Friday, April 24, 2009


Yes, I love NASCAR! Can you believe it? Me! A girly girl from the pit of hell, loves NASCAR~I didn't know I loved it until my husband took me to a race about 5 years ago, when we first started dating, and I didn't want to tell him I didn't "do" remember those days right? When we want them to think we are just so "fun" and "perfect". HA! Reality has reared it's head alot since then, but I did discover that I LOVE NASCAR!

My first race ever.....

Well, we go to the race, me and Steve and about 200,000 of our closest friends! We do Talladega, cos it isn't far from us and it is a HUGE draw around here. HUGE! Steve gets tickets from his vendors at work, the people who sell them machinery, so they are REALLY good tickets, and that helps, ALOT! We are front row, second level, in front of pit row! We have to walk about 2 miles to get from the car to our seat, that part I do not enjoy. But, once we got in I LOVE it! I love it when the planes fly over, I love it when they sing the national anthem...nothing like thousands of patriotic drunk people singing at the top of their little lungs with their hats over their hearts. So moving....

I LOVE it when they say "Gentlemen, start your engines" and I hear this roar like nothing I have ever heard before! I just get CHILLS! The first two laps around are warm up, then that pace car exits, that checkered flag waves and Baby it is ON! When those cars blast past us at about 178 miles and hour, the power and the expertise that it takes to maneuver these cars that are literally bumper to bumper BLOWS MY MIND!! I had no idea I would get so excited and have such a good time!!! I am a Dale Jr. fan, just because I think he is a nice guy. He always loses though. Poor Dale Jr.! That number 88 car!!

(I sound like a NASCAR fan don't I?) lol

And when there is a wreck!!!! OMG!! I FREAK OUT!! We have had so many happen right in front of us!! The first time I saw one, the cars were just all crashing into each other and flying through the air and one caught on fire!! I burst into tears and thought, all of these men have just been killed right in front of me!! Steve, said no, no, no, they are so protected, give them a few minutes, they are fine. And they were! They just pop out the windows and start yelling at whomever started the whole thing, which is a whole nother NASCAR favorite! Hilarious!

We stay to the bitter end honey! The final lap, the final flag, when the winner burns rubber right in front of us! (Wonderful smell....really) And then we walk two miles back to the car, parked in a field with 200,000 of our slightly drunker closest friends...that, too, is a show, let me tell you! I laugh alot!

This Sunday...I will be there! Cheering, waving, getting caught up in all of the excitement! I can't wait! Cammie Pie is going this time. It will be his first race, my 10th! He will LOVE it!

GO DALE JR! (he won't win~Bless his Heart)

Have a great weekend!


  1. L.C., you need to go back to one of my first posts I did on my white trash of a family. My son and DIL gave Cat Daddy a drive around at the track here in Texas. They are all 3 Nascar nuts! My granddaughter Graycie learned her numbers at 2 by watching Nascar....number 88 and 24 first of course. I myself am a 99 fan. I "flip" for Carl! My family goes out there and does the whole staying in a trailer for the weekend thing. I prefer to watch from the comfort of my couch.

  2. Not a big Nascar fan but used to be a used sports car racing fan! Think I'll blog about one particular incident; thanks for the inspiration!

  3. Hi Lou Cinda
    We use to go to the stock car races when I was growing up in Wisconsin. They were great fun - This sounds like a thousand times better.
    Its great that you live so close to the action! Sue

  4. Really? You? NASCAR? Well, blow me over! I am a college football freak and love the pre and post parties in the parking lot. I guess it is similar. However, I can't stand loud noises, so I know car racing is not for me. Besides, I drive faster than all those guys anyway! :)


  5. I went to my first NASCAR race last fall at 'Dega. Did a blog post about it. Fun.

  6. Sigh...Okay, if you are going to be my daughter, I guess I will just have to put up the fumes.

    Have a great time...!!


  7. Well I have never had the opportunity to go to a car race but I have been to many horseraces and I love that...naw~not the same. But I'm glad you have found something that gets your engine purring!!

    Have fun on Sunday! :-D


  8. Oooh Girl! I'm glad you said it. I love Nascar too! I never thought I would, but here I am. And I never miss the race on Sunday. We love Dale Jr, too. Poor fella. I wish we were going with you tomorrow! Yall have fun now, ya hear?


  9. Your welcome was sent out yesterday so be looking for it. Also if you have ANY troubles at all with it please let us know. Thanks, The Twins.

  10. Not quite as exciting as Nascar but.... YOU WIN YOU WIN YOU WIN!!! Thank you for entering my giveaway ;o) Use my contact link (on my page) and send me an e-mail with your address. I'll get your prize out to you in a jiffy!

    Have a Happy Day!

  11. Hi! I just wanted to get back to you about your question on the paint colors I used on my counter. The base color was Martha Stewart Pottery Slip at Lowes, the second color was Martha Stewart Boardwalk at Lowes, and the third color was Cappuccino from Restoration Hardware. I hope that helps!


    P.S. You blog is absolutely darling!

  12. I saw your title, and just had to hop over here from Kbeau's blog! I live 10 miles from the track and just love Nascar! From where you were describing your seats, I hope you weren't injured in Edward's crash! Jr. did GREAT's not a win, but 2nd place ain't too shabby!
    I'm glad to know that there are other Nascar fanatics out there in blog-land!!

    Robin @

    ps...I'm a Mayfield fan.


  13. I had to come back over and find out what you thought today. Does my boy have style or what? That whole race must have been something to see live! Tell us all about it.


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