Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Book Page Wreath…

I know these have been all over the place but I really LOVE these book page wreaths and had intended to make one for some time now.  I picked up some old Reader’s Digest books at the thrift store and they were old ones, so the pages were already yellowed with age….

The process is a little, let’s say “tedious” and since I wanted to make a small wreath and the pages were old and brittle….and add to that my blonde-ness which does rear it’s ugly head from time to time with my “duh” moments….it was a process to get this accomplished but I persevered!


I cut my pages in half for the outside cones….and in fourths for the inside cones…


I used the top of a magic marker for to keep the circle in the middle uniform so it would be “pretty”…I am OCD like that…it’s a curse…


love the yellowed pages….




I am thinking about just leaning that picture on the mantel instead of it hanging on the wall, but I don’t know….mantels are hard for me and mine is so long it is a challenge!  I am constantly tweaking this dang mantel!






I just nestled the wreath into the mantel vignette…..it is working for me for right now…..but that could change at any minute….a curse I tell ya’

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Wednesday, January 19, 2011

The Valance…

I finished my valance and got it installed…(how do you like that professional word “installed”?) lol

This is the before…..

It was dark so this is not the greatest photo…I loved this when I did it, sort of a cottagey look…..



look closely at the dust……




I had already pulled the flowers down on the right side when I took these photos…




Dressed….SHUT UP!  I can’t believe I did it!


Look at the little hangy down part…



I had to play with the clip rings to get it like I wanted it…and after Steve hung the rod….I wanted it higher so he had to move it….he gave me “the look”…took him all of 10 minutes…..much better…


Look Sonya!!!!  Janice!!!!  Sonya at Beyond the Screen Door gave me step by step instructions on how to do this…she is SUCH a sweetheart!  She is the most unbelievable seamstress and designer and she sent me an e-mail which I printed out and I used her instructions all the way through! Like a bible!  lol  And my girlfriend, Janice, answered many questions for me!  I love you Janice!!!  THANK YOU SONYA!!


I have always LOVED this floral fabric…


I am so proud of myself that I did not cuss everything in sight when I was making these….you know me + a sewing machine usually = Please Lord don’t let the rapture come while I am sewing!

Steve bought me a sewing machine for Christmas and it is AMAZING what a difference it makes when the darn thing actually DOES what it is supposed to!

The only time I said an ugly word was when I tripped over the sewing machine cord…..I am so PROUD!!

One more time……Nekkid as in nude….




What do you think???

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Monday, January 17, 2011

What I got at Scotts…

I am one of those people who covets “smalls”…I love little things that I can nitch in somewhere in a vignette or on a shelf…so my purchases at Scotts were just that….”small”…

I love lambs….I got both of these and the small flower frog…for some reason, I love those too….the larger lamb has a teeny crown on her head…



A vignette…




I took this one in the daylight, you can see the SNOW outside…..OVER IT!


I had the frog….he just looks happy to me, and he was the right height to work in here…


can you have too many nests??



I also got this lamb and those little red books…


Isn’t he adorable?




I got this nest at Scott’s too…love the little furry things….



loved the little red books…



Sweet Chloe…she is about 16 years old…


Thank you for stopping by…Sharon and Jamie and I went back to the Auction Saturday night and found some deals!  I will post about that later……I am also working on SEWING a valance for my kitchen…..you know how I am with the sewing, but so far so good….details coming soon…AND I made a book page wreath…also coming soon….

Can you tell I have been house-bound???

I am linking up with Marty at A stroll Thru Life for Tabletop Tuesday!  Please check out all of the wonderful participants!

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Friday, January 14, 2011


was A-MAZING!!!  I got up at 4:15 a.m. and Sharon, Teresa and I left for Atlanta at 6:00 a.m.  Got there with no problems at all….parked, walked in…and just looked at each other like….Oh.My.Gosh!!  It was HUGE!!!!!!  And this was just the North building… there is also a South building and tons of vendors outside!  We didn’t even get to the ones outside because (1) it was COLD and WINDY and (2) we ran out of time!  WE looked like deer caught in headlights the WHOLE day!  I think it was obvious that we were “newbies”!

The prices in the North building were HIGH!!  And the one thing that made me nuts is most of the vendors don’t put prices on their wares, so you have to ask how much everything is!  I was raised to think if I have to ask….I can’t afford it!  But I got with it pretty quick!

One item that I “inquired” about was a pair of angel wings…they were small…like maybe the size of my hand wide…had a little hole in between them where they used to be attached to something….an angel perhaps….anyhoo… I picked them up and asked how much they were….the little guy heads towards me and I am reading his lips and he says three hundred and fifty dollars…..to which I replied….THREE HUNDRED AND FIFTY DOLLARS????  (Yeah, I know…..I was ill prepared….I got better as the day went on, I promise)  He said, they are sterling…..SHUT.UP!  They felt like tin to me but who am I??  I said alrighty then and ever so gently placed them back where I found them….lesson learned…act cool Lou Cinda, act cool….

There were fabulous vendors with fabulous vignettes and I got SO MANY ideas!!!!!  Here are some of the things we saw….



These were porcelain and this woman made them by hand….gorgeous!


These too, even the leaves….hydrangeas!  My favorite!  The details are just unbelievable!  No prices and I did not ask….


love the coral….


Love the old books…



Loved the patina….


Lots of silver….

101_1670 101_1671

Torn down and ready for rehab!


I did get to meet the FABULOUS Sherry at Design Indulgence which was so much fun!!  I LOVE her blog and she is a FAN of Scotts so I told her we were coming and she met us there and gave us the lay of the land and she is just so great!!  And funny!

And so pretty!  Thank you Sherry for spending time with us amateurs!


I also met Lulu  of the blog Lulu Redstar!  She is a vendor in the South building.  Her jewelry is exquisite and I wish I had had more time to shop!  I only got to talk to her for just a few minutes as they were getting ready to close the place down!  She is TINY!!  I look like a TANK next to her!   Loved her!


We loved the South building the best I think…we bought more over there….we just had so much to see and so little time!

We will definitely be going back to Scotts, probably in the early Spring so we can shop outside and not freeze!  And I think we may stay overnight so we will have more time….in the meantime I am going to practice my “haggle” skills!  They need work!

We did make purchases and I will post about what I got later!

Kisses :)