Monday, December 28, 2009

What I got for Christmas....

Oh yes.....what did I get for Christmas?  Well...I had pointed out to Steve some boots that I saw that I liked....

I told him that I wanted a new camera....REALLY....REALLY....BAD!

I pointed out that I was almost out of my favorite perfume......

I showed him a coat I LOVED....

Come Christmas gifts that he wrapped were under the tree....

I am sitting on the sofa staring at them and thinking.....

Not big enough to be a pair of boots in that box......

Definitely, definitely NOT a coat.....

Not small enough to be my perfume....

Doesn't look like a camera box......

So....what was it you ask?

You really want to know???

Well, it was a Nintendo DS and two games.........

I'll give you a minute to process this.....go ahead.....take your time......really....

WHAT???????  A Nintendo DS???  Okaaaaaay!! 

Seriously......SERIOUSLY.....WHAT WAS HE THINKING!!!!!


I am really an easy person to buy for!!  REALLY I AM!!

Lord have Mercy on my SOUL and ALL the little children of the World!!

I simply!!

And I looked at him and he was so proud of  himself!  Bless his heart!  He said, I remembered one day you saw these on a commercial and said it looked like it would be fun....

Seriously, that HAD to be 6 MONTHS AGO!!!!  AT LEAST!!

Dear Heaven, give me strength.....

I smiled and thanked him and told him it was just perfect.........cos' that's how I roll.....

I am just venting you guys....

Thankfully.....he doesn't read my blog.....


I am buying my OWN gifts next year~~!

Gotta love him....


  1. At least it wasn't a maternity top...bought on clearance! (That's a present Cat Daddy bought me a few years ago...he didn't know it was a preggers shirt with a stork on the was on sale and that's all the man saw!)
    I say why wait until next year. You schlepped all the Christmas out and more than likely like me you'll schlep it all back go it for all of us who get cr@ppy gifts that we smile and say thank you for! You'll be my hero...heck I'll even loan you my cape!

  2. Oh do I know that feeling!!

    For our anniversary I got.......
    some kind of device that goes in the car so i can find garage sales, and not get lost.
    Now I know, that seems like such a thoughtful gift,
    but honesty, maps do me just fine.
    And, I am not a mechanical gadget person, he is.
    And, there are a lot of other ways i would have spent $140 !!!!!!

    But, what can you say?

    So now i am waiting to see if I get the Cricut Expressions I really wanted for Christmas. (I'm sick so we have not had our family Christmas yet, and we are waiting for a good sale too).

    So now we have both vented, and I will say, how great it is they go get us anything!
    Often times, I cannot think of one thing to get my sweet fella. =0)

    Blessings, and a late Merry Christmas

    barbara jean

  3. What a cute story. Do you think maybe he wanted it and thats why he got it?

    I think it's time for you to go shopping for yourself.

  4. need to go shopping for YOU! I just don't get it. I mean, it only comes once a it too hard to get ONE thing a person really asks for?
    But you are a gem....many times, I have smiled, gushed and thought in my why did he buy me this???

  5. Ha! I will never complain about my husband's poor gift giving skills again!! You win! Really that is a cute story and I could have easily have written it! I just roll with it too. They mean well! Now time to go shopping! Have fun!

  6. Oh, Lou Cinda! I feel for ya! I buy 95% of my own gifts. I wrap them and I write out the tags {just as I imagine my hubby would ~ they usually say "To My Love Goddess From Your Love Slave" or "To the woman I could not live without From your peon"}. I got an ipod because he thought I should have one. Not that I ever said I wanted one or could use one, but because he thought I should have one. Do you know how often I may use it? Oh, and the case to put it in.

  7. Oh, I would totally start my 'OWN' Christmas shopping very early! You are a peach to just go along with it...but I know someone who has a birthday coming up... Maybe it is time to start doing a bit of shopping now!! ;-)


  8. Oh my goodness! Honestly if it were my husband I would have asked him (gently) if he would care if I exchanged it for a camera because I would get more use out of it. I am easy to buy for too, not picky unless a lot of money is spent on something I'm not going to use, then I think of it as money wasted. Bless his heart though~I think he'll enjoy this gift! Next year you'll instead of hints, hand him a list!

  9. Hahahaha! Oh my goodness... the way you wrote that post just cracked me up! Perhaps a gift card would be the perfect gift next year. Happy gaming!

  10. LOL! Steve sounds just like my husband! However, this year, I didn't get anything....I was sad. :o(

    Maybe next year our finances will be better and I will actually get a gift that I didn't ask!


    Robin :o)

  11. Go get your own camera, honey. It will be easier~ LOL So are you gonna keep the game?
    My son gave me a Sony Blue Ray this year. I rarely watch dvd's at home- I like to go to the movies. HE buys and watches dvd movies. Guess who he REALLY bought that gift for?
    *big wide grin*
    hugs, Sue

  12. Oh how funny, Lou Cinda! I figured out to buy my own gifts a long time ago! I am buying myself a copy of "Julie and Julia" this year! lol Enjoy your new DS!...hugs...Debbie

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  14. Take it back, girl...take it back! Are you afraid you might hurt his feelings? Well, did he hurt your feelings by avoiding your requests and giving you a DS? We have one tradition in our home...every gift comes with the receipt, because we all have fun taking our gifts back! Go get that camera and quit feeling guilty!


  15. Lou Cinda,
    What is with our men?
    I know how you wanted that camera so I say go out tomorrow and get the camera of your dreams. You deserve it!

  16. You are part of an elite group of women who know your pain.

    One year I got a high pressure washer...


  17. This is seriously one of the reasons I don't like gift giving at Christmas. It's hit or miss with everyone. Now, you'd think one's spouse would be easy! I just buy my own gifts now and we exchange non-tangibles. This year I asked for 2 light fixtures to be hung and a huge mirror to be hung. He asked for a day completely free of all duties. We were both happy :). Blessings to you and your video-gaming-self!

  18. Oh my gosh! That is to funny, and yes you are a great wife for just rolling with it. Hubs and I always Merry Christmas our selves with a gift or two, that way we know we are getting exactly what we want. Have and if you lived closer I would take one of the boys' DS and download with ya! What games did you get??

  19. I know they mean well, but sometimes they just don't LISTEN. From now on write out a list and give it to him with exact instructions. I was really hoping that camera showed up for you. This was just such a funny post, I think most of us have been right there with you! Have a Happy Happy New Year!

  20. I read your former post about the deer fiasco & had to come back today to see if you got your new camera for Christmas. I'm laughing at Steve's gift & sharing your pain, as well. He meant well & my Mom always said "Its the thought that counts".

    One time, for a very BIG upcoming birthday, my DH opened the mail & then handed me a refund check from our insurance co. saying "Happy Early Birthday, Honey....go buy yourself something". Now it was a nice sized check but STILL!!! They just don't get the concept of a "gift".

  21. Typical man. You are so patient with him. Here's a thought - create a wish list on Sit him in front of the computer and tell him to select from that list. He doesn't even have to leave the house. My daughter has done that the last couple of years. I hope you go buy yourself a camera, cause you sure do deserve one. Rosie

  22. *Sigh* Just remember that men don't have many tools in their toolbox and buying presents that we really want is definitely one of the biggest tools missing!

  23. LOL! I learned a long time ago you have to be veeeeeeeeeery careful when you say you like something in front of a man, or you may own it for a holiday. ;-)

    Loved reading this, and I hope you get your heart's desire on Valentine's Day. Want me to email him anonymously???


    Sheila :-)

  24. ok I got you beat!! One year for Christmas my husband decided that I would get a gift everyday the month of December. So for the entire month I opened up a daily gift from him from Victorias Secret. Thong panties,demicup bras,thigh high hose~ you name it!! He had a great Christmas!! Who actually wears this stuff!! He bought so much stuff from them that to this day I get coupons for free stuff!! Then one year he bought me a new couch for my living room. His man who hasn't decorated a room in his life goes to the most expensive furniture store in town and calls me to come down there to see my Christmas present!!! You just have to laugh and I did over my plain brown cough (that we still have to this day) Although it be residing in his "mancave"!!!

  25. I don't know whether to laugh or cry!!!
    I think you are a saint for acting like it was the perfect gift.

    You should practice your favorite game and get really good. Then invite him to play for big money (camera money!!!) and then of course you will win!


  26. My husband listens to what I say and quizzes me to the point of asking, "Now what section of Macy's is that hanging in?" It kind of bugs me but after reading this I'll get over it.

    I have advice for you...go shopping now. Everything is on sale. :)

  27. I would gently tell him that a camera would be so much more practical since you blog and you don't want to waste money on something you're not going to use. I give my husband a list of things I would like and he does the same. We don't know what off the list we'll get and we always throw some surprises in there.


  28. From the get go my husband was instructed that he could give me nothing that plugged into the wall. :)

    Last year (2008) our family gift was the Wii. I think I've played it 3 times.

  29. Happy New Year to you, girlfriend! I hope you, Steve, and the kids have the best year ever. May 2010 have blessings so plentiful that you will not have buckets enough to catch them all! :-)



  30. Oh sweetie, I soooo remember those evenings and mornings.. Mr. P would always give me power tools.. now I ask you what is a gal suppose to do with those? I learned over the years, thankfully and put them to good use.. Now...sadly now there are no gifts just the memories.. You'll always cherish that small little giggle about the Nintendo DS instead of the boots, camera and perfume... Happy New Year..
    hugs ~lynne~

  31. OMG..........I think all women can relate to this husband now knows.......14kt gold or else.........LOL!


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