Sunday, April 5, 2009

MET MONDAY! The Cavernous Front Door Revealed...

Okay ~ a couple of weeks ago I decided to paint my front door black. I have had the paint for months, however, the weather did not rained ALOT! So on th first sunny day I ventured outside to paint said red door black. And so I did....but then for some reason, I continued on.....paintbrush in hand.....and painted the sidelights black also! Below are the results of said creative endeavor.......

Another shot...maybe it will look better in this one...
Nope! I lived with it for a couploe of weeks and the verdict is...
I HATE IT!!! It looks like a cave, a dark, dreary cave :(

So, Saturday was another sunny day and I went back out in to the dreariness of it with my can of WHITE paint! (Did I mention that the sidelights WERE white to begin with?) And 4 coats of white paint later (yeah, 4 coats, black is the dickens to cover) I had this!!

Ahhhh, much better! Light, bright, happy again!
See those two shrubs on either side of the porch there?
They are coming out! They are just in the way and don't
add anything! Not sure what I will put there instead, but
whatever it is, it will be lower! Any suggestions?
You see, I don't trust myself anymore!!!
When I was at work Friday, one of my co-workers came in and reported there was an estate sale a couple of streets over!!! We did what any able bodied person would do......we went to the "bank"!
This is what I got at the "Bank" for $3.oo

Minus the cushion and black paint.
It was dingy white ~ so of course,
out came the black spray paint and
a cushion from Tuesday Morning.

Then on to the dining room that has also been the
bain of my existence! I started with the burlap
tablecloth and velvet overlay ~ then I covered
the seats with the velvet ~ painstakingly GLUED
scrapbook paper on the slats on the back of the
chairs (now this was TEDIOUS) and guess what??
Too dark, too, too, too everything~ SO...........
on a visit to Goodwill, I found 4 yards of this
Waverly fabric and a coordinting fabric for $5!
And did this>>>>>>>>>

REcovered the seats with the Norfolk Rose and
the slats with the coordinating fabric....that was
ALSO tedious! I had to take off each slat and
literally ulphoster it using spray adhesive!

I did one chair a night ~ it was all I could take!
I glue all over my hands and EVERYTHING
stuck to me! But guess what????

These are the plates I found today at TJ MAXX
for $3.99 each
This was another chair in the dining room that
I also covered. I am telling you, I am worn slap out!!
I have fussed and cussed these chairs, the spray adhesive,
my staple gun and most of all MYSELF!!
Not to mention those FLIPPIN SLIDELIGHTS!!
So there you have it! My MISTAKES and MISSTEPS for the last few weeks! I just took a nosedive! But alas, I did recover (literally) and I am now moving forward. I still have a blank wall in the DR that I am in search of filler for....Lord knows I'm gonna think TWICE before I buy something to put there!
Check out all the other great and wonderful Met Monday posts at Susans Between Naps on the Porch whom I will go and garner much information and inspiration from!!
Have a great week!
Lou Cinda :)


  1. Love all of your improvements. And you are right. The sidelites are better white.

  2. If at first you are not happy...try, try again. lol. O.k. so maybe it doesn't go quite like that, but I have had these same trials! I do something, then I start thinking maybe it's not quite what I, back to the drawing board. It all looks great! I do agree, I like the door much better with the white as the side trim. Take a little break, then you'll be back ready for more. Have a great week!!

    Hugs to you,

  3. Love all your improvements -- I do like the sidelights better in white -- makes the door more noticable. Love your new chair -- there is nothing like wicker! And your dining room looks lovely as well.

  4. The door looks great! It stinks you had to go through so much trouble but the end result is very nice.

  5. I think the sidelights looks great black. It's so much more dramatic.
    You did some amazing things!!!

  6. You've had a big week! I'm tired just reading about it :) I think the final result on the door is worth it! Great find on that chair!

  7. crack me up, girl! I make mistakes ALLLL the time...and having to go back and change it is no fun! Your sidelights really do look great, now! I love the way your chairs look now...that fabric you chose is gorgeous...totally worth allll that work! Great job! Susan P.S. Thanks for your comments on my closet redo. :-)

  8. I agree the sidelights look better in white. I have a red door too and I've considered painting it black. You'd better get some rest, you've been working very hard!

  9. Great job -- I am now tired, after thinking about all that work. My favorite thing is the way you put the fabric on the backs of the chairs -- I never would have thought of that!


  10. Lou Cinda, I love everything you did...and you should be so proud of yourself! You kept at it until you got it the way you wanted it and it looks fabulous!

  11. You've been busy! Your front door looks great! I love the chair too.

  12. Very pretty!
    Your front door looks amazing. :)

  13. So much beauty going on over at your house I don't know where to start!

    Love your door, especially with the white sidelights. We painted our doors black last year. My husband fought and fought me on it but now he loves them. He never learns!

  14. You did a wonderful job, I love your new looks. It's so time consuming but its fun in the end. (I think) Cindy

  15. Great job on the furniture re-do, and great job als bargain hunting! :O) Mary from Boogieboard Cottage

  16. The front of your house is so charming! And, yes, the white sidelights look better. We have the same situation and I had wondered if painting the sidelights black to match the black door would be better - well, you have answered that question for me. All of your projects turned out so well! Linda

  17. Poor thing. You've been stressing over your sidelights. I like them white! Love the fabric on those chairs! Now rest, Dear One!

    be a sweetie,
    Shelia :)

  18. You've REALLY been productive, and I do like the white sidelights. What a find in that wicker chair. $3? No way in my neighborhood!

    FYI: If you purchase the recommended Valspar PRIMER, they guarantee one coat coverage. And it works! A real time saver.

  19. Love the chair with the fabric covered slats. Really charming! Love your blog,too!

  20. Wow, what a huge endeavor! The door looks great. I can't believe you found coordinating plates for your Waverly fabric. :)

  21. I am stopping by via BNOTP. Great transformation!

  22. You are so funny! I have a red door also, but I just painted the inside of it black. Looks great when it is closed, not so great if you can see both sides. I tend to flipflop on what I like, you know.
    Your chairs were well worth the effort. They look great!

  23. Hi Lu Cinda...

    Ohhh my...we do have days like that, don't we? I just hate when we have to work so hard to achieve a project that we're happy with! I always love it when something grand comes by...quite by accident! Hehe!!! Nevertheless...your front door turned out fabulous, my friend!!! I love it!!! I also have a can of black paint that has sat for months...bought to paint my front and back doors! Yours turned out so pretty, I'm inspired but will have to wait for better weather. We have so much snow right now, it's simply unreal!

    Love your new wicker chair...I can't believe that you only had to give $3 for it! What a great deal!!!, love, love what you did in your dining room! That Waverly fabric has always been one of my favorites and it looks fabulous on your chairs!!! Girl, I would have never thought to cover those wood slats but they're soooo beautiful! What a gorgeous transformation!!! Unique and I like that!!! Thank you for sharing all of your amazing transformations with us...I bet you are worn out honey! But it's all soooo beautiful!!!

    Happy Met Monday,

  24. Wow, you have been one busy lady and all the changes are stunning. Great job. Love them all. Hugs, Marty

  25. I had to laugh reading your post. I could imagine you cussing, etc. Too funny! At least everything turned out great. So you had to redo things. But we live & learn. That is what I like about blogging. We can hopefully learn from others mistakes. Thanks!

  26. We must be twins and separated at birth because it all sounds like some crazy thing that I would do. You have me laughing with the glue etc. I think the chairs are awesome!

  27. Love the upholstered slats on the chairs - it sounds like a ton of work but certainly turned out beautifully!

  28. Lou Cinda, you make me want to get up and do more at 11 at night. WOW! You worked really hard and accomplished so much! I really like the white side lights. I think switching it back to white was for sure the right choice. I know exactly how you feel!! I painted the shutters & front door of my old house 3 times (shhh don't tell anyone ;-) before I got the color right...SO frustrating!

    Hope you had a great Monday!

  29. well after all that hard work your door does look amazing. What a fantastic deal on the chair. All your transformations look fantastic!

  30. I am so impressed by your diligence! I would have probably just fixed and drink and gone to bed! :) Great your chairs! You are one clever girl!



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