Sunday, January 17, 2010

Thrift Store Mirror Redo ~

I wanted a mirror to hang over my buffet in the dining room.
There used to be a Rooster picture that I  loved hanging there...
but after the painting of the walls and other changes,
it just didn't work anymore...

So Saturday I set out to find a  mirror...CHEAP!
I started at an antique store that I frequent often...
I found a mirror I liked but it was $75.00.
Too Much!

Then I went to an antique mall...
No luck!

So then I stopped at a Community Thrift Store...
And found this!

Now, let me tell you, mirrors are not so easy to photograph!

It was pretty scuffed up, but it was the perfect size...

I taped it off and started painting...

That ugle ceiling fan is just an extra bonus...
It's ugly self is fixing to be replaced...

Here it is on the wall...

I painted on a stain and then wiped it off to age it a bit...

Hung some keys from a ribbon...

$12.00!!  I already had the paint and the gel stain, so I had
nothing else in this mirror except a little elbow grease...

As a side note...little intresting story involving our cat Bella.
Seth came in from school Friday and noticed a rod and reel
stretched through the kitty door between our landry room and dining room.
A fishing lline was stretched from the rod across the dining room into the den.
Seth starts tracing the line and he sees Bella under the coffee table in the den
He could see the barb sticking out of her lip!
It had gone completely thru!!
He didn't panic, thankfully, and he cut the line and was able to remove the hook!

Luckily she does not seem to have suffered any negative emotional effects....

Yeah...she is fine.....

Steve has baby proofed the house!

I am linking up with Jane at Finding Fabulous for her

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  1. Love the thrift store and what you did with the mirror. I love it as much as I do Bella calm and relaxed on the chair. Cute lamps too!

  2. Love the mirror!
    and the neat updated look you did to it!!
    Love Bella..unhooked!!
    warm hugs..

  3. Lou, love the mirror and how you redid it...looks wonderful above the buffet...Oh I'm so glad Kitty is OK don't you love the fur babies...Have a great day my friend...hugs and smiles Gl♥ria

  4. Hi Lou Cinda,
    Great job on the mirror! It looks great over the buffet and I love how it reflects what's in the room.
    Glad to hear that Bella is OK!

  5. Sweet little Bella! That story made me go "oooohhhhh". Glad she's OK! Love your "new" mirror, it looks wonderful! Love the white!

  6. Your mirror turned out great! Love your kitty, she's "quite a catch!" --Delores

  7. You did an outstanding job on the mirror!! It really does just make that pretty area even prettier!!!
    And from the looks of things, you don't need any help with those kitchen cabinets.!!!!
    Congrats on your armoire highlight at Cottage Instincts!

  8. Love that mirror, Lou Cinda! You did a great job with the paint and stain {I like to do that, too, until I can find some glaze, anyway}. I also love that it is the perfect size for over your buffet.

    Oh my, about the cat. Except for the hook going through her mouth, I can imagine that would have been something to see!

  9. Lou Cinda,
    That mirror looks how you painted the stain on it...that really finished it off! I thought I would let you know...I'm adding you to my sidebar (fav blogs)...Hope you have an awesome week:)


  10. OUCH!! Poor Kitty!! Glad she's OK!

    LOVE, LOVE, LOVE the mirror! It looks like it was made to go in that spot!


    Robin :o)

  11. Great job on the mirror. It looks like a million bucks! Don't you just love those thrift stores? Poor, poor kitty. I feel so bad for her. Rosie

  12. Great redo! But, more important Bella is ok!

  13. You crack me bonus ceiling fan *snicker*

    I love this mirror's shape! You done good...the paint and stain look lovely, and you're a pro at vignettes...

    Glad your kitty is ok...I'd have FREAKED OUT. But it doesn't take much to freak me out :)

    Glad you could Mi4M!

  14. Beautifully done mirror! Great job. Your table is lovely too. I am glad your cat is no worse for the wear!
    Back to the mirror, you did a great job on the stain. It really gives your mirror interest and depth. Good for you!

  15. Hi !

    It looks great and I love your vignette styling too! The new kitty is precious.... a great design assistant I am sure!

    Thank so much for stopping by!

    love, kelee

  16. Your mirror is just perfect, I love the new finish. Your table top vignette is just stunnings. I love that rabbit and the fabulous cloche. Everything is just wonderful. Hugs, Marty

  17. It must be mirror week, LOL ! I got a good one too - I love your decorations around it !

  18. Great makeover! Paint can make about anything pretty! And I am a gel stain fan!!!

  19. your mirror is great, but I love your whole display!

  20. Ohhhhhhhh, poor Seth! Glad he's OK!!

    Your mirror is lovely! It looks like you spent waaaaaaaaaaay more than $12 on it now!!


  21. Sooooo glad Bella was found in time and is doing well!

    Love what you did with the thrift store mirror; the gel stain gave it the antique look you wanted, perfect for reflecting those gorgeous buffet lamps!

  22. It's perfect in your room. Isn't it so satisfying when you can re-work a bargain into something special?

  23. Lovely white mirror. I love the touch with the keys!

  24. Great job on the mirror redo. I love your red and white striped shades too....Christine

  25. I love that mirror!! And I HATE taking pics of mirrors too!! I hate trying to get it where I am not in the pic!!

  26. Love, love your thrifty mirror, that looks great in the spot. And so glad your kitty is not hurt. She's adorable. Thanks for stopping by.

  27. OH NO Bella! that is too funny! a friend of mine had a cat that swallowed/ate a VERY long string one can imagine how it, shall i say, exited! your mirror is darling! love the bow and keys!

  28. Great project and great price. It looks good. I have an old HUGE mirror I am going to redo. I was thinking of stenciling. Have you ever stenciled on a mirror?

  29. where did you get that bunny under glass? I just paid $15. for a really nice 1 at Tues. Morning. I'll show it for Easter season.

  30. Great job on the mirror :)

    Have a nice week!

  31. Nice job there darlin!!! Looks great! Chrissy

  32. What a terrific make over. And the "perfect" fit above the buffet.I love your lamps.. and the hanging keys..great idea.. I'm so glad to hear Bella kitty is ok.. what a scare that had to have been.. they are certainly mischievous fur babies aren't they.. hugs ~lynne~

  33. Oh the mirror looks fabulous! Wonderful job :)

    Poor fur baby...I am glad she's ok. She is such a beauty.


  34. I love the mirror, and the keys? just perfect. I never would've thought of that and it just makes it special.
    so glad your kitty is fine. Hubster got fish hook in finger a few years ago and it was a trip to Dr. (she happens to be one of his fishin' buddies):)

  35. Your mirror turned out great! That's a lot of bang for the buck. So glad Bella is okay. I would have flipped out! laurie

  36. I'd love a cat nap stretched out like this ...

  37. Gorgeous mirror makeover! How many times have I passed by a beat up mirror in a store and not given it a 2nd glance?! I'll be on the lookout now! Love your little bunny cloche!

  38. Mirrors aren't cheap and you got a great deal on that one. Love how you painted it.
    Poor kitty. I don't think I could have taken the hook out. I would have had to pay the vet to do it, ouch!

  39. Your mirror is awesome!! I love it, and I am going to come and steal that bunny! Poor little Bella, what a cat!
    Margaret B

  40. Aww, poor thing! She is such a cute cat! Great job on the mirror.
    Suzanne :)

  41. I love how your mirror turned out! I love the key and ribbon. they just add even MORE charm to the mirror. SO cute!

  42. Love the fresh coat of paint!!! Looks perfect :)

    You can see my project here...

  43. I love how your mirror turned out! It's amazing what a coat of paint can do. So glad your cat is OK too. Poor baby!

  44. I'm looking for inspiration on painting a large mirror I have. Seeing your ceiling fan in the mirror thought I'd say I have 4 like it in my house. I have repainted one you can see at my blog..such as it is :) I wish it was more grandeur...


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