Tuesday, July 27, 2010

A New Vinyl

We don’t have our address anywhere around or on our house, so of course I went to The Twins at Twice as Nice to put in an order!  I love it!
Check out their blog and store cos’  I have bought several vinyl's from them and am always thrilled with everything I get PLUS I get it in like two days!
The pizza delivery guys are gonna love us now!  They always pass the house, stop, back up, stop, go forward, stop…then Steve opens the door and waves’em in!  LOVE IT! 
Well, how did that get in here???  Bella pie!  She is probably hunting a chipmunk!  She just kills me catching them!  I chase her around the yard screaming “Drop it Bella!  Drop it!”
Yeah….the neighbors still love us….

Have a great day!
Kisses :)

Friday, July 23, 2010

Dude, Your gonna miss that…

We had a little “incident” on the way to the beach a couple of weeks ago…

Let me preface this by saying that I am a terrible back seat driver!  Terrible!  And I know this….HOWEVER, I will also point out that Steve scares the heck out of me when he drives!  He has never had a wreck and for the life of me I don’t see how!!  I just feel like he is never really paying attention, looking ahead, being defensive.  I drive him CRAZY by pointing out everything I think he should know! 

Moving on…

We left for the beach at about 6:00 a.m.  We go, I don’t know, half a block from our house, stop at the stop sign, and Steve pulls out in front of another car!  I said, well, we are getting off to a really good start here!

We go, I don’t know about a mile from our house, we are on the interstate….they are doing ALOT of road construction…ALOT!  Concrete barriers on one side, down to one lane….there is this BIG sign with arrows pointing to stay in the right lane, cos’ that left one?  It’s gonna end!  We were behind an 18 wheeler and I guess Steve felt that it would be a good time to “whip around” that SEMI!  So….whip he does….

Before I can say anything, which was really quick…those big orange barrels start closing off the left lane…which we are in by the way….with a SEMI on the other side of us!!!

Let me just say….I had an out of body experience in those few seconds!  Seriously…

The choices were…..hit the barrels OR hit the SEMI!  Which, I would also like to point out, was on MY side!  For reasons unknown, Steve chose to hit the barrels, (I guess he kinda likes me…sometimes).  Barrels go flying, he has gunned the car to get up and around said SEMI!  I cannot even tell you what I said!  I have no idea!  Truly!  Probably something like …


After the fact….as I sit there gripping my head in my hands and trying to process what just happened and what the left side of my car looked like…..Steve says ever so softly…

the mirror is gone….

SHUT UP!!  I snap my head around and look and sure enough, it is GONE!  I said, Well, that just looks AWFUL!!

Cameron and his friend Erin are in the backseat during this whole ordeal…they have said nothing!

Then we hear Cameron say…

Dude, you are gonna miss that…. (meaning the mirror)

Out of the mouths of babes…..



Attractive isn’t it?

I am talking jarred right out of there!  Wires hanging….Lord Have Mercy! It was a violent death…violent!

We take the next exit where I jump out of the car and run around to “peruse” the damage.  Orange streaks down the side of my white car…..I just look at Steve…I say nothing…I go in the store and get a Magic Eraser, because they ARE the bomb…and wipe the orange paint off my car…


But, not the mirror, the magic eraser cannot fix that…

Know what?

I DO miss it! I miss it terrible bad!

Cost of Repair?? $465.00

I ain’t even lyin’

It was a quiet trip to the beach after that…I don’t think I spoke for about 4 hours…..

Just for the record…I am a MUCH better driver….

Just sayin’

Monday, July 19, 2010

Saturday with Steve…

Woke up Saturday morning and looked at Steve and said “Wanna go to Chattanooga?”  He said, “Sure”.

So….off we went…

Nancy at Silver Linings had mentioned on her blog about a place in Chattanooga called Dwelling and it sounded like my kind of place….and it was…

Love the brick and plaster on the walls…this was upstairs…


This mirror was $35!  I wish I had gotten it!  Who cares I have nowhere to put it?  Does that ever matter????


Cute table and chairs….loved the green…


This place was FULL!  I saw a picture downstairs I wanted…when I got back down there…GONE!!!  I know better!!!  Should have carried it around with me!


Then we went to a place called Architectural Salvage…Stained glass galore…


columns, windows, pediments, you name it, they had it….


But it was HIGH!!!


I thought this big chest was interesting….


This was the sign on it…


I have to wonder….the Vittatoe children drag this HUGE chest home from the battlefield, it has been in the family since 1863…and now it is for sale?  Kinda sad….that was some feat…dragging this thing home off of a battlefield!  There could have been live ammo still on the ground for pete’s sake!

(Thought I would throw in a little history lesson for ya’)

Then we went to Knitting Mill Antiques, ate at Knitting Mill Food Works and it was awesome!  I got a Riverfront Cobb Salad with bleu cheese vinaigrette!  It was SO GOOD!!!  It had avocado in it and I LOVE avocados!

I went AWOL with the camera at Knitting Mill, I don’t know why, but it was HUGE!!  I think I was totally overwhelmed!  My purchases for the day included….

This cute potted Rosemary plant….thingy….


loved the moss on the pot…$11.00 minus 25%….


This corkscrew for $3 which both of the ladies who checked me out wanted!


Loved the lines….


These itsy bitsy silver mice….It said they were place card holders….I just liked’em..I got four of them…the box they came in said Fischer Jewelers….$10.00



The little iron gate….$4


And these brackets for $10.  I am going to paint them black and mount them under my cabinets by the sink…



And one cutie patootie husband….Priceless….I AM  a lucky gal….


Thanks for stopping by!!


Lou Cinda :)

Thursday, July 15, 2010

TJ Maxx Finds

I LOVE T.J. Maxx!  I mean I REALLY love it!  I go in there on an average of 3-4 times a week, because you know, I gotta find the good stuff cos’ it doesn’t last long in there.  I have learned the hard way that if I see something I want, I better get it then, because if I decide to “think about it” and come back…it will be GONE!

So yesterday I went in and found a few things…the little domed pedestal is one find.  I mean, I kept thinking I really don’t know where I will use this but…I REALLY love it!  And at $12.99??  I got it!


Now my favorite part of this photo would be the TJ Maxx price tag still on the bowl! lol  I really need to pay better attention!!  Just sayin’

The marble slab, if you remember, I got at a yard sale for $2.  It is one of my favorite things….  :)


Yeah, I know….rabbits….but I already had them and I was trying to find something to put under the dome with a little color…


They really look happy in there…all smiling and all…


Cherries….a bowl full of cherries….


a rogue cherry….


I LOVE these dishes!  This bowl was $2.99 at the Maxx and I grab them every time I see one in this pattern…


My old flatware found at a yard sale for a dollar or two…




More Rooster plates!  Got these at the Maxx also and the candles were Laura Ashley candles.  I got four for $4.99 and just tucked three of them in the basket…in case of a power outage you know, they will be handy…yeah right!




Thank you for visiting…


Lou Cinda :)

Thursday, July 8, 2010


I have not done a great deal on the inside of my house these past weeks.  We have been seriously KILLING ourselves outside trying to “maintain” the yard.  We have a hedge from the pit of hell and I ain’t even lyin’.  More on that in a later post.

However, I had previously shared the below little “vignette” and I liked it, but….it seemed sort of, I don’t know….BLAND?


So….that is what burlap is for right???  I just but a piece off of some I have in the closet…bunched it up…


frayed the edges….love that frayed edge…


I think it looks so much better…Texture….a good thing…


And you all know how I LOVE keys….


And of course, I have to throw in a couple of rabbits….

Can’t have too many rabbits now can you?


Or cats apparently…this greeted me when I walked into the kitchen this morning….Simon


And then of course, “The Bella”….


Also, I wanted to tell you guys about a new Blog….It is called Silver Lining.  Nancy lives right here in my neck of the woods and she has really great taste and her blog is also very funny AND informative.  She visited a consignment store called Dwelling, that is in Chattanooga.  I did not know about this place, but I can promise you I will visit!!  So, please check her blog out and make her feel welcome in this wonderful Blog World!!!  You will be glad you did….

Much love to each of you….and thanks for visiting….

Oh, and on a side note….remember the grasshoppers?  From last year?  Yeah, they are back…but this time I have Hot Shot and I ain’t afraid to use it!


Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Fun on the Fourth

We have friends who have a place on the river and we are fortunate that we go just about every weekend in the summer.  We spent this past weekend there and had a blast!  But honey, it was HOT!!!  Upper 90’s everyday! 101_0905


My youngest Cameron and his sweet girlfriend Malory came up and spent the day on Saturday!  Aren’t they adorable??  :)


The rode on the inner tube…they are brave…I am too afraid I might break something at my “advanced” age…


There they go….


We went out on the boat Saturday night to watch the fireworks on the water…so much fun!!  Though it really makes me nervous coming back at about 11:00 in the DARK!  Just you and about 200 other BOATS!!


Steve was our Captain and he got us home safely!  If it had been up to me, we would have had to wait until dawn so I could see how to get us back!

We made many wonderful memories…..A wonderful Day :)

Thank you for visiting…..