Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Some Thrifty Finds…

I went back to Trussville Saturday and I MUST go to the Trussville Antique Mall, which as you know, I LOVE!  I have mentioned before that there are specifically two vendors there that I ADORE!  Especially one.  I want to meet her!  I want to be her friend….I want to hang with her…I want to SEE her house because I know it is wonderful!  The next time I go I am going to take some photos, so you can see how wonderful it is.  She actually has two rooms which are side by side….

I am a “smalls” kind of gal….I like things I can tuck and nitch into somewhere…I also have a thing for baskets….old, chippy worn baskets with awesome patina…love those….

I found this….

1.31.12 003

My son, Seth, was with me….when  I picked this up, he said, Mother, it has a mouse hole in it…

said mouse hole….  :0

1.31.12 004

I said, that is not a mouse hole….it is character….It was $8 and then there was a percentage off all items in her booth Saturday, so I got it for $6….

I sat it next to my chair for the time being, thinking I would put throws and pillows in it….well…

1.31.12 008

It didn’t take long before this happened….

1.31.12 006

Chloe….it is her basket….she loves it….that is why I put the throw in the bottom, so it would be soft on her old bones….she is so happy….$6 is a small price to pay for my sweet Chloe…  :)

1.31.12 013

Then I found this…a box of wooden chess pieces…love these!

1.31.12 014

1.31.12 019

1.31.12 020

I think they are so cool….I think on sale this was $19…

I even loved the wooden box they were in….

1.31.12 016

I have no idea where I am going to use this…I just sat it here to snap a few photos…

1.31.12 017

One thing I do know…it is fortunate that I don’t live any closer to this place than I do….it takes me 45 minutes to get there so I can’t go on my lunch hour….or I would be in BIG trouble….

I am thinking about stalking the vendor of this booth….cos’ I am cool like that ;)

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Lou Cinda


Monday, January 23, 2012


I decided to make a runner for my dining room table.  As you remember, this is the fabric that I covered the lamps shades with…and I really love this fabric…..so I went back and bought 1/2 yard to make the runner….

1.12.12 001

then I thought I could look for a companion fabric to use on the backside….so it would be “reversible”…and I found this….

1.12.12 002

1.12.12 003

SO cute!  LOVED this fabric too!  So….I managed to sew a rectangular shape and fashion it into a runner!  SHUT UP!  I did not curse, not one time!!  The sewing machine cooperated the entire 15 minutes it took to pull this off….no broken needles….no knotting of thread….it was miraculous!

Yes, that is Sadie jumping up in my shot!

1.12.12 004

1.12.12 005

1.12.12 009

1.12.12 006

pinecones on a tray with silver candlesticks and a pink ribbon….

1.12.12 007

I loved this fabric so much…..

1.12.12 003

That after I bought it on a Friday….and went back on Monday to get more to cover the seats on my dining room chairs, and guess what???  They had sold it ALL on Saturday!!!  Guess what else??  It has been discontinued!!!  Guess what I did???  Found it on e-bay!!!  Yes I did!!  2 yards of this fabulousness is in transit to my casa even as we speak…..

I will keep you posted….

On another note, I found these ornamental cabbages at Lowes a few weeks ago and thought they were SO pretty!  They look like roses…

1.12.12 012

I had never seen any like them, so I bought three and some pansies and planted them in a planter on my front porch….it looks so forlorn out there since the Christmas décor has come down…

1.12.12 013

1.12.12 014

On a very serious note….the State of Alabama suffered another round of tornadoes early this morning…..I awoke to the weather radio going off at about 4:30 a.m. then the warning sirens began…I can’t begin to tell you how un-nerved I am when we have severe weather, even more so since the devastation of last April, and the loss of my friend Tina and her husband in a tornado.  The ones today also did major damage to several surrounding areas….Trussville was hit and it is only 45 minutes from my house…I was in Trussville Saturday shopping….there have been two confirmed casualties….please remember those who lost everything as well as loved ones in the blink of an eye…I cannot even imagine…

While I love my beautiful mountainous State of Alabama….I do NOT love the weather here…..we have had such a mild winter….which is the reason for the storms firing up….we are supposed to get another round on Thursday….Please keep those in the path in your prayers….

Thank you for stopping by….

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Monday, January 16, 2012

Thrifty Finds…

I went shopping  Saturday at some really great places.  The Sassy Sofa in Trussville is just a great place and a block away from there is the Trussville Antique Mall which I also really like.  I have to admit there are about three booths in that antique mall that I really love and one in particular. I never go there that I don’t buy something from this particular dealer.  So I thought I would share the few small things that I did manage to find, fall in love with and purchase.

I got both, this little bowl and the dog from the dealer I mentioned above.  I had to work to get that bowl, let me tell you.  It was inside a china cabinet and the door was stuck, so I was trying to unstick the door without everything falling off, and then snake my arm inside past a bunch of stuff to get said bowl.  But I did persevere and it was only $4.  Love that.  I also got the little dog in there…actually I got three dogs…I seem to be on a dog jag…..what’s up with that?  I have cats!

1.16.12 005

1.16.12 011

1.16.12 007

I also got this little platter….then promptly dropped and broke it half in two on the way to the car….typical!  Enter Elmer’s Glue….it’s all good….

1.16.12 008

1.16.12 009

1.16.12 012

Got this little guy too…

1.16.12 015

1.16.12 016

Speaking about cats….Simon “chillin”….

1.16.12 002

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Thursday, January 5, 2012

Post Christmas and a Question…

I wanted to share a few more photos of the ole’ casa after all of the sparkly, pretty, twinkly Christmas décor has been yanked from its perches and put back in the bins/boxes/closets for another year…it seems so dreary now…

The buffet got changed around from the pre-Christmas arrangement….Sharon got me this fabulous platter for Christmas…she knows me well…

January 2012 029

Found the candlesticks at a thrift store…I love silver candlesticks…

January 2012 030


January 2012 033

January 2012 034

I love buttons….

January 2012 035

January 2012 031

I love millenary and old silver…

January 2012 028

January 2012 025

January 2012 027

I don’t think I ever showed you the lampshades I covered after they were totally done…

painted the bases….they were gold…

January 2012 040

added the beaded trim…

January 2012 041

*disclaimer* please disregard the vinyl on the mirror…it is gone now :)

January 2012 042

January 2012 040

January 2012 033

So, there you go…thank you so much for stopping by…Have a Great Day!

Oh Wait!  I forgot the question I was going to ask!  DUH! I KNOW that you all will know what I need to do…

I want butcher block countertops in the kitchen, and as we all know, Ikea has the most reasonably priced butcher block of anyone, anywhere!  Problem is, it only comes in 6’ and 8’ lengths….hence the problem…I need at LEAST a 9’ length for one section of the kitchen countertop.

Now, I think the solution is going to be for us to split the 8 ‘ length like maybe at the middle of the sink??  Have a seam there, and then that would break up that 9’ section…..I have no idea really!  BUT, I know that you do….I have googled, searched, read, hunted and fretted over this and even sent a really nice e-mail to Ikea requesting that they procure a 9’ length for me…alas, they could not….what is THAT about?

Anyhoo, please advise me as to how I should proceed with this little endeavor….or should I just throw in the towel altogether???

thanks much!

Kisses :)


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Tuesday, January 3, 2012

A New Beginning…

I took last Friday off from work and stayed home to take down all of my Christmas décor.…I wanted to start the New Year fresh and clean…and it dang near killed me….I did not get out of my pajamas all day and it was about, oh, I would say, 5:00 p.m. before I even brushed my hair!  It was SCARY people!  But I got’er done…..

A few shots of the after's…

January 2012 001

January 2012 004

January 2012 003


January 2012 005


January 2012 006

January 2012 022

January 2012 015

January 2012 016

January 2012 017

January 2012 018

January 2012 021

My “helper”…

January 2012 051

January 2012 050

I have more photos that I will share later in the week!  Thank you so much for stopping by!  I am ready for this New Year and have high hopes for great things Smile

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Lou Cinda