Wednesday, April 29, 2009

A Post Chock Full O' Stuff

I have totally loaded these photos in the reverse order than I thought I was, but we will just start at the back and work our way forward! Typical...

This is my beloved bunny bench that I drag
with me everytime I move.

It now sits in front of my house in the flower bed. We are putting literally a truckload (or two) of mulch in this bed this weekend. This is the bed we were cleaning out when I got chewed out by my little neighbor lady. I just got on my lawnmower and mowed down the monkey grass cos it was all yucky! I hope it comes back all happy and perky!

Mostly...I just hope it comes back!

The front of my house. Oh wait, let's look a little closer at the front door! Oh! And notice that the shrub that WAS there on the no more! Cut that sucker down with my chain saw! Looks sooooooooo much better! I don't know what I was waiting for. Ok, ok, let's get back to the door (which I might add is still black!

Good Lord, this shot is out of sequence...scroll on down...

AHA! There it is!!! Don't you LOVE it??? I ordered this "Welcome" from Twice as Nice! I saw that she had one on her door on her blog, and they make these and sell them! Now, the one they had would not fit the dimensions of my door (I have to be different) so, she made me one to custom fit my space! When I got it, it was PERFECT!!! I could not be happier with the way it looks, it was so easy to put on. Okay, Steve put it on, but only because I let him cos' he loves to get things all centered and measured out and all that good stuff. Me? I just eyeball it! But he got it on there absolutely perfectly! I think it just MADE my front door SING!!!! Love that "W"!!! Plus she does alot of other stuff too. Her business is called Twice as Nice Lettering. She has a twin sister and they do this together~I think that is so great!

I strongly encourage you to check these out on her blog:
And she was so sweet AND she also enclosed a GREAT "M" for me as an extra surprise. Steve is going to put it on a black lampshade in the bedroom. (Out comes the measuring tape again)
Oh, and you can pick from several colors that you want it to be. White on Black....LOVIN' IT!!

NEXT UP!! I won a give away from Beverly at rrmama! A gift card to Target!! Do I love that or what? She has a great blog and you need to check it out!!
I am plotting my next trip to Target and I can't wait now that I have a gift card!! You can't tell it here because of the photo (I know, we all know about my crappy camera) but, the card was so cute!!

THEN!!! I was surfing blogs, as I so often do and I came upon
and while admiring this particular blog at this particular time I came upon something that I really, really LOVED!! So in the mail, I get this~~I love mail! (As long as it's not a bill or something totally unfun like that) Look at this BUNNY!! He is so adorable and whimsical and I just had to have one!
PLUS Katherine added a candle that smells heavenly!!!

Too CUTE! Get a load of those EARS!! Love him! Katherine is so talented, she makes these and you can have one too! Just go on over and check out her blog!! And do a little shopping while you are there...

Well, that is enough for tonight! I hope you enjoyed my post revealing my wonderful finds in the world of Blogland!!
Have a GREAT day!
Lou Cinda :)

Monday, April 27, 2009

I am so HONORED!!

  • Debbie at Talking Trash has bestowed on me this WONDERFUL honor!! She has given me this award and I am so excited and so humbled by it! For several months I just surfed from blog to blog and admired all of the talent and wit and compassion that I saw in each and every blog! Then, I decided to venture out and start one myself! I had no idea what would happen, whether or not anyone would care at all about anything I did or had to say!! Debbie was one of the first bloggers to reach out and welcome me in! She is the BEST in my book! If you have never read her blog...DO! She is so talented and is hysterically funny and I get so excited everytime I see that she has a new post! I just can't get there fast enough to read it! Humor mixed with such compassion! Debbie, I am truly, honored that you would pick me for this award! Thank you so very much!

    Now for the rules!! You know there has gotta be rules! I am to pass this award on to seven other deserving bloggers, tell them they got an award AND in addition to that, I must list seven things that I LOVE!

    1. I have to say that my faith is numero uno! Without it, I would have NEVER made it to the place I am today. God blessed me with great inner strength along with an optimism that he knew I would need to sustain me. My precious daddy used to tell me that I was resilient....and he was right! I have faced some very tough times in my 49 years and I am so thankful for these gifts God instilled in me. Thank you God for my strength...

    2. My wonderful husband and my boys! Oh, how I LOVE and adore these guys! They are what make me tick! They accept my many, many flaws and love me for what and who I am! My boys have traveled some rough roads with me and then Steve came along about 5 years ago and swept all three of us up into his arms! He took my boys on and has raised them as his own. There not many stepfathers that would buy cars when they hit the big 16, get Seth into college and work so hard to help keep him there. Education ain't cheap! My sons changed their last name to their step father's last name. I think that in itself is a testimony to what kind of guy he is. (Their biological father is not in their lives.) Thank you God for sending us Steve...

    3. I love the beach! I love to sit on the beach and just chill for hours and hours and solve all of the worlds problems! And of course people watch!!! My two girlfriends, Jamie and Janice and I can get alot of serious problem solving done sitting there with our chairs right at the edge of the surf, and our feet in the sand! Thank you God for my friends....

    4. I loved my parents who are both deceased now. But how blessed I was to have them as my parents! Such gifts they were to me! My daddy was only 62 when he passed away and my mother was only 67. I will always have a huge void in my soul, but my character is what it is because of them. Thank you God for my sweet mama and daddy...

    5. I love to sing! Love, love, love to sing! I sing in church, I sing in the choir, I sing in the car! But talk about stage fright! The first time I ever did a solo it was The Old Rugged Cross and it came in the middle of a cantata the choir was doing. I was absolutely TERRIFIED! My knees were knocking together I was so scared. The time came, I walked to the front of the stage, clutching the microphone in my sweaty, trembling hand. I was supposed to wait for the music to start, but guess what? I didn't! No way baby! I started singing that puppy acapella! No music, no choir back up! Nothing! Guess what else! I was so off key it was pitiful!! When I went to sit back down after that debacle and everyone started patting me on the back and hugging me, I knew....yep...I was every bit as bad as I thought it was!! lol Thankfully, I did get better at managing the fear! Thank you God for allowing me to sing....even off key...

    6. I love to laugh and I love to make other people laugh! Another gift I got from my parents! They were both so witty! So, I learned early on, the importance of laughter. My glass is always half full....ALWAYS! Thank you God for allowing me to see the good.....

    7. I love my home! I love my never ending projects! I love to work in my yard, the smell of fresh cut grass makes me happy. I think I am a little over the top with the yard bit, my family thinks so too....but alas, I get that from my daddy! He was the same way! I am forever changing things around, moving furniture, it is a canvas that is never complete!
    Thank you God for creativity...

    NOW on to seven bloggers that have been so kind and accepting of me, and make sweet comments, even when I have just botched the dickens out of something....and I do have quite a few botches!!!

    Sue at cos' Sue is so great! She is my adopted mother and she has made me laugh...alot! And she is also resilient AND talented!!

    Teresa at - because she inspires me......

    Stacey at -Stacey encourages me and is just so sweet!

    Victoria at - extremely talented!!!! I am in awe of her!

    Jane at - Same thing~wonderful blog

    Malisa at - what can I say! Malisa is a hoot! She makes me belly laugh!!

    Lulu Redstar at - lulu is kind and funny and so talented!!! I won one of her bracelets and I LOVE it!

    Check out these blogs if you haven't already! You will love them as much as I do!

    Now I am off to tell them they got an award!!

    Have a great day!

    Lou Cinda :)

Talladega ROCKED!!!!

I am so surprised that there are quite a few NASCAR fans out there and I have actually been asked for an update on that unbelievable race yesterday!! it is!!

Steve and I along with Cammie Pie and his friend Jacob made our way to Talladega to meet 160,000 of our closest friends to watch the race. Getting there and parking was no problem, however, when we were walking (a looooooooooooong way) to the track, there were so many people it was unreal! I don't ever remember it being just shoulder to shoulder before, but we trudged on!

Talladega has constructed an overpass that you walk over the road to get to the gates of the track. This is new as it was not there at the fall race. I think, Oh Great! That will make it so much easier! NOT!! It was nowhere near BIG enough to handle that many people. It was like a human sausage! You just had to squeeze into it and walk over. And it was slow going! I am not claustrophobic, but I kept telling myself to breathe....... breathe.......

We take Cameron and Jacob to their seats which unfortunately were not with us and get them settled and then we huff it to ours! Steve said, we are going to miss the beginning of the race! I looked at him and said I will run if I have to, and it will NOT be a pretty sight!! We walked really fast and did get to our seats in time for the fly over and all that good stuff!

7th lap ~ to our left a huge pile up! Cars are just crashing into each other and just keep crashing! I am yelling, "Is Dale Jr. in there? Did he make it through?" Well, bless him, he did! He just emerged from the smoke and debris in his little 88 car and I know he saw me waving and screaming and cheering his little unscathed self on! God Bless him!

Jr. just ROCKED all day! Now, Talladega fans LOVE Jr.! So anytime he is leading that place goes NUTS! Me included! Everytime he was in front, this guy down from us would walk up to the railing and give him a thumbs up when he went by. I know Jr, saw was so funny!

There were a few more mishaps and small wrecks and spin outs, but you know the end is where it all happens.

We had some empty seats around us so I called Cameron and Jacob and told them to come up there where we were, cos' our seats were GREAT! Tri-Oval second level FRONT row~! We were right in front of Pit Row ~ it was great! So Cam and Jacob make the trek to us about 50 laps before the end of the race.

It gets CRAZY on those last couple of laps! NOBODY is sitting down! Those cars were going about 198 mph and they were 3 and 4 wide! It was AMAZING~ Jr. is in second! I am just beside myself, cos' I know there is going to be a wreck on the last couple of laps. There always is!! I told Cameron, you better watch, it's fixing to happen, it's fixing to happen! And baby, it did!! Now, Steve (my hubby) is a Carl Edwards fan! So he was up and all doing the happy dance and high fiving people, just knowing Carl had won it and BAM!!! Next thing we see is Carl Edwards' car up in the air just spiraling!! I was FREAKING OUT!!! I swear Ryan Newman drove UNDER him! He crashed into the fence, which is where Cameron and Jacob WERE sitting! I would have had a come apart for sure, if Cammie had not been with me when that happened. There were some injuries, but not serious! That fence definitely did it's job! Carl Edwards jumps out of the car and runs over the finish line and said "does this count?" I thought it should, especially if he could have like carried a part of his car with him!

Then we figure out that the 9 car won! Who in the heck is 9???? We had no idea! Someone told us and I can't really remember his name, he just came out of nowhere, had not lead the race all day and he wins it! That is the way it is at Talladega!!

But Jr. finished 2nd and I was very proud of him!! He didn't miss is pits - he managed to hit them all. (He has had a problem this year passing by his spot on pit row and having to go around again...bless his heart) I suggested they hang a big ole' pink boa on his sign, that way he could find it easier!

Cameron LOVED his first race! The look on his face when he saw that wreck was priceless!! The boy takes after his mama!!! He LOVES the NASCAR!!!!

That race made national news because of the crash into the fence and it was on the Today show this morning. I was there! I was there!

I sent Steve a text this morning and said.....let's go to Bristol this weekend!

I got it bad.......

Hope you all have a wonderful week!

Lou Cinda

Friday, April 24, 2009


Yes, I love NASCAR! Can you believe it? Me! A girly girl from the pit of hell, loves NASCAR~I didn't know I loved it until my husband took me to a race about 5 years ago, when we first started dating, and I didn't want to tell him I didn't "do" remember those days right? When we want them to think we are just so "fun" and "perfect". HA! Reality has reared it's head alot since then, but I did discover that I LOVE NASCAR!

My first race ever.....

Well, we go to the race, me and Steve and about 200,000 of our closest friends! We do Talladega, cos it isn't far from us and it is a HUGE draw around here. HUGE! Steve gets tickets from his vendors at work, the people who sell them machinery, so they are REALLY good tickets, and that helps, ALOT! We are front row, second level, in front of pit row! We have to walk about 2 miles to get from the car to our seat, that part I do not enjoy. But, once we got in I LOVE it! I love it when the planes fly over, I love it when they sing the national anthem...nothing like thousands of patriotic drunk people singing at the top of their little lungs with their hats over their hearts. So moving....

I LOVE it when they say "Gentlemen, start your engines" and I hear this roar like nothing I have ever heard before! I just get CHILLS! The first two laps around are warm up, then that pace car exits, that checkered flag waves and Baby it is ON! When those cars blast past us at about 178 miles and hour, the power and the expertise that it takes to maneuver these cars that are literally bumper to bumper BLOWS MY MIND!! I had no idea I would get so excited and have such a good time!!! I am a Dale Jr. fan, just because I think he is a nice guy. He always loses though. Poor Dale Jr.! That number 88 car!!

(I sound like a NASCAR fan don't I?) lol

And when there is a wreck!!!! OMG!! I FREAK OUT!! We have had so many happen right in front of us!! The first time I saw one, the cars were just all crashing into each other and flying through the air and one caught on fire!! I burst into tears and thought, all of these men have just been killed right in front of me!! Steve, said no, no, no, they are so protected, give them a few minutes, they are fine. And they were! They just pop out the windows and start yelling at whomever started the whole thing, which is a whole nother NASCAR favorite! Hilarious!

We stay to the bitter end honey! The final lap, the final flag, when the winner burns rubber right in front of us! (Wonderful smell....really) And then we walk two miles back to the car, parked in a field with 200,000 of our slightly drunker closest friends...that, too, is a show, let me tell you! I laugh alot!

This Sunday...I will be there! Cheering, waving, getting caught up in all of the excitement! I can't wait! Cammie Pie is going this time. It will be his first race, my 10th! He will LOVE it!

GO DALE JR! (he won't win~Bless his Heart)

Have a great weekend!

Tuesday, April 21, 2009 a better day than yesterday!!

Yesterday......was horrible!! I mean it was a really, REALLY bad day!! I thought seriously about attacking and inflicting severe bodily injury to my employer. The attorney for whom I practice law, without a license, daily!! For not enough pay I might add!!! Not NEAR enough!!

THEN....I leave work, after working 40 minutes over, trying (and I mean TRYING) to get said employer prepared for a deposition which was to take place today. I call my hubbie pie to relate the woes of may day to him, and basically just have me a little pity party on my way home! Well, he gets home before I do, and he is still talking to me, and in the background.....I hear her! OH NO SHE ISN'T!! My hubby said when he got out of the car and turned around, there she stood....lying in the shrubbery!

SHE would be my little neighbor lady who takes great pleasure in COMPLAINING!!! Now, mind you, I have always been respectful and kind to her while she is complaining about whatever she has on her mind that day. I might also add that I maintain the dickens of a HEDGE that is between our houses. (Thank Goodness for that hedge) But my hubby and I sweat and fret over that flippin hedge every summer, so she won't have to. I mean it is tall, way over my head!! And wide, about 4 feet. We trim and pull weeds and weedeat and rake and make her side pretty too. Still, she complains.

Saturday, as I was raking up pinestraw and pinecones in my yard from the storms that had blown through, she came over and told me she hoped I wasn't going to put much up at the road, cos' she was going to need all that room for her yard clippings! Our houses are the only ones on this side of the street, an entire block! And she was going to need it all! Okay......I said, I am almost finished!

Sunday we worked in our flower beds, and I mean WORKED! Raking, pruning, pulling up "stuff" I didn't like. Her clippings were already at the road, so I am good to go! Oh, nooooooooooooooooo, no, no!

Fast forward to yesterday! She is telling my husband that she does not want us to put any more debris or anything at the street there anymore! WHAT?
I am telling my husband what to say over the phone, and of course he is not saying it. (He is MUCH kinder and MUCH more laid back than me) So I accelerate said car so I can get home and deal with this once and for all!

When I arrive, there she still stood, chewing out sweetie pie husband, who is standing there with his little paper and mail in his hands and she is just wagging that finger at him. At MY sweetie pie husband who trims her hedges! WELL......enter Lou Cinda in all of her glory after a TERRIBLE day at work on top of everything else!!! (I have mentioned before that I am a tall woman, 5'10" flat footed and I am wearing 3" stilettos. I want you to get the visual here.) Little neigbor lady is about 4'1".

Now, I did try to be nice and point out to her that she was mistaken in her efforts to tell us we cannot put anything on the road IN FRONT OF OUR OWN HOUSE!! Okay, things got a little snippy as she proceeded to tell me she would never put anything in front of someone elses house. HELLOOOOOO? All of her stuff was in front of my house!!! This is the SIDE of her house! After I decided that we were getting nowhere I go in the house and leave hubby pie out there with her. She looks at him and says.......get this........are you ready......

"I don't know how you stay married to her.
She is the most high strung woman I have
ever met."

What a hoot!!!! I have been dealing with her for 2 years, and I finally......snapped, somewhat. Then she proceeds to tell my husband that she will dig up our driveway cos' it is on her property!!! Well, of course it isn't! But I told him, well, let her trot on up there with a jack hammer and have at it!

I told her I would call the city today and have them come and pick up the "stuff" which I did, and they did. Maybe she will be happy today.

I have prided myself with the fact that we are (were) the only people in the neighborhood who get (got) along with her! That's over!!

As I was relaying the story to my girlfriend Jamie last night, (she has had "dealings" with little neighbor lady too), we got just hysterical laughing about it. We decided I should go stand on the deck in my suit and stilettos in the dark, so all you could see is my silhouette, and hold up my chain saw in the darkness and just rev it over towards her house! Of course, I didn't do it, but.......she better leave me alone!

Today....has been a MUCH better day!

AND I want to tell you about a give away!!! Rachel over at is having a great, great giveaway. So go on over and check it out!!! I really enjoy her blog, she is very creative and talented!!

Hope no one is lurking in my shrubbery when I go home today!!!

Lou Cinda :)

Monday, April 20, 2009

RustOleum Countertop Paint

Has anyone heard of or used this or know anybody that has? It is a brand new product and as I do not like my off white boring countertops and cannot replace them right now, I was thinking about giving this a go!!

I asked the guy at Lowe's about it but......

Lowe's don't know!

He had not used it, said he "heard" it was good, but I would like a little more info than that before I embark on this little adventure!

The only drawback to me is that it comes in 16 colors, and the "swatches" are little color squares on the box top and you pick the one you want and they tint the paint. I need a BIGGER swatch than that!

However, being the adventuresome spirit I am....what's the worse thing that could happen? I go through all the trouble to paint the countertops and hate it!! Hmmmm, seems like I have been here before, only with the canvas being my front door!!

If you have any info on this product, please let me know!

Thanks and have a great week!

Lou Cinda

Thursday, April 16, 2009

Mom....I just had a wreck

The words we NEVER want to hear....I heard. The first thing that flew through my mind is "he is calling me himself, so he is okay." The next thing in my mind was "Thank you Jesus!" The third, was anyone hurt?? Thankfully, no one was.

I asked him what he hit and he said...................A STATE TROOPER!!!

Noooooooooo you didn't!!! Oh yes, yes he did!! His first wreck EVER in his whole 19 year old life and he hits a State Trooper in the REAR!!!! Wonder whose fault that was???????

In his defense, it was a nasty, rainy slick day. He was, I don't know.....about 10 feet from the entrance to his apartment and he hydroplanes and slides into the back of the Trooper who had pulled his car completely off the road, (in order to avoid accidents I'm assuming) and Seth slides right into the back of him! Good news, no one hurt. Bad news, Trooper was mean to precious first born child!!

I fly into maternal ferocious protective mode, jump in the car and drive the 40 minutes to the accident site in about 20 minutes and stalk down the slick, rainy road to said MEAN State Trooper. Visualize this....I was wearing a dress and stilettos, AND I am 5'10 flat footed, so plus the stilettos, I was standing somewhere around 6'1". State Trooper, about 5'8". Let's just say, he saw me a comin!

I proceeded to check on sweetie pie son and then turned to the State Trooper! It appears that the State Trooper came running up the road after he heard the crash of metal on metal and for one split second "thought" about hitting my son! That would not have been pretty! After he and I "discussed" proper procedure at accident scenes, the Trooper apologized to Seth. All is well! Life is good!

Well, except for my insurance rates, which I look to go up in the very near future!!!

Tuesday, April 14, 2009


I have been out of town for Easter, but when I returned, look what I found waiting for me.......hmmmmm.... must be the give away I won from Lulu at 2chippys!!! I had to tell her why I deserved a present! And I did (I was in a mood that day and just VENTED!) And I won!!!

So in true Blogger fashion I bolted for my trusty camera! (Yes, my crappy camera, I haven't gotten new one yet) So I started snapping photos! Look how cute this is!! Lulu wrote me a sweet note!

And look how adorable this bracelet is!! I LOVE IT!!
It is hard to tell, because I have a crappy camera, but
this bracelet is so perfect for me!! I love things that
dangle and sparkle and have lots of colors.....this has it ALL!!

So CUTE!! I wore it for Easter as it matched my dress!
How lucky is that?? I got tons of compliments on it :)

I will wear this ALOT!! Thank you Lulu!!!!
I REALLY appreciate it so much!!!
If you have never read their blog, I encourage you to!
It is hilarious and they have GORGEOUS stuff and a
great eye for design!!


Monday, April 6, 2009

21st Three Or More ~ Tuesday

I am so excited to be a part of Three or More Tuesday hosted by the Wonderful Tam at The Gypsy's Corner. I LOVe her blog and am honored to be a part of her Party!!

I, too, am a lover of the Bunny Rabbit! I have loved Rabbits for as long as I can remember. Now, you may not think so when you get to the end of this blog, however, I am PICKY about my Rabbits! I don't like the goofy looking Roger Rabbit types or Buggs, my Rabbits must have an elegance about them. They must "speak" to me, if you will.

My first rabbit here was a find at Hobby Lobby I believe and he resides in my secretary thingy in my den. (Vanna told me the proper name for this, but I can't remember what she told me)

Where are you Vanna? We miss you :(

Now, this Rabbit is my FAVORITE rabbit and also, the one I am given the MOST grief about. Everyone makes fun of his bloomers and his turned up shoes, but I loved him from the minute I saw him. He was pricey, and my mother was with me when I saw him and she went back to the shop he was in and bought him for me. I miss her so very much! I think of her everytime I look at him. I tell my husband in case of fire, after the family is out, the cats are safe, I'm going back in for my Rabbit!

These rabbits I got off of E-bay years ago. I still love them~

This one seemed me....NOT! But she

also appealedto me. Another Hobby Lobby find :)

This one I love too! Another E-bay purchase.

My hubby got this one for me at Cracker Barrel!

Good food ~ Great Rabbits

And last but not least, this little diddy

who sits way up high on a shelf in my


Thanks for sharing today in my Three or More Tuesday ~ I think I definitely fall into the

"more" category! Go over to The Gypsy's Corner and check out everyone elses three or more posts!

Have a great day!

Lou Cinda :)

Sunday, April 5, 2009

MET MONDAY! The Cavernous Front Door Revealed...

Okay ~ a couple of weeks ago I decided to paint my front door black. I have had the paint for months, however, the weather did not rained ALOT! So on th first sunny day I ventured outside to paint said red door black. And so I did....but then for some reason, I continued on.....paintbrush in hand.....and painted the sidelights black also! Below are the results of said creative endeavor.......

Another shot...maybe it will look better in this one...
Nope! I lived with it for a couploe of weeks and the verdict is...
I HATE IT!!! It looks like a cave, a dark, dreary cave :(

So, Saturday was another sunny day and I went back out in to the dreariness of it with my can of WHITE paint! (Did I mention that the sidelights WERE white to begin with?) And 4 coats of white paint later (yeah, 4 coats, black is the dickens to cover) I had this!!

Ahhhh, much better! Light, bright, happy again!
See those two shrubs on either side of the porch there?
They are coming out! They are just in the way and don't
add anything! Not sure what I will put there instead, but
whatever it is, it will be lower! Any suggestions?
You see, I don't trust myself anymore!!!
When I was at work Friday, one of my co-workers came in and reported there was an estate sale a couple of streets over!!! We did what any able bodied person would do......we went to the "bank"!
This is what I got at the "Bank" for $3.oo

Minus the cushion and black paint.
It was dingy white ~ so of course,
out came the black spray paint and
a cushion from Tuesday Morning.

Then on to the dining room that has also been the
bain of my existence! I started with the burlap
tablecloth and velvet overlay ~ then I covered
the seats with the velvet ~ painstakingly GLUED
scrapbook paper on the slats on the back of the
chairs (now this was TEDIOUS) and guess what??
Too dark, too, too, too everything~ SO...........
on a visit to Goodwill, I found 4 yards of this
Waverly fabric and a coordinting fabric for $5!
And did this>>>>>>>>>

REcovered the seats with the Norfolk Rose and
the slats with the coordinating fabric....that was
ALSO tedious! I had to take off each slat and
literally ulphoster it using spray adhesive!

I did one chair a night ~ it was all I could take!
I glue all over my hands and EVERYTHING
stuck to me! But guess what????

These are the plates I found today at TJ MAXX
for $3.99 each
This was another chair in the dining room that
I also covered. I am telling you, I am worn slap out!!
I have fussed and cussed these chairs, the spray adhesive,
my staple gun and most of all MYSELF!!
Not to mention those FLIPPIN SLIDELIGHTS!!
So there you have it! My MISTAKES and MISSTEPS for the last few weeks! I just took a nosedive! But alas, I did recover (literally) and I am now moving forward. I still have a blank wall in the DR that I am in search of filler for....Lord knows I'm gonna think TWICE before I buy something to put there!
Check out all the other great and wonderful Met Monday posts at Susans Between Naps on the Porch whom I will go and garner much information and inspiration from!!
Have a great week!
Lou Cinda :)

Friday, April 3, 2009

My Wayward Back!

This has been the funniest thing, having realized the loss of a "follower" yesterday. I told my husband that I had lost one and his response was: "What did you do to piss them off?" (He may know me a little too well)Hence the post about where my follower went.

Turns out it was Florida Sue at Luxe Lanai. She is the sweetest thing and she is so funny! I love her blog and she just always makes me laugh! Plus her decorating style is a mix of French Country and Tropical, and it is beautiful! I just love it!

However, it seems that she was hyped up on some Motrin, as she had had some surgery done, and in her glazed state, she "accidentally" deleted me~~"accidentally". She is back now and I am so happy!

I told her we could just swap out followers and we would have a bunch!!
Please visit her blog and check it out! Be gentle though, cos' she is still in pain :(

ALSO~~Yesterday I found out that I won my very first Give Away!! I cannot believe it!! Lulu at 2chippys (which is a blog I also love, love, love) had a giveaway to celebrate her birthday! Isn't that sweet? You had to leave a comment telling why you deserve to win a present! I deserved it, and I told her I did, and why!! And I won!!

The present is one of her GORGEOUS, FANTABULOUS bracelets that she makes! I am telling you I HEART her jewelry! Thank you Lulu!!!!!

So, all in all, yesterday turned out to be a pretty darn good day!! I lost one follower~~got her back :)~~gained 5 MORE followers and won a Giveaway!!! good!!!

Have a great weekend :)

Lou Cinda

Thursday, April 2, 2009

Is it a Bad Sign to Lose a Follower?

I logged in this morning to see everyone's beautiful Tablescapes and I noticed right off I had "lost" a follower. :( That is so sad to me! I take everything so personally anyway, and I only have (had) 14 followers and now I have 13. I am boring! My blog is boring! I don't know who it was, which is probably a good thing. I would hate to be so pathetic as to go and beg them back! lol I promise to do better :)

Now, in all honesty, I have been very quiet the last week or so, but I am planning to reveal some stuff on Met Monday! I have a plan at least!

My first thought was, did I offend someone? No, that couldn't be it. It must be my idleness on my blog, so I am going to do better! I will take picures with my not so great camera for now and just forge ahead. We can work through the fuzzy darkened photos. I am fixing to become a flippin Bloggin' Diva!! It's on Baby!

Have a Great Day!! :)

Lou Cinda