Tuesday, May 19, 2009

I Have Done Something Besides Fret...

What is this you ask? This big ball of fur???

It is a Sissie!!

This is a soup tureen I found at a thrift shop for $7.00. It is a small one, probably for gravies or sauces, but I thought it was cute, so I snapped it up!

I loved the detail on it! The little lines on the lid and the scallops along the edge.

This was a great find! I have had my eye out for another coffee table. The one I had was just too, too BIG! It was big and heavy with a glass top and scrolly wrought iron legs. It was pretty but just didn't fit in the space. A friend of mine knew someone who was selling alot of her stuff because she was moving. Mandy knew I was looking for a coffee table so she asked if I wanted to go check out what the lady had. I did and found this!!! Of course, it didn't look like this.

I didn't take before pictures ~ what was I thinking??? It was kind of oaky looking and not in very good shape. It was DIRTY and smelled like cigarettes! I bought it for $20, took it home and scrubbed it down on the deck, sanded it and painted it black. And this as the end result!

I loved the roping that went around it and the legs :) And there is a little drawer which is perfect for the remote, my husband's cross word puzzles, pens that sort of clutter, tucked away!

Another shot of the roping....

I thought it turned out great and it fits so much better in the den! I had Steve put his feet up on it to see if it would work...he said yes! SCORE!

Well that is a little bit of what I have been up to, besides all of the "other" excitement that has been corrupting my life these last couple of weeks. Back to what I love!

Hope you have a great Memorial Day Weekend!!

Lou Cinda


  1. Hi Lou Cinda!

    It's great to see that you are in a better frame of mind. Nothing changes whether you worry or just go about life as usual.

    I love the soup tureen! I have always wanted one but it slips my mind because I can't imagine a time when I will use it~like the trifle dish I have had for 1000 years!!

    The coffee table is fabulous! You did a great job. $20.00! If they could see it now!


  2. Both the coffee table and the tureen were real finds and I love what you did with the c table; actually, it looks almost like mine, so naturally I would love it!

    Love Sissy too; what a puff ball!

  3. The little tureen is just gorgeous. I love it. I think a small one is so much more useful, and really cute besides. The coffee table turned out stunning. What a great find. I know you will enjoy it. Hugs, Marty

  4. Lou Cinda...

    That is a major score! Both pieces! Good job!

    And that cat is a cutie pie.

    Happy Memorial Day Weekend to you in return!


    Sheila :-)

  5. Your table turned out beautiful! The tureen is nice too. Thrifting is good retail therapy, huh?

  6. Glad you are feeling better today :). Nothing like a little shopping to make you feel better.

  7. Lou Cinda, our getaway is there! And we are in the historic district. It's fun! :-)

    I'm very familiar with Crescent Beach, too. That's a pretty area, and the famous author Marjorie Kinnan Rawlings had a beach place there when she wasn't living at Cross Creek.

    It is a small, small world to steal a phrase from the Mouse! ;-)


    Sheila :-)

  8. Glad to see you get some projects in and quit fretting about the repairs.

  9. Atta girl!!! That little tureen would make me feel a lot better for sure. I think you're right...it would be perfect for sauces, gravies or warm butter.
    Things have a way of righting themselves if we just get out of the way. God is so much better at handling our problems than we are.

  10. Great finds! Love the litle ironstone tureen. I would sure use it for chutney or gravy. You did a great job on the coffee table. I am looking for something similar to paint a light yellow for a beachy look. I can't refinish anything worth a dang. Gosh Lou the table it could be used in many different settings. You scored big time. Give Sissie a scratch for me, and a hello from Miss Emma.

  11. i'm such a sucker for white dishes...love them!
    have a wonderful day.

  12. I love the tureen and the table! Great deals! Thanks so much for the really nice comment you just left me! That was so nice!

  13. Hi Lou Cinda...
    Looks like you may be getting back to the good life again? I hope so. I love what you've done with the coffee table. I always pass up stinky furniture...but I never thought about sanding and painting them to get rid of the smell. Thanks for the inspiration!!!
    I hope you have a wonderful long weekend too. I'll be keeping my fingers crossed that your feet will be in the sand soon...
    everything vintage

  14. How come we always forget to take "before" shots?! LOL It looks like it turned out great, Lou Cinda! I like the roping, too. This reminds me to go outside and take a before pic of something I bought yesterday. Thanks, Sue

  15. Hi Lou,

    Your blog design is lovely.Stopping by to wish you and your family a wonderful holiday.


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