Thursday, February 24, 2011

The “Reveal”

Okay…the story behind this table and these chairs is this…

I got the chairs, as I have said before, at the auction….$30.00 for all four chairs…and here they are in all their glory…..



They were a hot, dark, shellacked to the pit of hell, beat up ugly mess…..yep, it’s all about a vision….and not having a lot of bucks to spend don’t hurt….

Then….I painted said beat up, shellacked, ugly chairs…..ivory…



The table, I did not get a photo of the before….I know, I know….bad blogger….. however, the table was all mahogany….like the top….but with pretty carving all around the apron and legs…

I painted the bottom ivory as well, and glazed it with Valspar glaze in Mocha….


Now, I had one teeeeeny weeeeny problem with my table, which I also got at the auction, just on a different night, for $100.00…..the problem was….it was just a teensy weensy bit too small……Enter Steve…..with a plan….well, actually, I had the plan THEN enter Steve with the skills to facilitate said plan….

He MADE a leaf for my table….it had one at some point in it’s life, however, that necessary appendage did not make it to the auction with said table…, Steve made one and I have one coat of red mahogany stain on it….I think after another coat it will “blend” much better, and I am making a runner to go on there too….so problem solved…..




I glazed the chairs too….and “distressed” them….I just freak out when I start to sand furniture!  Especially after I have KILLED myself getting their shellacked ugly selves painted…..

But sand them I did….


Said “sandage”….


I added these little appliques to the backs of the chairs to dress them up a bit….



Heavy sandage…….OUCH!



I covered the seats in a solid green fabric….because I thought a solid would be easier to work with in there….I had a floral before and found myself limited as to what I could do in the room because I felt that it competed with that floral fabric….enter said upholstery instructor, whom I do love, but AFTER I had covered the seats he said, “I hate that fabric.”  Well, okie dokie then…….don’t hold back Gary, tell me how you REALLY feel!!!

SO, I am stressed about that and mulling over whether to change it or not…..

Dining room before…not a great photo, but you get the gist…



And after….



I really do love it…..and after I get the runner done and the table accessorized I will post another photo….or two….or three….

So what do you think???  Don’t hold back now….tell me how you REALLY feel!! 

Thank you for stopping by :)

Lou Cinda

Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Testing 123 Testing

Where have I been???  I have still been trying to visit everyone, howevah, my computer became stricken with an illness of which it could not recover!  COULD NOT RECOVER!  SO I got a new one which is all good, EXCEPT for the fact that when the computer guy transferred everything over from the old to the new he neglected to transfer said Live Writer from whence I do said blogging!

Quite obviously, he did not realize the gravity of this little omission and therefore, I had to download Live Writer again and it is a newer version and the jury is still out on whether I like it or not……it looks different….I don’t do change well…we shall see…

I have finished my dining room table and chairs, but have no photos….I know, I know……it has been crazy busy at my house and baseball season started for Cameron Monday night…his first game went 14 innings….yeah, 14!  The ole’ tie game went into extra innings….SEVEN extra innings….then we lost….by one run….needless to say, mama wasn’t happy!

I feel quite certain that the umpires were well aware of mama’s unhappiness….. Sad smile

So…..I am going to see if this puppy posts, and if I am up and running….or not….

I will post a photo to see how that does…..


So far, so good…I will be back tomorrow with actual photos of my latest “rehab” project…

Lou Cinda

Tuesday, February 15, 2011

You Gotta Have a Vision….

It is imperative, if you decorate on a dime like I do, to have a vision….to be able to see PAST the ugly and visualize what something can “become”….

Such is the case with these chairs I got at the auction a few weeks ago….I got these four chairs for $30….for ALL of them…..

They have good lines….loved the shape of them….and they were very sturdy….that is a good thing…





Now, I had also “visualized” just spray painting them…that would be so easy and FAST….but alas, they were covered in some kind of varnish that is probably toxic by today’s standards and my paint just bubbled up….

SO!  I sanded them down and tried again….nope!  Same thing!  Third time is a charm!  Primed them with a brush and THEN spay painted them…





I’m not through with them yet….I have added to them and recovered the seats and I still have to glaze them…

I hope to be finished with them in the next couple of days and I will post the final product…..

I am Re-furnishing the dining room a piece at a time!  I also got a table last week that is in remake mode as well….so far I have spent $130.00 for a table and four chairs…not too bad….I sold my old table and chairs for more than I paid for these….love when that happens :)

Please say tuned for the reveal and, for your viewing enjoyment…

Sissie….lounging in a pizza box, cos’ that’s just how she rolls!


Thank you so much for stopping by!!

Thursday, February 3, 2011

Little Changes…

I made a few changes to an area on my kitchen counter…moved the marble thingy that I got at a yard sale for $2 from my island to the counter where it shows up so much better…






As a little side note, I would like to point out that , as most of you know, I have a few cats….well, more than a few….okay I have four!  HOWEVER, we do NOT allow our cats to get on the counters….it is simply not allowed and is against the rules…and they all know this and abide by this rule….at all times….



Yeah buddy!  They toe the line around our house!


Hope you are having a great week and STAYING WARM!!

Kisses :)