Monday, April 27, 2009

Talladega ROCKED!!!!

I am so surprised that there are quite a few NASCAR fans out there and I have actually been asked for an update on that unbelievable race yesterday!! it is!!

Steve and I along with Cammie Pie and his friend Jacob made our way to Talladega to meet 160,000 of our closest friends to watch the race. Getting there and parking was no problem, however, when we were walking (a looooooooooooong way) to the track, there were so many people it was unreal! I don't ever remember it being just shoulder to shoulder before, but we trudged on!

Talladega has constructed an overpass that you walk over the road to get to the gates of the track. This is new as it was not there at the fall race. I think, Oh Great! That will make it so much easier! NOT!! It was nowhere near BIG enough to handle that many people. It was like a human sausage! You just had to squeeze into it and walk over. And it was slow going! I am not claustrophobic, but I kept telling myself to breathe....... breathe.......

We take Cameron and Jacob to their seats which unfortunately were not with us and get them settled and then we huff it to ours! Steve said, we are going to miss the beginning of the race! I looked at him and said I will run if I have to, and it will NOT be a pretty sight!! We walked really fast and did get to our seats in time for the fly over and all that good stuff!

7th lap ~ to our left a huge pile up! Cars are just crashing into each other and just keep crashing! I am yelling, "Is Dale Jr. in there? Did he make it through?" Well, bless him, he did! He just emerged from the smoke and debris in his little 88 car and I know he saw me waving and screaming and cheering his little unscathed self on! God Bless him!

Jr. just ROCKED all day! Now, Talladega fans LOVE Jr.! So anytime he is leading that place goes NUTS! Me included! Everytime he was in front, this guy down from us would walk up to the railing and give him a thumbs up when he went by. I know Jr, saw was so funny!

There were a few more mishaps and small wrecks and spin outs, but you know the end is where it all happens.

We had some empty seats around us so I called Cameron and Jacob and told them to come up there where we were, cos' our seats were GREAT! Tri-Oval second level FRONT row~! We were right in front of Pit Row ~ it was great! So Cam and Jacob make the trek to us about 50 laps before the end of the race.

It gets CRAZY on those last couple of laps! NOBODY is sitting down! Those cars were going about 198 mph and they were 3 and 4 wide! It was AMAZING~ Jr. is in second! I am just beside myself, cos' I know there is going to be a wreck on the last couple of laps. There always is!! I told Cameron, you better watch, it's fixing to happen, it's fixing to happen! And baby, it did!! Now, Steve (my hubby) is a Carl Edwards fan! So he was up and all doing the happy dance and high fiving people, just knowing Carl had won it and BAM!!! Next thing we see is Carl Edwards' car up in the air just spiraling!! I was FREAKING OUT!!! I swear Ryan Newman drove UNDER him! He crashed into the fence, which is where Cameron and Jacob WERE sitting! I would have had a come apart for sure, if Cammie had not been with me when that happened. There were some injuries, but not serious! That fence definitely did it's job! Carl Edwards jumps out of the car and runs over the finish line and said "does this count?" I thought it should, especially if he could have like carried a part of his car with him!

Then we figure out that the 9 car won! Who in the heck is 9???? We had no idea! Someone told us and I can't really remember his name, he just came out of nowhere, had not lead the race all day and he wins it! That is the way it is at Talladega!!

But Jr. finished 2nd and I was very proud of him!! He didn't miss is pits - he managed to hit them all. (He has had a problem this year passing by his spot on pit row and having to go around again...bless his heart) I suggested they hang a big ole' pink boa on his sign, that way he could find it easier!

Cameron LOVED his first race! The look on his face when he saw that wreck was priceless!! The boy takes after his mama!!! He LOVES the NASCAR!!!!

That race made national news because of the crash into the fence and it was on the Today show this morning. I was there! I was there!

I sent Steve a text this morning and said.....let's go to Bristol this weekend!

I got it bad.......

Hope you all have a wonderful week!

Lou Cinda


  1. Holy COW !! What a race that was. I gotta admit, we all love Carl Edwards, but I was sorta making fun of him for hanging back all day. Then when BK pushed him to the front on the last lap, I was yelling "no way no way!" Then when Carl went airborne, I couldn't believe it. I was thinking "I hope Lou Cinda isn't sitting by that piece of fence". And you know, BK is Dale Jr's protege. The rookie that Dale hired to drive for his team. I know Jr was proud. That race was just crazy! Glad you're all okay.

  2. I am a big Nascar fan too. Carl Edwards is my man. I was dancing too thinking that he had won. Couldn't believe the terrible wreck-his mangled car and then being able to walk away from it. A win is great, but to live through that was wonderful. Mitzi

  3. You are so funny. I did a repost yesterday of my blog post after my first NASCAR race in the fall. I will have to admit that I really just don't get it, but lots of people I know just love it, and my first race was definitely a fun time. Glad I had the experience.

  4. LOL, you guys obviously had a great day! Good reading, now hop over to my spot and see what I did at Sebring many, many eons ago!

  5. Thanks for the close up and personal commentary. Maybe my boy was just letting his car do what comes know back flipping! He really knows how to give the crowd what they want.
    My DIL is a Jr. fan too...huge fan! My son is Kenseth all the way and Cat Daddy?...#24, baby! I think between us all we have the track covered.

  6. Wow. I just saw the crash on Yahoo news and wondered if it was the race you were at! Amazing that people can make it out alive.

    I hope you had a great time!


  7. Zoom on over and get your's not a trophy buy just as good. Debbie

  8. Did you see Ricky Bobby?


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