Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Some Thrifty Finds…

I went back to Trussville Saturday and I MUST go to the Trussville Antique Mall, which as you know, I LOVE!  I have mentioned before that there are specifically two vendors there that I ADORE!  Especially one.  I want to meet her!  I want to be her friend….I want to hang with her…I want to SEE her house because I know it is wonderful!  The next time I go I am going to take some photos, so you can see how wonderful it is.  She actually has two rooms which are side by side….

I am a “smalls” kind of gal….I like things I can tuck and nitch into somewhere…I also have a thing for baskets….old, chippy worn baskets with awesome patina…love those….

I found this….

1.31.12 003

My son, Seth, was with me….when  I picked this up, he said, Mother, it has a mouse hole in it…

said mouse hole….  :0

1.31.12 004

I said, that is not a mouse hole….it is character….It was $8 and then there was a percentage off all items in her booth Saturday, so I got it for $6….

I sat it next to my chair for the time being, thinking I would put throws and pillows in it….well…

1.31.12 008

It didn’t take long before this happened….

1.31.12 006

Chloe….it is her basket….she loves it….that is why I put the throw in the bottom, so it would be soft on her old bones….she is so happy….$6 is a small price to pay for my sweet Chloe…  :)

1.31.12 013

Then I found this…a box of wooden chess pieces…love these!

1.31.12 014

1.31.12 019

1.31.12 020

I think they are so cool….I think on sale this was $19…

I even loved the wooden box they were in….

1.31.12 016

I have no idea where I am going to use this…I just sat it here to snap a few photos…

1.31.12 017

One thing I do know…it is fortunate that I don’t live any closer to this place than I do….it takes me 45 minutes to get there so I can’t go on my lunch hour….or I would be in BIG trouble….

I am thinking about stalking the vendor of this booth….cos’ I am cool like that ;)

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Lou Cinda



  1. love it!! the color is perfect. I love that Sadie jumped right in and made herself at home he he! :) so cute.
    LOVE the chess pieces. They would look awesome as is in the box, or in a compartment shadow box on display!

  2. Love those chess pieces, Lou Cinda! In addition to just leaving them in their box for display, they would also look great under a cloche or in an apothecary jar. I'm sure that vendor would be thrilled to know you love her stuff!

  3. You think maybe Chloe's just waiting for Mr. Mouse to return home? Love the basket.

  4. Love love love the chess pieces.

  5. What great finds! Isn't it funny when cats take ownership? Once cats find something they like, they won't give it up. Yours looks especially cute sitting in her cozy basket bed!

  6. What a pretty basket Lou Cinda, that corner looks so pretty and cozy!

  7. Hi Lou Cinda...

    Oh my goodess......the picture of Chloe peeking out of the basket is a Kodak Moment for sure. Just too cute. You need to frame that one.

    Yeah, nothing too tempting in the shopping department around here. It's pretty bland. I thrift a LOT.... a LOT, but other than that........zip, nada, nothin'. I'm so envious of all of you chickies who have great things, even if they are an hour and a half away.

    Big huggies to you!


  8. What great finds Lou Cinda! I love baskets too and I have picked up a few here and there. Some I've painted and patina myself. Love the chess pieces and the little wooden box that came with them. Have a wonderful day, Gail

  9. I have to check this place out - I have never been, but it sounds like my kind of place.

    I love the basket and how sweet is your cat in there??? Love the wooden chess pieces too - I like them just piled in the box.

  10. I just noticed that Blue Creek Home on your sidebar is still going to my old site that was taken over!!! My new blog address is now
    mybluecreekhome.com If you have time maybe you could change it -
    thanks much

  11. Love your finds Lou Cinda! Awww how sweet is that Chloe in her new/old basket! Too funny about your son seeing flaws and you seeing character...It seems to always go that way with my husband too *winks* The chess pieces are also really cool! Vanna

  12. Your corner looks so cozy! What great finds! I love the basket and Chess men! I love Chloe in the basket! I have a Chloe too!

  13. Lou Cinda,
    Good thing we haven't gone T O G E T H E R...your son would be totally embarassed. I once bought an empty cardboard box for $5. It once held a fishing reel...for my husband...believe me, I still haven't lived that purchase D O W N!!! I adore your chippy basket!!! I'd say Chole has G R E A T taste!...as did the MOUSE!

  14. just wanted to remind you that i need a guest post from your for monday. thanks!

  15. Hi Lou Cinda,(I love your name by the way.)
    You found such a sweet basket and how fun that Chloe likes it. I love cats for that very reason:)
    The chess pieces are fabulous, and the box, wow, they would look lovely anywhere you put them, I think.
    Have a great day,
    Hugs, Cindy

  16. What a sweet little basket, and perfect for Miss Chloe! :)

  17. Chloe loves her new old basket. I love the chess pieces, too.

  18. I would never have called it a mouse hole- just a worn spot! LOL but I do think his name for it is cute! Funny how Chloe made the basket her own. LOVE the chess pieces! I always find little things, too. I don't have room for big stuff anymore. Can you say overload of stuff here?

  19. Love the new basket....looks like it was a big hit with your kitty too :o)

  20. Hey, Lu Cinda! Great finds at your antique mall. Little Chloe is so cute!

  21. Hmmmm, I'm about 45 minutes from Trussville, too. I must find this place!


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