Tuesday, April 14, 2009


I have been out of town for Easter, but when I returned, look what I found waiting for me.......hmmmmm.... must be the give away I won from Lulu at 2chippys!!! I had to tell her why I deserved a present! And I did (I was in a mood that day and just VENTED!) And I won!!!

So in true Blogger fashion I bolted for my trusty camera! (Yes, my crappy camera, I haven't gotten new one yet) So I started snapping photos! Look how cute this is!! Lulu wrote me a sweet note!

And look how adorable this bracelet is!! I LOVE IT!!
It is hard to tell, because I have a crappy camera, but
this bracelet is so perfect for me!! I love things that
dangle and sparkle and have lots of colors.....this has it ALL!!

So CUTE!! I wore it for Easter as it matched my dress!
How lucky is that?? I got tons of compliments on it :)

I will wear this ALOT!! Thank you Lulu!!!!
I REALLY appreciate it so much!!!
If you have never read their blog, I encourage you to!
It is hilarious and they have GORGEOUS stuff and a
great eye for design!!



  1. Isn't Lulu and Laurie just the best? You are a lucky girl...I love my bracelet and wear it every chance I get! You better be glad I was at Warrenton or I'd of had to knock you down to win. lol

  2. oooo Lou Cinda...I'm SO jealous!

    everything vintage

  3. Lou Cinda: Thanks for your kind words about my tribute to Mr. Ed. I am in Montgomery and since I left his firm almost six years ago, my wonderful (new) husband wanted me to only work part time. I now am legal sec. to a wonderful, sweet "young" attorney three days a week, 6 hours a day! He is a little younger than my SIL but such a sweetheart, I love working for him, no drama anymore, no deadlines, no hysterical domestic cases (well, not a lot anyway), no closing deadlines, no briefs, no last minute pleadings and/or motions, etc. Anyway, thanks again for commenting on my post.


  4. I am so glad you like it! Your camera and my camera must be related! I have photos on an online gallery my friend, Stash of Stash Studios, set up & photographed for me. Check my blog in a day or two and it should be up. L
    wear it in good health my new friend!
    ox lulu

  5. Congrats on the win! I THINK it's gorgeous, but who can tell? Man, you REALLY need a new camera!

  6. Hi Lou Cinda! Thanks for stopping by my blog. I couldn't find an email link for you, so if you'll email me at rankat20@msn.com, we can discuss the green bunny. He'd love to come live with you!


  7. Beautiful... You are so blessed to have received such a wonderful giveaway! WOW....


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