers at Rhoda’s!

Hope you are having a GREAT day!


Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Where have I been?

Well….suffice to say, I have been busy….Sadie (the new cat) has been sick TWICE!!!

I told my vet I have already spent more on Sadie, my pound rescue cat,  in three months than my two 17 year old cats!  She is a high maintenance Diva kitty cat…but we love her…

She is trying to escape from the cat carrier upon return from a recent veterinarian visit…she did NOT like that box…


THEN we had the remnants of a flippin hurricane that blew through up here in Northeast Alabama….Who Knew??

So we got this…



yeah, that is my NEIGHBOR’S house behind me….just brushed the side of their house…lucky!


WOW!  If it had fallen towards our house, it would have HIT our bedroom….

I do not like windy weather AT ALL…just sayin’



Now, at this time I feel the need to admit something…and I know there is a great possibility that I will be drummed OUT of the blogging world forever….and ever….and ever….HOWEVER, I must confess…I do NOT like Annie Sloan Chalk Paint! *sigh* there, I said it….it’s out!  I know I am probably the only one in the universe that doesn’t like it, BUT…it is what it is….

I just don’t have time for painting and waxing and dark waxing and clear waxing and all that waxing….sheesh!  When I am doing a project I got to git’er done ASAP! 

So AFTER I painted my buffet with the chalk paint….about 4 coats because I thought you didn’t have to prep or ANYTHING, but alas….my buffet was pine, so it KEPT bleeding through….and AFTER I started the sanding process *NOTE* (do not sand indoors, as it is like sheetrock dust that goes EVERYWHERE) I was dissatisfied with the results….and I know I am impatient, and should have tried a little harder, but at this point I just wanted to finish the flippin buffet! SO!  I hauled her outside in the front yard, got out my beloved spray paint in Heirloom White and went at it….sprayed, sanded, back in the house, top stained, waxed, DONE in about 2 hours!

Before: the dark buffet in the back



And After….+chalk paint + wax + spray paint + mocha glaze…



I added the wood appliques to the front so they would match the dining room chairs….”marry them” if you will…









I stained the top walnut and then rubbed in a coat of clear minwax…



I am so happy with it…it isn’t the buffet I will keep FOREVER!  But until I find exactly what I want, I am happy with it since I painted it and it works with everything else in the room.

So there you have it!  Thank you so much for stopping by and please don’t hold my dislike of the chalk paint against me :(  I just think I am happier with a smoother finish and less steps….

Hope you are having a Fantabulous Day!!


Lou Cinda