Sunday, May 31, 2009



It has been an extremely difficult decision!! All of your comments and suggestions helped SO much more than you could ever imagine!

I ended up calling the secretary that I would be replacing and talked with her "frankly" about the position. "New" boss is a very nice man, however, he is a stickler about the time thing. Will not let you work through lunch to make up time for say a doctor's appointment or something for your child. Bonuses ~ Christmas only~ (I get approx four a year where I am now) ~ raises come in April and everyone gets the same amount, usually small ~ cost of living raise. This definitely gave me something to think AND pray about.

I made my list like you guys suggested: Pros and Cons!

Then , I called my "now" boss and asked him to meet me at the office on Saturday afternoon, that I needed to talk to him. He said okay, dropped what he was doing and came to the office. I could tell when I saw him that he was afraid that I was going to tell him I was leaving. I told him I had been offered another job and that I was honestly torn about what to do.....I told him I had lamented, cried and prayed over the right decision.

And then he said....please don't go! You are the best secretary I have ever had and you make working here so much more pleasant!! I will give you a raise, I will lighten your stress, I just really don't want you to go!!!

LORD HAVE MERCY!!! I said why in the cottin pickin world have you not told me any of this BEFORE??????

Him: I thought you knew!


I told him I would stay and his exact words were "I sincerely, sincerely, sincerely appreciate your staying with me."

That is THREE sincerely's!!

Then two of the other attorneys in my office called me and told me they didn't want me to go either!

I must be pretty darn good! WHO KNEW????
I told'em I wanted a BIG raise!! lol

Well alrighty then!! Decision made!

NEW DELIMA: Call "new" boss tomorrow and tell him I am not coming!

Could one of you call him for me and handle that "little" detail? I am sure he will understand...


And again, thank you all for being there for me during this! It was really HARD for me! I just love you guys!

Have a GREAT week!


  1. Sounds like you made the right decision. I know you must feel good about it.

  2. LOL! Reading this, you sound exactly like I do! I would so pay somebody else and tell the "new" boss that I wasn't coming...haha!!
    I am so glad that things worked out for the best and hey....NO CHANGE!! WOOO HOOO!


    Robin :o)

  3. I'm so happy you made a decision that brings you personal satisfaction and a victory...more money!!! I say call before business hours and leave a message on the voice mail. Would that be just too tacky?

  4. I knew it Lou, I just knew it. I am so happy that it all worked out. You are VERY pretty darn good! We all know it here..We love you too. But you have to call him yourself...

  5. Good for you! You didn't need a new job you just needed to be shown some appreciation from your existing one! God Bless! Lauralu :)

  6. I'm so glad that you were able to make a decision that you feel happy and comfortable about. I'm kind of going through the same thing right now. (Job decisions) I'm making my list of pros and cons now. I'm not in too big of a hurry. Just something that I'm thinking about.

    It is good to feel appreciated, huh?

  7. Oh girl, by now you've talked to the other boss. I'm glad that's off your chest.

    It sounds like you handled this situation in the VERY BEST POSSIBLE WAY! Truly! Now your boss knows that other people value you also. He will take good care of you. I'm so glad that all worked out!

  8. Well what a relief! I am glad you made the best decision for you. Sometimes all it takes is a little talkin to, and you did just that. Good for you!

  9. I love the look and feel of your blog..

    I think you made the right decision about
    your job.. and YES..I'll call your new boss.
    Just let me have the number..

    smiles :>)

  10. Lou Cinda, you are irreplaceable! I'm so glad you did this. You are my hero!


    Sheila :-)

  11. how wonderful to know that you are appreciated!
    have a lovely week.

  12. Lou Cinda, So glad you have made that decision and the weight has been lifted. God is good and faithful to direct our paths. Blessings, Linda

  13. I missed your decision-making post, but it sounds like you definitely are valued where you are! How nice to have the attorney's affirm that! laurie

  14. Well, I have popped over just in time to see you have made a big decision. It sounds like a decision that is very right for you. I know your boss knows how invalueable you are too! That's a great feeling, isn't it?

    Thank you for visiting me today and for the sweet compliment!

    I like your new bloggy look! :)

  15. Thanks for the prayers! And so glad you feel you made the right decision. Job changes are stressful enough. Hope you have a wonderful week enjoying the job where your are loved!

  16. Prayer just helps us along...and certainly eases those rapids does it not? I am well pleased to find that your heart's wishes have come true ! :) I think you have what it takes to speak to your COULD have been employer. Be nice, gracious and truthful. You will see what he is really made of, based on his reaction.

  17. Congratulations on taking your balls out of your purse and asking for what you needed...cause men, they aren't mind readers, I have discovered. I mean, do you EVER see signs or adds for Psychic Matt? No...It's always a woman. Way to go!

  18. Wow Lou Cinda...what a stressful week you've had! I'm glad your prayers were answered and everything will work out. I am sure you are amazing at what you do and they need you terribly. In this economy, I could never imagine switching never know what tomorrow may bring! (If you would have left, who would have fed any strays in the parking lot?? haha)
    everything vintage

  19. I admire your patience in that you prayed and considered all things before just jumping into a new situation. The grass as we know it, isn't always greener on the other side.
    Perhaps there will also be a postive change in your working relationship with your boss. I think this is a good thing that happened. We all want to know our worth.
    Good luck with the other phone call.


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