Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Fabulous Finds

Seth went with me Saturday to Birmingham to do some shopping.  Birmingham has oodles of great shops and one of my favorites is Home Consignment shops!  Love them!  I had received an e-mail about a new one that had opened up…Urban Suburban


There were two booths in particular that were just EYE CANDY TO THE SOUL!


REALLY LOVE!!  Look at this booth!!!  Seriously….I wanted to just move in and LIVE here!

I really wanted this dog!  Doesn’t the addition of the big wired ribbon around his neck look so elegant?  And that red striped pillow behind him?  And the bench?

It was a REALLY nice place and the guys that ran it were SO nice!  He told me that the two booths that I just fell in love with were the booths of two designers.  I said, well, that is APPARENT!  They were gorgeous!

I have more photos, but I cannot find the cord that downloads my pictures from my camera to my computer…these were from my phone.  This is a place that I will definitely go back to over and over.

They also have ANOTHER place called Hoover Antique Gallery but we didn’t get all the way over there, but we will….maybe this Saturday….

Just sayin’

Kisses :)


Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Upholstery 101 continues…

We had class last night….here is my chair in it’s “stapled “ state….LOTS of staples


Trimmed off and prepared for DOUBLE cording…


FINISHED!  SHUT UP!  I love it….


Said double cording that very nearly almost caused me to lose my religion….


There is Teresa back there…she was working on a stunning pillow!  I should have gotten a photo!




I am really excited and I have another chair just like this one that I am going to cover to match and put it on the other side of the secretary….I am also going to make two lumbar pillows to go in each chair….can’t wait to get started on those…


This is Sharon after she has just blown stuffing into her cushion…I didn’t get a picture of her finished chair before she had it taken out to her car, but it was Beautiful!

The guy in the back there is Gary, our instructor…he is “the bomb”.  We are all at different skill levels and he is all over the place helping each one of us…he is very patient and alot of fun! 


As you can see…we have ALOT of fun in our class!  Sharon says we do it for the Socialization first, skills second…I think she is right…


The chair she is doing next…Is it not gorgeous???  I told her she should spray it Heirloom white and glaze it so all of those fabulous details will stand out…can’t wait to see what she does with it, whatever she does will be AWESOME!  She has great taste!


I have already asked if this class will also be taught in the Spring!  It will!  I am hooked!  I have lots of projects up my sleeve….which may or may not include double cording…

just sayin’…

Kisses :)

Thursday, September 16, 2010

DOUBLE Cording?? Seriously….?

I am taking an upholstery class…yes I am….

And it is HARD!!   Tuesday night was my third class and I was learning how to do double cording…. thought I would lose my ever lovin’ mind!  Oh my gosh!!  I asked my instructor if anyone had ever failed this class…he said yes…but he did go on to tell me, I was not going to fail it….he is very encouraging…he knew I was fixing to cry…he is a sweetheart…and an AMAZING upholsterer…and he has impeccable taste!  You should see his house!  FAB-U-LOUS!

I would be humming along VERY slowly stitching down the middle of the two cords and I would hear a thunk, thunk, thunk…meaning… I was sewing OVER the cords….not good….I bet I took it out and started over about 5 times!

But….here is said double cord…..


Here is what I am working on….I should be done with it this Tuesday.  I have another chair like this one and I think I am going to cover that one too and I will have a pair of them…there is a chair in Cameron’s room I am also going to reupholster…

That is my girlfriend Sharon in the back…she got me to take this class with her…she took it last year and she is really good at this!  Me?  Not so much….yet!


I found this fabric at Hobby Lobby and thought it was so cute and would fit in my den.  I spray painted the chair black…

I will keep you posted… My seam ripper is my new best friend….just sayin’

Kisses :)

Tuesday, September 14, 2010

The Rabbit….sans the Acorn….

“Repositioned” the acorn to a more “comfortable” place….sheesh!  You guys…get the minds out of the gutter….just sayin’


We have the WORST Goodwill in the history of Goodwill Stores in my area, however, I was fortunate to find these plate hangers that I think are adorable!


Aren’t those little birds CUTE!  I got them both for $4.09…I have no idea what the 9 cents is for, but at our Goodwill there is always an .09 tacked on…

101_1126 bird closeup

Moved this to my secretary….the tiny little drawing is by none other than Michelle Palmer…


Her talent is amazing….


I have also found a few new blogs that I simply ADORE and wanted to share! 

Lindy at Cottage Hill is just the bomb!!  She is an artist and paints like a dream as well as having just AMAZING taste!  LOVE her! 

Marcy at Antique Chase is another one that I check out everyday!  Her style and her home are just pure eye candy!  The Queen of the vignette!  I just study her photographs, usually with my mouth hanging open! 

And last but definitely NOT least is Sherry at Design Indulgence!  She is a designer and has the MOST awesome taste and great ideas!!  She is such an inspiration PLUS she is SO funny!  I always laugh out loud at her posts, and so , so creative!  LOVE her too!!

You may already know about these gals, but if not, check them out!!!

Have a great day!

Kisses :)

Monday, September 13, 2010

A Few Vignettes…And a Cat…

The weather here has been GORGEOUS these past few days…cooler mornings….just FAB-U-LOUS!

Now, Simon, does NOT go outside!!  He is TERRIFIED!  If I leave the back door open, he will ease out and sit just right outside the door….if I close the door with him outside….he has a COME APART…

This morning I snapped a photo of him “enjoying” the weather…if you look reeeaaal close you can see one eye watching me to make sure I am not touching the door….

101_1116 Simon

I have put a few fall touches around the house in lieu of this wonderful fall-ness!  A bowl of acorns, a pumpkin and some old keys…



101_1120 table

101_1130 rabbit

Love this little rabbit, I have had him for years….ummmm,  I think I need to turn that acorn around….just sayin’

101_1134 close up rabbit

This door I found in a little shop I love called Blackwells…I got it for $20 and wanted to use it for a headboard for Cameron…he looked at it in it’s chippy state and said “Mom, I’m not feelin’ it.”  LOL  Trust me Cam!!  But…I painted it and am working on his room…I will post when done…

101_1113 door 101_1128 frog

Have a great day!!!

Kisses :)

Friday, September 3, 2010

To Paint or Not to Paint…

After the trauma of painting the kitchen cabinets, which I STILL love btw!!  I thought the white cabinets with the white countertops was a little too much…well…white.  SO I  spray painted a small section of my countertops….yes, I said spray paint…well, why not!  I mean we spray paint everything else, right?  And after all it is JUST laminate….so…I painted a section so I could “study” it and “use” it and see how it held up BEFORE I painted all of the countertops….


See it over there?  I have set things on it and wiped it over and over to see how it would “react”…it has done beautifully!  Seriously….no problems….Steve took the countertop completely OUT of the kitchen and I cleaned it really well to make sure there was no grease or dirt or anything and I just did a couple of light coats of a black satin spray paint….And can I say CHEAP??? LOL  With the cost of a few cans of spray paint I can change the whole look of my kitchen….

See that little black speck on my stove?  It is a chip!  A bowl fell out of my cabinet and hit the stove and CHIPPED it!  Made me sick…I am going to check at Lowes and see if they have touch up paint….that speck is driving me NUTS!!


What do you think??


Hope you have an AWESOME Labor Day Weekend!  I have plans to finish the countertops and Steve is going to begin working on a cover for our deck…I am excited about that…the cats will be THRILLED!!

Kisses :)