Monday, January 23, 2012


I decided to make a runner for my dining room table.  As you remember, this is the fabric that I covered the lamps shades with…and I really love this fabric… I went back and bought 1/2 yard to make the runner….

1.12.12 001

then I thought I could look for a companion fabric to use on the backside….so it would be “reversible”…and I found this….

1.12.12 002

1.12.12 003

SO cute!  LOVED this fabric too!  So….I managed to sew a rectangular shape and fashion it into a runner!  SHUT UP!  I did not curse, not one time!!  The sewing machine cooperated the entire 15 minutes it took to pull this off….no broken needles….no knotting of thread….it was miraculous!

Yes, that is Sadie jumping up in my shot!

1.12.12 004

1.12.12 005

1.12.12 009

1.12.12 006

pinecones on a tray with silver candlesticks and a pink ribbon….

1.12.12 007

I loved this fabric so much…..

1.12.12 003

That after I bought it on a Friday….and went back on Monday to get more to cover the seats on my dining room chairs, and guess what???  They had sold it ALL on Saturday!!!  Guess what else??  It has been discontinued!!!  Guess what I did???  Found it on e-bay!!!  Yes I did!!  2 yards of this fabulousness is in transit to my casa even as we speak…..

I will keep you posted….

On another note, I found these ornamental cabbages at Lowes a few weeks ago and thought they were SO pretty!  They look like roses…

1.12.12 012

I had never seen any like them, so I bought three and some pansies and planted them in a planter on my front porch….it looks so forlorn out there since the Christmas décor has come down…

1.12.12 013

1.12.12 014

On a very serious note….the State of Alabama suffered another round of tornadoes early this morning…..I awoke to the weather radio going off at about 4:30 a.m. then the warning sirens began…I can’t begin to tell you how un-nerved I am when we have severe weather, even more so since the devastation of last April, and the loss of my friend Tina and her husband in a tornado.  The ones today also did major damage to several surrounding areas….Trussville was hit and it is only 45 minutes from my house…I was in Trussville Saturday shopping….there have been two confirmed casualties….please remember those who lost everything as well as loved ones in the blink of an eye…I cannot even imagine…

While I love my beautiful mountainous State of Alabama….I do NOT love the weather here…..we have had such a mild winter….which is the reason for the storms firing up….we are supposed to get another round on Thursday….Please keep those in the path in your prayers….

Thank you for stopping by….

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Lou Cinda



  1. I'm sorry to hear about that toranado hitting, Lou Cinda!

    Love the colors in these fabrics! They go so well together. It's good you went looking for that fabric and found it on ebay; I'm sure it will become one of those "never to be found again" fabrics. I sometimes also check on

  2. Gosh, I heard about your tornados. We had one a month ago in NC. Just came up out of nowhere and tossed houses and people.

    Love the ornamental cabbage you found. I need to look for some of those.
    I hope your seat cover fabric shows up soon. The runner you made is beautiful.
    stay safe~!

  3. Hi sweetie
    love your table runner!! I am really in the mood for Spring already.... lovely flowers and pastels.

    So sorry about all the hard weather there, the loss of your friends earlier, and more lives lost recently.
    The tension every time one of those alarms goes off much be horrible.

    God's peace and safety to you my friend, and prayers for those who have lost loved ones.


  4. I love your new runner! The fabrics are awesome! You sound like you have my luck. You find the perfect thing, and go back and it's already gone! Good thing you found more on Ebay!

    This weather has been INSANE! I pray the tornadoes STAY AWAY for a long, long time!

  5. Looking good girl! Can't believe you found some on line! Great job!

  6. Your runner is fabulous! The colors look so pretty in your dining room, and YAY that you found some more online! The kale and pansies are gorgeous together too.
    I'm so scared of tornadoes, i didn't know you had lost friends to one, how awful. It's just plain terrifying when the weather is like that,hopefully Thursday won't be as bad!


  7. I love the fabric. The flowers look beautiful, both so cheery. I will keep those affected by the storms in my prayers, stay safe.

  8. Living in California, I have no idea what a tornado feels like, but it certainly sounds very scary. I am glad that you are okay!

    I love your runner. What fabulous fabric! I am so happy that you were able to find more.

    And those beautiful cabbages!! I adore them with the pansies!

  9. Hey, Lou Cinda! Your runner is lovely. Love the textural quality of the companion fabric!

  10. Love, love, love your fabrics. You did a great job with the runner. It looks beautiful on your dining room table.

  11. I love that pink and green stripe! And I especially love the little ball fringe. It would definitely be a miracle in my world if I sewed something and things went that smoothly! Great job!

  12. Love the fabric! So glad you were able to find the remaining at Ebay.

  13. Lu Cinda that floral on your runner just grabbed me and dragged me over here! *winks* Such a pretty design! Love the runner! And lucky you that you were able to grab some more before it's all gone *winks*
    On a completely different note...It has to be totally nerve wracking to keep hearing those alarms. And a sad reminder of the loss of your wonderful friend....I hope this weather warning will pass soon. It seems there's always something everywhere. Here in the Pacific Northwest it's earthquakes. You just have to take the bad with the good I guess. My prayers are going out to all those who might be in harms way. Vanna

  14. Beautiful runner. I like the centerpiece too.

  15. LouCinda,
    Your runner is beautiful! The reverse side will be such fun with your dining room vignettes and centerpieces...I remember your bunnies from last year. Hope to see those bunnies in the near future! I just adore the mini pom~pom fringe...too cute! You are being thought of and lifted up in my prayers during the storms that are raging in your area. May God watch over and protect you, dear friend!

  16. I've heard about the horrible storms. So sad for all the people who have been effected.... and, glad to know you're ok.....if not a bit scared. We get high winds here too....well, that's kinda like saying "Alaska gets snow and so do we"... :-) They're high winds for US. Just finished with the snow........most folks have their power back on and now they're forcasting high winds. YIKES.

    LOVE your fabric. It just couldn't be more delish....BOTH of them. Glad you found some on eBay. Sometimes that place is just a lifesaver, isn't it?


  17. You are being an enabler to my desire/need to buy a sewing machine.
    Even though, at best, I can barely sew a straight seam.
    But, the hope is there.
    Like a "need" another hobby. 'Cause I know where it will lead.
    There, I said it.
    Love your style :)

  18. The runner looks great! It's such a pretty fabric that you chose.

    I love the ornamental cabbage & the pansies too!

  19. Lou Cinda,
    The runner looks great and glad you found some more for the chairs. I have been very sad this week thinking about all the people in our state that have gone thru these storms...the story about the 16 year old girl just broke my heart. I am praying that we don't have any today with this system that will be coming thru. Take care my fiend.


  20. The ornamental cabbages are beautiful, I think I will try to grow some in the spring, which is still a few months away.
    Hugs, Cindy

  21. What a gorgeous room! I am swooning over those soft colors. You have a knack for picking out fabrics LC! Great job.

  22. I adore your front porch flowers! Love it! Your table runner is so sweet and it looks beautiful in your dining room. XO Cindy

  23. I can only imagine how scary it is to hear the sirens, knowing there is danger of a tornado. I love your dining room & the table runner is gorgeous! The little pom/pom trim adds such a nice touch! The planter on your porch is lovely too.

  24. Thank you for sharing your wonderful table runner at Potpourri Friday!

  25. I love your beautiful runner, and very impressed you got thru it without your machine acting all cranky. I hate it when that happens!Thanks for stopping by my blog!

  26. I like the width of your runner, very chic

  27. Lou Cinda so sorry to hear about the bad weather you are having there. We have been having severe wind here in Colorado too.

    On the brighter side- your runner is so pretty and spring looking!Love that it is reversible! So glad you were able to find some more of that great fabric!

  28. Lou Cinda, Your fabric choices are very pretty and your runner toured out great! I cannot believe that you are growing thse gorgeous cabbages and pansies - they look so springy. Good for you that you sound more fabric to finish your project.
    :-) Sue

  29. Your runner is absolutely gorgeous Lou Cinda. I love both fabrics you chose.

  30. I'm telling you one of these days you are coming over to decorate my house.


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