Thursday, January 28, 2010

Frugalicious Friday

Okay, first things first…..

This is my wonderful (or in my mind) project.  I had seen this on another blog and I wish I could remember which one, because hers was REALLY cute!  She even gave the photo you could use.  I printed it out on iron on transfer paper, and ironed it onto my burlap….yeah, not a good idea…..

Isn’t it beautiful?  Goin’ for that rustic look don’t cha’ know!


Too much texture…ya’ think???  Isn’t this hilarious?  Oh, well, live and learn I say… MOVING ON! 


The Goodwill was a happy place this week…. I found this frame…


And this one….love the details in both of these…



 This is a valance that matches the comforter in my bedroom.  How lucky is that?  I hope to make some pillows for the bed….this is where the sewing and cussing usually comes in….Also love the old silverware.  I have plans for those and they were .50 a piece!


This fabric is “Fly Away” by Waverly….LOVE this!  My plan is to make slip covers for my patio cushions….again…sewing…..

But, how cute are those dragonflies???




The cream color and green fabric I also found at GW and though I may be able to use it for the backing, or maybe throw pillows…..

I am just talking like I KNOW how to sew….I am cracking my own self up!

I got a couple other things that I will show in another post.  I think the total I paid for all this LOOT was $16.00!  It was a good day at The Goodwill!

I am linking up with Jane for Frugalicious Friday!  Please check out her blog, it is awesome and she shares so many GREAT ideas!

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Have a Great Weekend!



  1. LOVE your GW finds! I need to go where you go!


    Robin :o)

  2. It was a good day at GW for you! I never find go get that sewing machine out and whip something up :-)

  3. Glad to see that you got a buggy...luv the silverware and frames! Hope you have a FUN weekend...ALERT-DEER season will be over soon:)


  4. Girl, you hit the jackpot!

    Listen, I read on another blog that you can stencil burlap with a stencil brush and fabric paint. Don't give up! :-)



  5. oh great finds!. Looks like you had a fun shopping trip!!

  6. The same thing happened to me with those iron on sheets! I tried my hand at dish towels and the result was quite, as you put it, textured! Love your goodwill finds though!

  7. Never found fabric at GW either so envy you for what you bought. Know what you mean about sewing though; I kind of have a love/hate relationship with my sewing machine and for the past 3 years, the hate part has won out!

  8. So funny. I've been sewing for 30 years and it still makes me cuss!! OHH and these hot flashes really don't help my attitude when I hit a sewing snag.
    So good to know that I am normal. Great finds, can't wait to see what you do with the silverware.

  9. A fruitful day you had at GW...I really like your frames, fabrics, etc. That's one of my favorite stores. I really had a good day Wednesday...among my finds was a service for 12 of Rogers IS 1847 Reflection silver plate for $15.00 and on the internet on sale it's $439.00...

    Blessings...Betty...Thanks for visiting....

  10. Well, it was a good idea. Sorry it didn't work out like you wanted it to. Love the old silver.

  11. I need a good day at the Goodwill like that! Love your finds!

  12. Lou Cinda, I had to come by and tell you how much I laughed at your comment on my blog post today. I could so relate and I am sure many others will be able too also, Thank you for coming by,Kathysue
    PS I like the idea of what you were trying to do, Don't give up I think it is a great idea.

  13. I love a girl who knows how to sew and cuss! Thanks for stopping by and joining the OGTP movement!

  14. Hi Lou Cinda...

    Just wanted to come by to say hello and see what you've been up to! Sure do appreciate you stopping by my place and leaving such a sweet note! Thank you, my friend!

    Ohhh my, you've been a busy little bee, Girl! I love all of your great treasure finds from GW! Love, love, LOVE those frames! Sheessh...our GW never has anything that nice! Love that pretty Waverly fact, it would be perfect in my dining room! I'll have to check it out! Love the other fabrics too! They will make nice cushions!!!

    Well Darlin' sorry about your burlap and transfer project! But I guess that's how we learn, eh? I've had plenty of those learning experiences! Hehe!

    Have a wonderful weekend, Sweetie!
    Warmest winter wishes,
    Chari @Happy To Design

  15. Hi Lou Cinda, Wow I love your projects. Wish I had some of that inspiration you have !
    Also thank you for the sweet prayers you sent my way. God is good ! I got a negative !!!!!

  16. You got some great stuff at Goodwill. I so love that place. None of my friends understand. Too bad for them.

  17. Hey there! I just wanted to post, because I think you got the flatware pics from my post?! Here's the link in case you need it again:

    FYI...the fabric I used was idea what is was. Just natural-looking and a tighter weave than burlap. Maybe that would help? So glad you tried it out!!! : )

  18. Great finds!!! I love those frames...what are you going to do with them??? You better not hold out on us...we wanna see what you come up with!!!
    everything vintage

  19. Funny! I've had many projects turn out like that! Burlap is hard to work with! Guess you know that now! Have a great day!

  20. Great finds!!! Wish I could come across some frames like that..sweet!

  21. Great deals! How lucky to find fabric to match what you already have! laurie

  22. I love that you show your "spots" and all. Good for you for keepin it real.

    Yes please. Come hang out with Tracy and myself. We will be seeing the theatrical Mary Poppins, going for a hike or two, and of course dinner and drinks on her birthday.


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