Wednesday, April 29, 2009

A Post Chock Full O' Stuff

I have totally loaded these photos in the reverse order than I thought I was, but we will just start at the back and work our way forward! Typical...

This is my beloved bunny bench that I drag
with me everytime I move.

It now sits in front of my house in the flower bed. We are putting literally a truckload (or two) of mulch in this bed this weekend. This is the bed we were cleaning out when I got chewed out by my little neighbor lady. I just got on my lawnmower and mowed down the monkey grass cos it was all yucky! I hope it comes back all happy and perky!

Mostly...I just hope it comes back!

The front of my house. Oh wait, let's look a little closer at the front door! Oh! And notice that the shrub that WAS there on the no more! Cut that sucker down with my chain saw! Looks sooooooooo much better! I don't know what I was waiting for. Ok, ok, let's get back to the door (which I might add is still black!

Good Lord, this shot is out of sequence...scroll on down...

AHA! There it is!!! Don't you LOVE it??? I ordered this "Welcome" from Twice as Nice! I saw that she had one on her door on her blog, and they make these and sell them! Now, the one they had would not fit the dimensions of my door (I have to be different) so, she made me one to custom fit my space! When I got it, it was PERFECT!!! I could not be happier with the way it looks, it was so easy to put on. Okay, Steve put it on, but only because I let him cos' he loves to get things all centered and measured out and all that good stuff. Me? I just eyeball it! But he got it on there absolutely perfectly! I think it just MADE my front door SING!!!! Love that "W"!!! Plus she does alot of other stuff too. Her business is called Twice as Nice Lettering. She has a twin sister and they do this together~I think that is so great!

I strongly encourage you to check these out on her blog:
And she was so sweet AND she also enclosed a GREAT "M" for me as an extra surprise. Steve is going to put it on a black lampshade in the bedroom. (Out comes the measuring tape again)
Oh, and you can pick from several colors that you want it to be. White on Black....LOVIN' IT!!

NEXT UP!! I won a give away from Beverly at rrmama! A gift card to Target!! Do I love that or what? She has a great blog and you need to check it out!!
I am plotting my next trip to Target and I can't wait now that I have a gift card!! You can't tell it here because of the photo (I know, we all know about my crappy camera) but, the card was so cute!!

THEN!!! I was surfing blogs, as I so often do and I came upon
and while admiring this particular blog at this particular time I came upon something that I really, really LOVED!! So in the mail, I get this~~I love mail! (As long as it's not a bill or something totally unfun like that) Look at this BUNNY!! He is so adorable and whimsical and I just had to have one!
PLUS Katherine added a candle that smells heavenly!!!

Too CUTE! Get a load of those EARS!! Love him! Katherine is so talented, she makes these and you can have one too! Just go on over and check out her blog!! And do a little shopping while you are there...

Well, that is enough for tonight! I hope you enjoyed my post revealing my wonderful finds in the world of Blogland!!
Have a GREAT day!
Lou Cinda :)


  1. It really looks GREAT on your door. Your hubby did a good job! I just love the idea of putting your "M" on the lamp shade. I will have to try that on one of mine. Thanks so much for posting about us :o) that was so sweet. Enjoy and Thanks again. The Twins

  2. Love it! I'm going to check that out for sure.
    BTW, don't use that "blonde" excuse on me! We're smarter than we look...that's part of the game.

  3. Hi Lou Cinda...

    Ohhh...I'm in love with your bunny bench!!! I certainly can see why it moves with you...I wouldn't be able to part with it...if it were mine!!! Wherever did you get it from? I just love bunnies!!! Love the little bunny that came in the mail to sweet!

    My friend...I'm just giggling here! After seeing that pretty "welcome" on your front door...I just remembered that I have one just like it! Hmmm...put away somewhere...I had forgotten all about it! So this is too cool...thanks for jogging my memory!!! By the way, your front door looks fabulous and I love the pretty welcome and that gorgeous floral arrangement! The exterior of your home is ready for Spring!!!

    Warmest wishes,

  4. Your yard looks great. I laughed that you used your riding mower on the monkey grass. I sat in the backyard with my fiskars and hand cut all of mine. (no mower) I do this every comes back much prettier and greener. My mom calls it "giving it a haircut".

    Your front door is awesome! Love the Welcome and the flowers.

  5. I forgot to say that you have one of the prettiest benches ever!!

  6. I do like your welcome. As far as loading pictures, I would encourage you to download Windows Live Writer and use it to compose your blog. You can type your text and then place your cursor exactly where you want a picture to be and upload it to the precise spot. Then you can resize the picture to whatever you want it to be simply by dragging the corner. So much better than the built in blogger software.

  7. Oh, I forgot...I would love to see a picture of your lamp when it is done!

  8. that welcome "sign" is wonderful!!
    i'll have to go back and find the story about your neighbor. sounds intriguing!
    my husband is also an exact-freak. sometimes it is so frustrating...other times it is a God-send.
    loved the comment you left on my blog...i was giggling out loud!!!!

  9. Hey Lou!

    Yes, it's a bummer about our money, but it will work out in the end. Lesson learned. I have been learning a few lessons lately.

    Now to the Good Stuff:

    Where did you get that precious, adorable bunny bench? Can I have it?

    I would sing about that door too. It looks fab.

    Were you wearing your stilettos when you were wielding the chain saw? I so, I hope your neighbor was looking out her window. The little area will look great when it fills in.

    I want to buy one of those bunnies for the granddaughters room.

    How do I win a Target gift card?

    will you please buy a new camera and stop making me dizzy?

    Luv ya,

    you mom/girlfriend. XXOO

  10. Love that darn bunny bench. Thanks for stopping by and spreading your kind words. Didn't the frame look better with the touch of black was bugging me for days until I figured out what the table and frame needed.

  11. Hi Lou Cinda;
    I'm so glad the Chubby Bunny made it safely to your beautiful home. Thanks so much!Oh, and I love your bunny bench-I've never seen one like it. Too cute!

  12. Your front door looks great Lou Cinda! I love the way you've decorated your entrance.


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