Sunday, January 31, 2010

Happy Met Monday and Make It For Monday

If you will remember last week’s Goodwill finds included this frame…


And this frame….


And this valance and some old silverware…


I turned the frames and silverware into this….

Apparently I am unable to master an iron on transfer, so I improvised…..


I painted and distressed the frames with a gel stain…. used some scrapbook paper as the background and hot glued the silverware in place….

Hung them in my dining room and I really like it!  Thank Goodness!


Steve asked me if I was going to polish them before I glued them in.  Nope, I like the tarnished look…



I turned the valance into a long pillow for my bed.  Now, people, I actually used the sewing machine….

I am so proud to say that I did not cuss one time!!


Didn’t cry either…..I am so proud of myself!


Now, I do realize, it wasn’t hard….basically a straight stitch….

But HEY!  Gotta start somewhere right??

I measured to see how long I needed the pillow to be, and cut off the valance.  I folded the pillow so the little pleated part on the bottom was in the middle of the pillow, and stitched her up!

Stuffed her and there you go!


I am linking up to Met Monday with Susan at Between Naps on the Porch, Make it For Monday with Cindy at Cottage Instincts and Cheri at Its So Very Cheri for Its So Very Creative.

Please check out their Wonderful blogs and be sure and visit everyone!

I also wanted to show you a give away I won from Paula at Castle and Cottage!  I was so exited when I won one of her wonderful signs!  I love it so much and it sits on a shelf in my kitchen over the sink!!

She is SUPER talented so be sure you check out her blog!  She has an Etsy!!  A Good Thing!



Then I ordered one of these great hearts from Cindy at My Romantic Home….love it too!!


Isn’t it pretty?  Love the cherubs!  It has found a home too!  Cindy also has an Etsy and I urge you to visit all of the above talented women!  They SO inspire me!

Thank you so much for stopping by!


  1. Oh my goodness....those frames are incredible! They are perfect...especially with the tarnish (STEVE). Now I want to do exactly the same thing in my dining room....Hope you don't mind that I put that picture in my "inspiration file"!

    Love the pillow, too! I am so jealous that you can sew a straight line. I can cross stitch, but cannot sew to save my life!


    Robin :o)

  2. The pillow looks great! Good for you! And I love the framed silverware. I want to do a similar thing with an antique vanity set that belonged to my grandmother.

  3. Love the way you did those frames, Lou Cinda! The pillow turned out great! I did pillows this weekend, too. {Actually stuck to my list this weekend!} Paula does great signs; love the one you won.

  4. Love the artwork, that is fabulous!!!! What a smart idea, you rock girl!!! I love the pillow too, and you won again!! How is that for luck? The sign is awesome, very nice!!!
    Margaret B

  5. Your frames are too cute!
    And great job on sewing your pillow.
    It looks fantastic!
    :o) Trish

  6. Lou Cinda~*~

    You should be proud of yourself!! I love the frames and I actually think it is something I could manage!! Now if I just had some wall space! The pillow is fabulous, too. I WILL learn how to thread my machine!!! Every time I read that someone has sewn something I get so angry that I have sat on this...I should be cussing!! Great job. And you never mentioned how you did all of this on a dime!! :-)


  7. The frame is the perfect complement to the silver, and the pillow is just fantastic.

  8. Congratulations, Ms. Smarty Pants! :) Love what you did with the frames and silverware! Very ingenious! You really sewed with cursing or crying? Amazing! Wish I could get to that point!

  9. I love how you painted the frames...and the silverware looks wonderful in them!!

    Also like the monogrammed lampshade in your bedroom

  10. I LOVE those frames! My kitchen is missing something - maybe I can try something similar! By the way, my straight stitch is pretty crooked! I'm jealous!


  11. Those silverware frames are gorgeous! I just might borrow that idea if ya don't mind.
    Thanks for sharing.

  12. Love the framed silverware. Very clever recycling. Come for a visit.


  13. Great job and so crafty ! The framed silver looks to be like an expensive piece of art !

  14. I love finding things at really did a wonderful job with your finds! Great post!

    Miss Bloomers

  15. Absolutely stunning! I love, love, love what you've done with this silverware and those frames! Exquisite! And to find a valance that matched your bedding and to then turn it into a fabulous pillow! Woo-hoo! Here's to those straight stitches!


  16. I am so proud of you. You didn't stab yourself with the knives or sew any fingers together and turned out three beautiful projects. You go rock!

  17. Love the frames with the vintage silver and I love them left tarnished too! Great job!

  18. Your projects turned out beautifully. Who needs a transfer when you have the REAL Thing. The pillow looks great with your bedspread.

  19. Those framed silverware thingeys are fabulous! Love 'em. I like the tarnished silver with the antiques frames - perfect. And you did a GREAT job on the long pillow - way to go! Linda

  20. You did a fantastic job framing that silverware. I may have to try that project.

  21. Love your silverware framed art! Very nicely done! Congrats on your awesome win!!

  22. Great job!! I think your silverware project with real silverware is much prettier than the iron on transfers. I have a blank wall in my dining room and I think I may borrow your idea. Thanks.
    Great job on the pillow too!

  23. What a great idea with the framed silverware! That looks great! I'm glad you liked the heart! I just made 18 more of them today! Whew...that was a lot to make in one day!

  24. Fabulous find on those frames! Can't beat the price! Love the framed place settings! Clever! Love it!


  25. Lou Cinda....first, thankyou for posting the sign!! It looks so cute up there! I just LOVE the silverware frames... two of my favorite things, together! The tarnished look is for me too, and I get the strange looks from hubby to boot! :)

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  27. What you did with the frames and the old silverware is just plain awesome! And I love the long pillow on the bed, especially the way the lined up the center part to be on display. Way to go Lou Cinda!!!

    P.S. Had to delte above; spelled your name wrong!

  28. I love what you did with the frames. I also like the tarnished look on yours. You did a great job on the pillow. I recently inherited my grandmothers Kenmore sewing machine. Can't wait to sew something. It's been years since I sewed.

  29. Oh! I just loved the framed silver! I have some old silver and I just might be doing that too. It looks so nice. You may have to tell us more about how you did those frames.

    I keep wanting to dig my sewing machine out again. It's been years since I did any home sewing.

    Great post!


  30. I am lovin' the framed silver!!! You did great!!
    The pillows are pretty, too!

  31. You did good! Love fun, quick, inexpensive projects with the wow factor!
    Cindy at Lakewood

  32. Lou Cinda, Love the silver displays in your found frames! I bought miniature spoons and forks months ago with the same intention of framing. I guess I got sidetracked cause they're still in the drawer! LOL Hope all is well. I'm hangin in there. With a lot of faith and prayers things will turn out okay. Just wanted to say a quick hi. xo Sue

  33. What a great idea! I have been looking for something to do in my dinning room, just might have to borrow your idea if you don't mind.

  34. It's my first visit. Love the frame and the pillow. Sewing is fun, isn't it? I'll be back for another look.

  35. That framed silverware is very clever. Great post today.

  36. WOW!!! You've been busy! Everything turned out so fabulous!!! Love it ~

    :) T

  37. Lou Cinda,

    Your pillow turned out so sweet, and yes, we area proud of you for restraining for the 2 c's! =))

    Love your framed silverware, and how your frames turned out.

    Got your note about needing some nests. I have 3 flower nests on hand, and my little framed pieces I have been showing.

    If you have something else in mind let me know.I would LOVE to do something special for you!


    barbara jean

    OOH OOH!! I have an idea. How about the little friends sayings I am doing, only with a bit of a nest in the corner?
    Or something with scripture and a nest?
    I'm getting excited!

  38. Lou Cinda,

    I love how you framed that gorgeous silverware! How fun, and great job on the pillow too! I love repurposing window treatments into bedding. I once made a dust ruffle with 2 curtain panels! So fun to think outside the box!

  39. Hi Lou Cinda! Oh, you're just the most creative one! Love what you did with the olden frames and silverware! How cute! Now what a clever idea to use the valance as a pillow! Love it. It looks like the same print as your bedspread! You did good!! :)
    Be a sweetie,
    Shelia :)

  40. Your framed silverware looks AMAZING!
    I've seen those before, and yours looks better than any I've seen.

    Great find with the frames, too! :-)


  41. Wow, wow, wow! Your new art is amazing. I just adore the "new" frames. I like the tarnished look too. :)

  42. i love your frame and silverware finds! and your pillow looks great! thank you for stopping by my blog today :) susan

  43. Great idea with the framed silver. Your pillow turned out so pretty! laurie

  44. Hello Lou Cinda!

    I am so happy to hear that Beau Bunny made it to your house all safe and sound. I know he found a good home! Thank You.

    LOVE your "new" frame with the old silver. I have a stack of old frames waiting for a little white paint. Maybe this will give me a hint to get them done.
    Oh sewing.... wonder why some people actually enjoy it? LOL Your pillow turned out wonderful. And that sign you won is adorable.
    Have a wonderful weekend,

  45. Ohhh I am crazy about the framed silverware! What a clever use for a valance too. You have awesome skills girl! It all looks great.

  46. Not sure how I missed this post earlier but you had a good day at the Goodwill! I love how you framed the silver ware. Great projects!

  47. I love all your transformations. The silverware is so creative.


  48. I love your tarnished silver, what a wonderful touch to frame them. Going on the list of things to do.. hugs ~lynne~

  49. Your new creations are fabulous. If I had a place for them in my dining room I might like to make a set for myself. I love Goodwill!! Thanks so much for coming over for visit. Have a great week!!

    My Desert Cottage

  50. You are right, tarnished is better! And what an accomplishment to sew a whole pillow with no cussing!

  51. You got some great frames and love the art you made with the silverware. Your pillow turned out so great! Not being a sewer myself I can appreciate the feeling of accomplishment. Even a straight stitch can be challenging if you're not used to using your sewing machine! So Good job!


  52. The framed silverware turned out great - I just love the frames!



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