Sunday, January 31, 2010

Happy Met Monday and Make It For Monday

If you will remember last week’s Goodwill finds included this frame…


And this frame….


And this valance and some old silverware…


I turned the frames and silverware into this….

Apparently I am unable to master an iron on transfer, so I improvised…..


I painted and distressed the frames with a gel stain…. used some scrapbook paper as the background and hot glued the silverware in place….

Hung them in my dining room and I really like it!  Thank Goodness!


Steve asked me if I was going to polish them before I glued them in.  Nope, I like the tarnished look…



I turned the valance into a long pillow for my bed.  Now, people, I actually used the sewing machine….

I am so proud to say that I did not cuss one time!!


Didn’t cry either…..I am so proud of myself!


Now, I do realize, it wasn’t hard….basically a straight stitch….

But HEY!  Gotta start somewhere right??

I measured to see how long I needed the pillow to be, and cut off the valance.  I folded the pillow so the little pleated part on the bottom was in the middle of the pillow, and stitched her up!

Stuffed her and there you go!


I am linking up to Met Monday with Susan at Between Naps on the Porch, Make it For Monday with Cindy at Cottage Instincts and Cheri at Its So Very Cheri for Its So Very Creative.

Please check out their Wonderful blogs and be sure and visit everyone!

I also wanted to show you a give away I won from Paula at Castle and Cottage!  I was so exited when I won one of her wonderful signs!  I love it so much and it sits on a shelf in my kitchen over the sink!!

She is SUPER talented so be sure you check out her blog!  She has an Etsy!!  A Good Thing!



Then I ordered one of these great hearts from Cindy at My Romantic Home….love it too!!


Isn’t it pretty?  Love the cherubs!  It has found a home too!  Cindy also has an Etsy and I urge you to visit all of the above talented women!  They SO inspire me!

Thank you so much for stopping by!

Thursday, January 28, 2010

Frugalicious Friday

Okay, first things first…..

This is my wonderful (or in my mind) project.  I had seen this on another blog and I wish I could remember which one, because hers was REALLY cute!  She even gave the photo you could use.  I printed it out on iron on transfer paper, and ironed it onto my burlap….yeah, not a good idea…..

Isn’t it beautiful?  Goin’ for that rustic look don’t cha’ know!


Too much texture…ya’ think???  Isn’t this hilarious?  Oh, well, live and learn I say… MOVING ON! 


The Goodwill was a happy place this week…. I found this frame…


And this one….love the details in both of these…



 This is a valance that matches the comforter in my bedroom.  How lucky is that?  I hope to make some pillows for the bed….this is where the sewing and cussing usually comes in….Also love the old silverware.  I have plans for those and they were .50 a piece!


This fabric is “Fly Away” by Waverly….LOVE this!  My plan is to make slip covers for my patio cushions….again…sewing…..

But, how cute are those dragonflies???




The cream color and green fabric I also found at GW and though I may be able to use it for the backing, or maybe throw pillows…..

I am just talking like I KNOW how to sew….I am cracking my own self up!

I got a couple other things that I will show in another post.  I think the total I paid for all this LOOT was $16.00!  It was a good day at The Goodwill!

I am linking up with Jane for Frugalicious Friday!  Please check out her blog, it is awesome and she shares so many GREAT ideas!

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Have a Great Weekend!


I Ain’t Dead…Yet

I really got on a roll there for awhile and got SO many things accomplished…then…

I ~ Hit ~ A ~ Wall…

I had this really great idea for some artwork…

It was going to be SO Wonderful….(In my mind’s eye anyway)

It FLOPPED!  Lord it was a HOT MESS! Let me throw in a few random photos in here cos’ nobody likes a post with no pictures!







So….anyhoo…I have sulked about if for a few days and I have gone and looked at it’s horrid self….

Then, I went to the Goodwill yesterday just in search of some inspiration.  I said to myself when I walked in, “I have not found anything in here in ages.  This is probably going to be a waste of a good lunch hour.”

Well, goodies I did find!!  I needed a flippin’ buggy!  Shut up!!  I ain’t kiddin!

So….couple more pictures….don’t want to lose anybody here…


So, today at lunch, to Hobby Lobby I go to get supplies for my newfound treasures!  The little manager in there said, “You are in here so much, I need to just fill your buggy.”  I told him he just needed to hire me! Two birds with one stone!

So, I have big plans for the weekend!  Lord help me it involves some sewing, and we all know that does not go over well…I usually end up in tears and have a cuss fit! 

No one will be home….that is a good thing…

So, tomorrow I will post my finds and hopefully…HOPEFULLY, I will have something to post on Monday….

I am trying to be optimistic here…


Keep your fingers crossed!

Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Windows Live Writer

I am doing this post in Live Writer.  It is the first time I have EVER done this!  Jodie at Everything Vintage told me I could do it, even though I was “Skeered”!

So far, so good…..Let’s see if I can download a photo and insert a watermark…hang on…


SHUT UP!!  Just SHUT UP!! I did it!!  I cannot believe I did it!  By the way, this is Seth (my oldest son) and me at the end of December at a soiree he was involved in.  He was an escort for a friend at Bal D’Or which is something to do with debutants.  Don’t ask me….he just made me go….a fish out of water I was…..

Anyhoo, let me try another photo…Bella 002

Did it again!  Okay, I guess the real test is to see if I can publish this baby and see how she looks!

This is a test….this is only a test! LOL


Monday, January 18, 2010

~ Tabletop Tuesday ~

I am joining in again with Barb at Grits and Glamour
for the Second Tabletop Tuesday!

Thank you Barb for hosting this fun partay....

This is one end of my mantle which is looooooong...

I LOVE hydrangeas....

the other end....
of the mantle that is....
remember...I love rabbits...

This is a very unique tabletop....

Quite obviously, I love cats too...

Simon loves to lay under the lamp on this table....
yep...he is asleep with his head on my silver bowl....
I do love this pedestal bowl full of pinecones...

I put down a burlap runner...
Simon needs to be comfy you know...
He is huge!

He is very sweet...

I love this cherub....

Well, that's it for me this week, thank you so much for stopping by...

Please be sure and check out everyone's tabletops!

Sunday, January 17, 2010

Thrift Store Mirror Redo ~

I wanted a mirror to hang over my buffet in the dining room.
There used to be a Rooster picture that I  loved hanging there...
but after the painting of the walls and other changes,
it just didn't work anymore...

So Saturday I set out to find a  mirror...CHEAP!
I started at an antique store that I frequent often...
I found a mirror I liked but it was $75.00.
Too Much!

Then I went to an antique mall...
No luck!

So then I stopped at a Community Thrift Store...
And found this!

Now, let me tell you, mirrors are not so easy to photograph!

It was pretty scuffed up, but it was the perfect size...

I taped it off and started painting...

That ugle ceiling fan is just an extra bonus...
It's ugly self is fixing to be replaced...

Here it is on the wall...

I painted on a stain and then wiped it off to age it a bit...

Hung some keys from a ribbon...

$12.00!!  I already had the paint and the gel stain, so I had
nothing else in this mirror except a little elbow grease...

As a side note...little intresting story involving our cat Bella.
Seth came in from school Friday and noticed a rod and reel
stretched through the kitty door between our landry room and dining room.
A fishing lline was stretched from the rod across the dining room into the den.
Seth starts tracing the line and he sees Bella under the coffee table in the den
He could see the barb sticking out of her lip!
It had gone completely thru!!
He didn't panic, thankfully, and he cut the line and was able to remove the hook!

Luckily she does not seem to have suffered any negative emotional effects....

Yeah...she is fine.....

Steve has baby proofed the house!

I am linking up with Jane at Finding Fabulous for her

Frugalicious Friday Party!