Tuesday, May 19, 2009

15 Cats and Counting...

Most of us girls at my office are cat lovers. We all have one, or two or three of our own! So it is nothing unusual when stray cats would wander up in our parking lot, we would feed them. You know, leftover scraps from lunch, french fries, chicken, that sort of thing.

Well, the numbers started to increase. What had started out as us feeding two or three cats a couple of times a week, turned into pulling up in the parking lot and 5 or 6 cats sitting there waiting on breakfast. So, we started bringing bags of cat food to the office and feeding the multitudes, literally!

Then, they took up residence UNDER our office, and sometimes the smell....not so good. There were complaints....we lit candles.

A few got pregnant, so we kicked up the feeding, prenatal care, if you will. I am usually the first one to the office, and I will pull up and there are cats EVERYWHERE! Good Lord it was overwhelming....still we feed them.

Then the kittens were born! We didn't see them at first, but now, now they are all over the parking lot! 8 of them~eight PLUS the mothers we are feeding and the tomcats! 15 cats give or take a couple at any given time just lying around in the parking lot.

Now you know I work for attorneys, and so the visual is, they pull up to work and the parking lot is FULL of cats! Kittens, mommies, daddy's, everywhere! For some reason, which I still do not understand, they hold me responsible. ME?? No way!

Attorney 1 will stick his head in my office everyday and say, Lou Cinda, there are cats everywhere out here! I say: "I don't know what your talking about. I haven't seen ANY cats."
(Always plead the 5th..never ADMIT anything)

Now, they won't let you touch them. No matter how hard we try or how sweet we talk, NO TOUCHING! They run!

Today I go outside, sneak around the steps that ALL eight kittens are playing on, I ease up on one and when she sees me, she just freezes! Poor thing is terrified! I reach out and GRAB her!

Well, honey, it wasn't pretty. That tiny little kitten looked at me and I at her, and she started hissing and screeching to beat the band! All of that noise out of a tiny baby kitten! I am looking at her, talking all sweet and trying to "tame her"(yeah right) when I hear more noise. I turn to look, not losing my grip on kitty baby and the mama cats are all hissing and screeching at me and they had planted themselves right behind me. Hair standing straight up on their backs showing their teeth! I have never seen anything like it! I feared for my life!

I quickly pondered what to do and decided I better put hissing screeching baby kitty down. If they had lept on me, it would NOT have been a pretty sight I can guarantee it! Me holding baby kitty firmly while twirling around trying to loosen the grip of the mama cats as they clawed the dickens out of me.

So down baby kitty went and they rushed over to make sure it was okay.....after all I have done for them, this is how they treat me! Ungrateful cats!

I need to stop at the store on the way to work in the morning.....we are low on cat food!

Update: Fast forward two days: NO CATS! I brought my camera to work cos' I was going to snap a photo of all of them so you could see. They haven't been here for 2 days! Maybe they "moved" after the altercation I had with one of the babies!!

That's just wrong....I am truly hurt...


  1. Lou Cinda,
    I sympathize with you, but I think the cats naturally moved on. When I lived in Dubai they had a huge feral cat problem. They would sometime make a home in our courtyard garden to have their kittens, then move on after a bit. They would howl and cry and make a ruckus at night and drove us crazy at times. Once one got into my villa and let me tell you that was fun capturing him without getting bit or scratched. I laughed when I read this because of Dubai, like I said I sympathize with you. ~Cathy~

  2. Hello Lou Cinda...

    Ohh my...cats definitely have a "mind of their own"! Hehe! I'm a cat lover too...we have 4 black cats and one prized Siamese (all outdoor kitties)! Some of our kitties are just like your office cats...we feed and care for them on a regular basis and then they won't hardly let you pet them! I always threaten to stop feeding them...of course, we both know that will never happen! Hehe!!!

    Just wanted to tell you that I enjoyed your treasure finds from the last post! What a pretty little tureen...I do love the pretty lines and pattern! And...I'm so impressed with your gorgeous black coffee table! I love it!!!

    Have a fabulous Friday, my friend and have a blessed and safe Memorial Day weekend!

  3. I could'nt help but laugh when I read this until I read where they just up and left! How dare they after all y'all did for them. lol I love cats too. I don't have any but yesterday we stopped at a house that had a sign out front that said "Free Kittens". I promised to only take one if they had a white one or a gray one. They didn't. Only striped ones. It was hard but I stuck to my promise. Maybe one day I will find my white "Shabby" kitty.

    Have a great Friday!

    Lee Laurie

  4. Isn't it sad when people dump cats? They breed and breed and become frightened hungry creatures who will never ever make a good pet for anyone. It's a terrible life for them, but you are so compassionate to feed and watch out for them. They probably have moved on, but it is so sad to think that their only outcome will be death from disease,accidents or the cruelty of people.

  5. Lou Cinda! I thought I was at the wrong blog because you changed your background and header!

    I LOVE it!!!!!!! I just LOVE it!!!!!!!
    (although the other one was pretty too)

    Okay, about the cats. You should know by now...they are not man's best friend.
    After picking up little kitty, I guess they are not your best friend either! (Your heart was in the right place though!)

    Can you imagine those cats walking all over those attorney's nice cars? Oh the thought!

    everything vintage

  6. Love, love, love your new blog background. Did you make it yourself? Funny story about the cats. I can't believe they just up and left.

  7. Oh no! I would have felt bad too if I heard a sentimental story about our tree! But, really, you have to do what you have to do. Sometimes the right decisions aren't the easy ones, that's for sure! Have a great week!


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