Friday, August 27, 2010

Romeo, O’ Romeo…

Where for are thou…Romeo?


Bella’s favorite spot is in a window box thingy that attaches to the deck railing…the flowers that were in it died weeks ago from the sweltering, scorching, unrelenting heat…so now it is her balcony….if you will.


She is not a “girlie” cat….dirt all over her…what is a mother to do?  I tell ya’

She is however, a “spoiled rotten” cat….I changed up the bedding a bit in our bedroom…I found a maltase spread at “the Maxx” and got some new sheets and just folded the comforter back…I have enjoyed changing it up a bit…


I hung my favorite print over the nightstand…I love it there…brings back wonderful memories of my childhood….my parents got this print at an auction when I was in elementary school and it hung in my room my entire life….


I really love this print…



Long, slim Cammie Pie who busts all up in my photo shoot and lays across the bed to send a text message….*sigh*


Have a great weekend and thank you for stopping by…

Kisses :)

Sunday, August 22, 2010


As promised….this is the before picture of my patio furniture and cushions…hideous I know….really, really ugly….


The furniture was a pale yellow and then I found this CUTE fabric at Goodwill and though my first instinct was to paint the furniture black, I didn’t…I opted for this disgusting green color…


What was I thinking???


notice the built in benches….they were here when we bought the house…I think they take up too much room…


The fabric…   :)  love the dragonflys and ladybugs…


They are NOT perfect, but they work and I am happy with them…I basically just made a big pillowcase for the old ugly cushion…


Steve pressure washed the deck…and the spindles…and the railing….and it was HOT!  But it looks like a brand new deck!  FOR REAL!


He took out the benches…it looks SO much better!  I still need to get some plants that can withstand heat indexes of oh…about 110 degrees cos’ that’s what we are having here….ridiculous!


THEN because we had not done enough already…I had cleaned house, painted the patio furniture AND mowed the lawn while Steve was pressure washing and removing benches and stuff…I decided to wallpaper one wall in my bathroom…

Now our bathroom is long and NARROW!  The wall at the end was just, well…ugly.  You can’t really hang anything on it (I’ve tried) because it gets knocked of when getting into or out of the shower.  So I went to Colours, a store here in town that used to carry ALOT of wallpaper….well, not so much anymore.  All they had was marked $1.99 a double roll…and I found this one with rabbits…you know I love rabbits…and the color was perfect….


The green is not photographing very well on the mirror and the vanity is the same color.  It is more of a sage green….


The wall next to it….I am sort of thinking that I should carry the paper on around to this wall…what do you think?  I think the shelf would pop more against the paper….”think” being the operative word here…



these soaps I love!  I get them at Dollar General for like a dollar a bar…these are lavender scented and they make the whole bathroom smell delish!  This crinkly paper I use everywhere!  I get it at Hobby Lobby and I think you are supposed to use it in gift bags…comes in a zillion colors…I like this brownish color…


A shot of the bedroom…I hung my favorite picture here…this picture hung in my bedroom as a child….my parents got it at an auction and I have always loved it….the lamp I got at a yard sale and I covered the shade…


We got ALOT accomplished this weekend and I am SO happy about it, since technically, we should have done it in MAY!!

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Kisses :)

Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Where have I been?

I have not done anything really “blog worthy” in the last couple of weeks….so I have not done a post.  THEN I thought well, I can give you sweet honey’s a little insight into the life and times of moi!

I thought about doing a post about me paying Seth’s college tuition….yeah I could do that….post a photo of me clutching my heart and gasping for air as I hit the “transfer funds” button and sucked the life right out of my savings account…that would work…

OR I could do one about Cammie Pie starting his Senior year in high school.  I could post a photo of me standing at the door crying as he was headed to his car on the first day of school…I wish he was little….

OR one about trying to find insurance for my beloved Seth as Alfa has booted his lead footed self off of our insurance and termed him “high risk”!  Go figure!!  Many tears were shed as I searched for a company that we could actually afford to pay a premium to every month…We did succeed and I didn’t have to put the OTHER kidney on e-bay as the first one is already on there for college tuition…(Seth is contributing to this little monthly expense)…

I have been working on a “project” and once again it involve RE-painting.  This is beginning to be a pattern with me!  Drives me NUTS!!  My patio furniture was pale yellow, I found some CUTE fabric at Goodwill to make slipcovers for my patio cushions, so I painted the furniture green….HATED IT!!  It was a pale icky green…lived with it all summer…then yesterday I came home with a sack of black spray paint from Lowes.  Steve peers in the bag and looks at me like “what now?”  I say, “patio furniture”….

he just shook his head….

So it is in the “process” of being painted black….I am LOVING it!  THANK GOODNESS!  AND I finished the slip covers for the patio cushions that I started in April.  ALL DONE!

What?  Yes…..I KNOW it is mid-August…but we will have them for the fall!!  And yes, I realize I have had “nekked” ugly green patio furniture on my deck ALL summer long….but it has been HOT here people!  We couldn’t have stood it out there anyway and the MAIN thing is I actually FINISHED a project! 4 months to do it, but it is done!  AND it did involve sewing….

I just hope the rapture does not happen when I am sitting at a sewing machine….please Lord, you know how I am…

Pictures to follow….soon…..

Kisses :)


Monday, August 2, 2010

A Few New Things…

I went Saturday to a shop I love in Attalla, AL called Blossom Antiques.  I really need to take some pictures of her shop and post them on here because it is the CUTEST shop.  She displays everything so beautifully and I just love going.  PLUS Saturday everything was 30% off so that is an added bonus!

I got the little red chair and dog…so CUTE!!


The chair was like $6 and the dog $4.95 with 30% off of that…there is NO WAY I could turn that down right??


Here are the brackets I got in Chattanooga at Dwelling.  Steve put them up for me….I painted them black…hated it….painted them white again!  Go figure…but I do love them…


Here’s the other one on the other side…I thought this was a pretty picture with the sun streaming in through the kitchen window….also got the topiary in Chattanooga and the little cork screw at Knitting Mill Antique Mall.


Hope you have a great week and thank you so much for stopping by!

Kisses :)