Sunday, May 3, 2009

We Are Under a Tornado Warning ~ Please Go To the Center of the Store

After church every Sunday, we go and eat with friends. Today Jamie suggested we go to Cracker Barrel which is my favorite! I should have known something was up....but I just said "that sounds great". While we were eating Jamie asked what I was going to be doing for the rest of the day. Again.....I should have been waaaay smarter, however, I reply "nothin". She says....So, you can go to Birmingham shopping with me! OH NO!!!

Now, don't get me wrong, Jamie is one of my VERY best friends and I LOVE her dearly! BUT, everytime we go shopping she whips out her "list"! She has a "list" for everything she needs and everything she is looking for and it just goes on and on and on! This woman has an agenda! Always!! But, being the good friend I am, I agree to go with her. Steve looks at me and says, you know it is supposed to be really bad weather today. I told him I would keep my head down and he says well, if you get hit by a tornado, I don't want to know about it! I say okaaaay, somebody be sure they don't list my beloved husband in my obituary, cos' he doesn't know I am dead. He thinks I am still shopping...... and off we go!

Now, since we are going from church, and we have not been home yet, we are wearing dresses.

We drive to B'ham (about an hour away) and the sky is getting darker and darker. I keep looking up at it and all around, but Jamie is just happily chatting away, oblivious to the rapidly deteriorating weather conditions. First on her list, Southeastern Salvage in Irondale.

We get there and the weather sirens are going off, but we assume it is a thunderstorm "warning". We go in and start shopping and hunting "stuff". I tell her if I get killed, Steve is really gonna be made at her! We make our way back to the front of the store and Jamie starts digging in this bin of cabinet hardware, trying to find 6 of one thing and 5 of another. I start helping her dig when the sirens go off again. I crane my head around and look 0utside and it is AWFUL!! The rain and trees are horizontal the wind is blowing so hard!!! I look back at Jamie who is happily digging away in her bin and I say "this is no thunderstorm warning"!! About that time some man literally blows in the front door and tells us a funnel cloud has just been spotted heading our way! The manager announces that everyone should move to the center of the store and about that time the power goes out! Well, this is it, I think! I can't see my hand in front of my face so I flip open my phone and scream JAMIE!! Run to the light!! She comes running over and we sit down on some stools there and are just waiting it out. They have a popcorn machine there where we are sitting, so we start munching popcorn when I happen to look over and notice this girl is standing there with a throw pillow on her head!! A little throw pillow! I am thinking she should have grabbed one of the chaise lounge cushions, at least that would cover more of her body. I look at Jamie and say "does she really think that if a steel girder comes crashing down on us, that dinky little pillow is going to save her life? God bless her!

So anyway the storm blows over, literally, and the lights come back on, and we realize we have survived! I look at Jamie and tell her "if a tornado had hit this building, and they had to come and pull my dead body out of it with my dress all up over my head, I would be so pissed at you!! Plus the fact that your only purchase is 5 handles for $1.48 each that you could have gotten at Lowes at HOME for 1.60 each!! " She just thought that was hilarious, whips out her list and names off the other fifty-leven stops we have to make!

Lord help me!


  1. I know that is just where I would want to be during a the middle of a salvage store, surrounded by metal! So the big question is, did you or did you not tell your husband? Debbie

  2. Great story, Lou Cinda. We got lots of hail at our house. So much hail that I took a picture.

  3. This is probably a little more humorous now than it was at the time. But reading the story I went from "oh no" to laugh out loud. I am so glad you are ok, and you really are a good friend. I love the comment about not listing your DH on your obituary. Hugs, Marty

  4. Lou Cinda,

    You have such a funny way of telling a story and I am so grateful that you and your friend are okay. Your humor also helped me lighten up a little bit about my BIG fear of tornados. You know we are in the "tornado belt" here in the Midwest and as a child growing up in the prairies of Illinois, tornados were an everday thing in the summer. Today I can practically wet my pants when the sky turns that ugly green. But I will remember (and laugh) at you shining your cell phone like a beacon to your friend!!!


  5. Oh.My.Goodness! I can't believe she drug you to B'ham in THIS weather! I would have been FREAKING OUT, big time! I am glad that you and your buddy are OK! Maybe your friend should add "weather alarm" to that list! LOL!


    Robin :o)

  6. Oh, yes! Those drawer pulls would have been torpedos in a tornado! What were you thinking? A tornado watch is always a good reason not to go! Girl, we are gonna have to talk!


  7. Crack me up...I always think I am going to make a list of stuff I need or want- but I never really were a good sport too!

  8. Thanks for my laugh. I'm reading this right before bed, so I'll probably dream about a tornado coming and me holding a throw pillow over my head! Too funny! Glad you were safe. laurie

  9. I love this story! You know, I live in like this are not that unusual.

    Last year my sons were at Barnes and Noble. The sirens were blaring and the news was showing the tornado RIGHT OVER B&N. I called the store and they were acting like it was nothing. I told them to take shelter! "OK Maam". That's what they said. Son's cell phones wouldn't work...the tornado hit houses all around B&N. They had to hang out in the bathroom at the store for a little while. It's terrifying for sure.

  10. Oh yeah, in a hardware type store during a tornado! I'd of probably run out of there and hidden out back some place.

    Great telling of a lol story!

  11. I think I watch waaay too much prime time TV. All I could think of when I read that you called,"Run to the light!" was Melinda on "Ghost Whisperer." I'm glad it wasn't the OTHER kind of light your friend was running to... So... what DID you tell hubs?

  12. So let's see, the tornado could have whipped you all the way to my front door. There you would be, no doubt quivering; one stiletto on and one shoe off. You would have some cheapo door pulls in one hand, and a bag of popcorn in the other. Never mind dear. Even with your dress over your face, I think I would recognize you.

  13. Oh Lou Cinda, You had me laughing on this one! I wish I could be more like carefree. Oh no, I have to worry about everything and everyone...there is NO WAY I could have been that cool and eating popcorn too??? This was sooo funny, it made my day!
    everything vintage

  14. I'm glad you lived to tell this story, because it is really funny! Linda

  15. Lou Cinda, I saw that you won the painting at The Painted Garden. You lucky duck!! Congratulations. :)

  16. holy moly...i'm surprised she didn't use the cell phone light to continue her great search
    what a story!!!
    have a great day.

  17. Oh My!
    What an ordeal, hopefully some chocolate was involved to ease the pain. Hey that always works for me! Great story, but I am just happy you were not hurt. ~Cathy~

  18. Well you know what they say...with friends like that who need enemies! Yeah, the idea of sitting in a salvage store surrounded by old rusty metal things in the dark with a funnel cloud coming toward me makes me want to break out the popcorn! POPCORN?! What were you thinking?! Your friend must take some good drugs! (LOL) I'm just glad we can laugh about it now! What an adventure! I'd say God Bless but obviously He already has! (LOL) Lauralu :)

  19. Hi Lou Cinda...

    Girl, now that the real danger of the storm has passed...I can safely say that your story just had me in stitches!!! I'm so sorry, at the time it must have been pretty frightening but the way you told your story just cracked me up!!! The part about your husband not wanting to hear that you died in the storm and that he couldn't be listed in your obit because he would still think you were just shopping...Ohhh myyy goodness...MEN!!! Hehe!!!

    Girl, I have to admit that I'm so much like your friend...I always go prepared with all of my lists...yes, more than one...and I'm just terrible at having to shop for an item in several stores before making a final decision and purchase!!! I'm a "die-hard" shopper to the tee! hehe!!! Well Darlin'...I'm so thankful that the good Lord had his hand upon ya'll that day and that you're safe and sound!!!

    Thanks so much for coming by and taking a peek at my "junk" prints! hehe!!!

    Warmest wishes,

  20. Lou Cinda,
    Thank you so much for the sweet comment and prayers. I know God is in control. I must tell you though your story had me laughing out loud. And that right there is great medicine.
    Keep the funny things coming.
    By the way did you ever receive your gift card? I hope you have.

  21. Great story telling! I am glad the tornado went by and you all could get on with all that shopping!!!


  22. I am laughin out loud at this! I loved it!!! I can just picture the gal with the throw pillow!!! You are gonna laugh so get ready.....Whenever the weather got bad like that at my old house I used to put on an old FOOTBALL HELMET that I found at a garage sale!! It was part of my survival kidding...I swear! It was ....and I kid you not ....chippy white!!!
    Thanks for sharing~

  23. you are gonna love your necklace!
    what color did you get?
    have a good day.

  24. Just stopping by to let you know that I said a prayer for you. Mother's Day without a mother is so difficult. laurie

  25. Hi Lou Cinda :)

    I would have been scared to death! I had to laugh when you described the woman with the little pillow though LOL

    I'm glad you made it out safe and Happy Mother's Day!!

  26. Lou Cinda, I know it's not funny, but the way you told this story had me laughing! I am glad you are alright!!!!!!!! Nancy

  27. I laughed and laughed when I read this. It sounds just like me and my friend. I would have been the one to drag her shopping in bad weather. I don't like bad weather at all but I love to shop! Oh and I love Crackle Barrell too!

    Have a great day!

  28. LOL! Funny - you were 5 minutes from my house!! We were actually at the Galleria eating at California Pizza Kitchen when that happened. We were on the porch, and they made our whole party of 10 move inside - all our food and drinks and kids and stuff. It was fun!

  29. Hi! I came to visit you from AL Bloggers. That day was crazy wasn't it? A tornado actually came right by our house. Very strange and scary. I love your background and header! Too pretty.

  30. I am totally laughing out loud at the "run to the light" image. Thank God y'all weren't in a trailer park, or y'all would've been history!

  31. Lou Cinda,
    My first visit with you but not my last...I came via someone's blog and I don't remember who...

    Speaking of tornadoes...we were having a Red Hatter's meeting at a favorite restaurant when one member's son called...he asked where she was and she told him she was at a Red Hat meeting...he told her she'd better get her Red Hat home before she was blown away by the tornado...

    Betty @ Country Charm


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