Tuesday, May 19, 2009

And the Amount of the Damage Is......


Yessirree, $2,424.00!! And to think we thought that Cameron's car had just been knocked out of line! YEA RIGHT!! Knocked out of line alright. WAAAAAAAAY out, along with a bent frame, bent steering knuckle (whatever that is) something about bearings....in ain't even good!! Our mechanic, Hot Rod (yes, that is his nickname...Hot Rod....not exactly sure how I feel about that) called to tell me what all was wrong and when he got to steering knuckle I said hold up! Just hold up!! You are speaking Greek to me.....here is Steve's number....he speaks your language!

Don't we have insurance you ask? Oh yes, of course we do! With a $1,000.00 deductible! Cos' that is what you do when you have drivers in the house under the age of 25~you raise that ole' deductible up as high as you can so you can AFFORD to pay the insurance!!! Something about young drivers being a risk and all. Imagine that! Nonsense I say, pure nonsense!!

WHEW!! Yes, I am so thankful that everyone is okay! That is ALOT to be thankful for, and believe me I am!

Oh wait, what is that I see? Over there, flying away! That would be my new CAMERA I was FIXING to get BEFORE the accident!!! Before I realized I was going to have to pay $1,000.00 to get Cameron's car fixed!! There it goes.........bye bye little camera that would have allowed me to post beautiful, lovely and CLEAR photos of my various and a sundry endeavors. Pretty pictures that my wonderful blogging friends would not have to squint their eyes and crane their heads to try and figure out what it is a picture of!!! ~sigh~

And our trip to Gulf Shores.....questionable at this point.....oh how I NEEEEEEEED to go sit on the beach with my feet in the sand and just CHILL.......we shall see. Where there's a will there's a way!

Well......such is life. It is what it is......deal with it.....get over it......

Move on......

Anybody know of any part time jobs on the side???? I think I am going to need one to pay my insurance from now on :(

Hope you all are having a better week than me :) But I will be fine!! God is Good!

Lou Cinda


  1. Hi Lou Cinda! Oh, I'm so sorry to hear about the wreck! My daughter is the one who wrecked cars at our house and our son's car stayed in one piece. I'm sorry to hear about the deductible too and the insurance! Awgh!! But the really main thing is that no one was hurt!
    Poor One...you will get your camera, I just know it!
    Amazing that you were just down the road from me! I know Gadsden!! and have been there many times when I was a little girl and we did pass right around it going to Fort Payne!
    Take care and I'll be praying for you!
    Be a sweetie,
    Shelia ;)

  2. Oh, Lou Cinda, I have felt your pain- 1st snowy day after getting a license- our son slides into a driver ALREADY in the middle of the road because HE slid! Didn't report it to insurance and paid $1500 directly to the other kids' parents! I wonder to this day if they even got the car fixed- we didn't do anything to Dan's car because it was so nominal! Now let's see, what are you qualified to do to earn some bucks?! Let me know when you figure out some easy peasy way to get paid the big ones for doing a little, okay? I gotta pay a self packing moving truck to move Dan cross-country from CA. very soon. That will be about $2400. Kids- so much fun...
    Take care.... Sue

  3. Girl, I really do know how you feel Both of my boys are under 25! No wrecks yet (please Lord) but my youngest did get a speeding ticket. The judge waived it and he's going to driving school on May 28. Thank goodness!

    Does Cameron have a job? He should help pay part of it. That would be my response here at home anyway. We can only pay for so much!!

  4. Oh that stinks! My son will be 16 later this year... I am scared.

  5. Girl, looks like your check book is going to get knocked out of line as well! Insurance Co.s have us by the throat and they know it.
    How about a garage sale to raise some quick money? Are there in shows coming up in your area you could sell at?
    But on a positive side, at least he is all right!

  6. I am so sorry about your bill! That is just awful to have to pay that much ON TOP OF paying huge monthly insurance premiums! Thankfully, however, the only thing that was injured in the crash was your bank account.
    I sure hope you get your trip to Gulf Shores!


    Robin :o)

  7. Lou Cinda,

    I wish there were something I could say to make things better. My heart goes out to you. Just when we think we have taken care of all of our "needs" and want to start on our "wants", things happen. I am so grateful your son and the motorcycle driver are okay.

    Keep your chin up and that great sense of humor. ;-)


  8. We had our youngest son in the high risk pool for a while. Thankfully, he's now off our payroll and paying for his own auto insurance.

  9. I feel that pain. Our daughter had her drivers license for 2 weeks before she totaled her car. She was ok , that was the important thing. You do have to repeat it several times a day though! I think a garage sale is a great idea! Sue

  10. As long as he's in that 'under 25 years of age' category, I think you should seek employment at an insurance agency! ;-D

    So glad though, that no one was hurt; all other things can be repaired. This is why I believe in defensive driving courses for young drivers.

  11. Lou Cinda, look at the bright side... if you went to the beach, you'd sit out in the sun, and the sun kills you. That's what I heard recently. Of course I live in Florida, and I'm surrounded by sun. And of course I grew up in the Deep South going to Florida beaches and slathering up with cocoa butter like a potato getting ready to be roasted, but they've found a way to take the fun out of it so I just sit inside in the air condition, getting a moon tan, and blog! LOL!

    I'm so glad you found me because now I've found YOU! Love your blog! :-)



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