Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Windows Live Writer

I am doing this post in Live Writer.  It is the first time I have EVER done this!  Jodie at Everything Vintage told me I could do it, even though I was “Skeered”!

So far, so good…..Let’s see if I can download a photo and insert a watermark…hang on…


SHUT UP!!  Just SHUT UP!! I did it!!  I cannot believe I did it!  By the way, this is Seth (my oldest son) and me at the end of December at a soiree he was involved in.  He was an escort for a friend at Bal D’Or which is something to do with debutants.  Don’t ask me….he just made me go….a fish out of water I was…..

Anyhoo, let me try another photo…Bella 002

Did it again!  Okay, I guess the real test is to see if I can publish this baby and see how she looks!

This is a test….this is only a test! LOL



  1. Well, you passed that test with flying colors! I've been using Live Writer, too, but I didn't know you could do the watermark in there. I have to check that out! Love your gown, Lou Cinda! You look beautiful and you've got a handsome young man for a son there!

  2. Awesome, can you do it on a Mac? Heheeee..... I have heard of this before, I think from Jodie too, she's so smart!!!
    Margaret B

  3. Way to go! I use Live Writer too and I love it. You and your son look absolutely stunning.

  4. gorgeous!!!
    you and the son!!
    all the pics
    and the blog!!
    was it hard to do?
    is it easier to use than blogger?
    please tell all..
    I really am about ready to make a change!
    warm hugs..

  5. I love Live Writer. It took a little getting used to, but it's way quicker than the old blogger. I use the picasa program with LW.

    You and your son look very elegant at that shin-dig!!!

  6. You score high marks on your test and in that beautiful dress, Lou Cinda!! How lovely. And Seth is just so handsome.

    I am not sure what Windows Live Writers is. Does it make your pictures come out better? Is it a program? Now this sounds like a quiz!! lol!


  7. Congrats on figuring out Live Writer! I figured it out a while ago and love it. Great sense of accomplishment don't you think?! Great photo of you and your son and what a sweet kitten!!

  8. You got it girl...congrats to you!!! I might need to try this out. What a great pic of you and your son:)


  9. OK, I am going to have to give Live Writer another shot on my next day off! Looks great!


    Robin :o)

  10. WHOO HOO~ GREAT JOB YOU DID IT! great photo too of you and your son!

  11. All looks great! I need to learn how to use Writer. I've heard it's not hard, but I'm skeeeerd too!
    Now look at you and your son! He's so handsome and Lou Cinda, you're gorgeous!!
    Be a sweetie,
    Shelia ;)

  12. You passed. Don't you just love Live Writer. I have been using it for a while. I used to get so frustrated with Blogger because the photos had to be dragged to the right place. I've never done a watermark. I need to learn how to do that.

    Looks good.

  13. Look at how beautiful you are! Your son is quite a handsome young man too!

    I don't know what Windows Live Writer is but will go find out :)

    I love seeing pictures of the fur baby.


  14. You look gorgeous...

  15. Jodie is gonna give you an A for sure! You're becoming her best pupil. I haven't tried it yet...I'm askeered, but don't tell her! BTW, will the watermark make me look that good as a fish out of water too?

  16. What a beautiful picture of the two of you! I love your gown!

    Lee Laurie

  17. Woo Hoo! You did it! Yes, you did! What a handsome son...and you look gorgeous...no wonder he wanted you to attend!

  18. Beautiful picture of you and your son!

    Thank you for sharing about the Windows Live Writer. I had never tried using it before . . love it!


  19. You are so smart! I need to look into this...
    What a handsome son you have and what a gorgeous Mom he has...


  20. good job! You are beautiful!!! That cat is too cute! It looks like my Kiki...only a lot smaller

  21. Wow, you were brave to try that! I wondered how you get the "watermark" on the pictures. Can you show me hou you did that? I will show you how I get such large pictures if you want. BTW, you are stunningly beautiful in that photo! Debutante? You could be one! And your son is darling. But, your kitty is too adorable for words! Love your blog!
    PS, It is hard to see the highlighted words on the blue background though. I'm just sayiin....

  22. your new fur baby is adorable....
    and your dress~ fabulous.


  23. Looks like you passed the test for sure. I am off to check out Live Writer right now!


  24. Your pics are just great. You made it.

  25. Hi Lou Cinda! I just realized you live in Gadsden! I was born in Fort Payne - just down the road and lived there until I was 13. Isn't that something?
    Be a sweetie,
    Shelia ;)

  26. You are absolutely beautiful!! Great job on the pics. I knew you could do it! Now please teach me!!

  27. Smart and gorgeous. You go girl! I haven't tried this, but you did great. I'm impressed. laurie

  28. Wow Lou Cinda! YOu look A-MAZING!!! And I mean that in the most absolute non-lesbian way!! GOrgeous! And you have such a handsome escort! By the way...I TOLD YOU live writer is the way to go!!! Never going back...just wish I could find a way to keep my watermark where it would come up every time.

  29. I've heard about this but I'm lost, I'm going to go check out your girl and see if she can teach me too!

  30. Good lookin' boy!
    And aren't you just the Hot Mama there! Seriously, you look GOOD, girl!

    You're so cute, I get all excited like that when I finally figure somethin' out, too! :-)


  31. The two of you are lovely!! Never heard of that,sounds cool!! Chrissy

  32. Hi, precious! Have missed visiting with you SO much!!!

    Look at how gorgeous you and your son are! WOW! You two look like movie stars. Love that pic of y'all.

    And Bella is precious. That looks like a pro photo of her. Love it.

    And I love your winter blog look. Very cute!

    I've been thinking of switching to Windows Live Writer. Blogger is impossible to load photos to because it takes a veritable eternity.

    Sending you big hugs!


    Sheila :-)

  33. Good Saturday Morning Lou Cinda!!
    Congrats!!! You are my winner for the Amour sign!! yay! Send me your address at
    paulasmall@comcast.net ...love is on the way!!
    ps...loving your blog, where have I been???
    I'm here now:)

  34. I too recently switched to Live Writer and love it! I must say that you are one lovely lady!

  35. This is a great post. I love the picture of you and your precious son. I have been thinking of trying Live Writer too....thanks for the inspiration.

    Smiles ~ Ramona

  36. I sure don't know what you're talking about but...I want that kitten!!

  37. First of all ~~~ gorgeous pictures! Your son is so handsome and you are a beautiful woman! (oh, and I LOVE that sweet kitty!!!!)

    Well I have been posting using Live Writer, but I don't know how to do much but post! I'll have to learn as you learn and maybe I can pick up more tricks!

    thanks very much for your nice comments about silk plants! :)


  38. Wow, you are stunning! Would love to learn how to use live writer!

  39. I have heard of Live Reader (is that the name again????) but have never attempted to find out what it is all about. Your post is perfect. The picture of you and your son is so beautiful. You are a very beautiful couple ;)

  40. and a beautiful fish out of water you were.
    Sweet cuddly kitty too.
    Thanks for stoppin' by my want-to-be Rachel post today.
    Dreamin' in the rain today ;-)

  41. Hi there - thanks for all the nice comments you leave on my blog! I really appreciate them!

    Now onto something else, you and your son look amazing!

    I have wanted to do a watermark on my pics for while now - is it very hard? What are the steps? Can I just google it? Sorry for all the questions - but please humor the village computer dummy!! ;-)

  42. Hey Lou Cinda girl!

    My gosh you look fabulous in that dress with your handsome young son!!!!

    Thank you for mentioning me BUT
    There's only one problem though...
    that is NOT my link.
    my link is
    (I have no idea who that is)



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