Monday, June 27, 2011

My Bella is Missing….

And my heart is breaking…..


Bella is a roamer….she does not like to stay in the house all the time, but she comes in and out all day long….Saturday night I let her out at about 8:00 and went back to call her in about an hour later….and couldn’t find her….if you have pets that are like members of your family, then you understand what I, along with the rest of my family are feeling….it is horrible!  I looked for her all day long yesterday….ALL DAY LONG!  I tromped through the woods and the neighborhood and the shrubbery….I looked for her in the rain, I was in my neighbors back yards and front yards….driving through the neighborhood….calling for my Bella…

Bella 001

If you have been reading my blog, you know that my son Cameron found Bella when she was 4 weeks old in the street, sick and dying…he picked her up and took her to the vet where it was discovered that she was dehydrated, had an upper respiratory infection and covered in fleas….she lay in a shoe box for three days….we hand fed her and gave her medicine and then on the 4th day she opened her eyes….blue eyes….and she was in our hearts…..Her personality is larger than life…she always makes us laugh…she came into a house with three other OLD cats and she just insisted that they accept her….and they did…


And today our hearts are broken….I have cried and cried and cried…because you see…I am the one who let her out, so I blame myself….


We have taken out an ad in the paper and printed flyers in an effort to find her…please, if you have a moment, please say a prayer for me….I would so appreciate it….


Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Hello??? Anybody there??

It has been awhile since my last post!  Just a lot going on between losing my friend in the storm to Cameron’s graduation from high school and then a week at the beach….which was sooooooo needed.  It just soothed my  bruised soul….

Thank you so much for checking on me and making sure that I was alright….you have no idea how much it meant to me to open my e-mail and see a message from one of my precious blog friends wanting to make sure that I was okay….that also soothed my soul :)  My girlfriends do not understand the whole blog thing and that we actually know what is going on in each other’s lives and we care and pray for each other….but I understand and I am SO blessed and grateful for it!

I did manage to complete a project that I started weeks and weeks ago!  I know, I know, it truly is a miracle!!  Especially since this particular project involved the dreaded sewing machine….good Lord that thing HATES me!  But, alas, I did persevere…there were times when I thought I would succumb, but no, no I kept going and got those flippin curtains done in my bedroom!  Now, keep in mind it is only two panels….don’t’ judge!  If I could have made those hummers with hot glue, I would have!



Look at me go!!  I had to sew two DIFFERENT fabrics together AND add trim…..yeah, I know!


Steve cut and hung the rods….that was way outside my area of expertise!  You have to measure that and rumor has it that it needs to be “accurate” measurements…..Lou Cinda out!  Can’t measure worth a flip!  I am a big fan of the “round up” method….all those little lines on the measuring tape…..who needs those?

This project all started with two pillow cases out of this fabric that I found at TJ Maxx.  LOVED the fabric!


This fabric is Ralph Lauren and I actually found it by the yard CHEAP on eBay so I ordered yards of it.  I got one piece 100x100 for $35 and then I got another piece that was just a bit smaller for $27.  I know! Really good!

(Bella is very helpful)…


The largest piece I used as a throw at the end of the bed….I still need to add some trim to that….


Sharon and I found the ticking fabric for like $4 a yard and we loved it with the floral, so I did the bed skirt and bottom of the curtains out of that….


That tacky little blue pillow is gone….I have fabric to make pillows (pray for me) and that is next on the list…also on the search for new lamps or maybe just shades….or maybe cover those shades…..the list never ends…..

I got the window over the bed at a shop I love and Seth gave me the wreath for Christmas…I have to watch Bella or she will just reach up there and pull her off a mouthful of feathers!


The required puddling…..


So……what do you think??  I tell ya’ I’m just so happy to be done with them!!  I did one panel and then stopped….I hate it when I do that!!!  I am notorious for it!  Make my ownself nuts!

Thank you so much for stopping by and for being so wonderful and saying prayers for me….it means so much!

Hope you have a WONDERFUL day!! :)