Thursday, January 5, 2012

Post Christmas and a Question…

I wanted to share a few more photos of the ole’ casa after all of the sparkly, pretty, twinkly Christmas décor has been yanked from its perches and put back in the bins/boxes/closets for another year…it seems so dreary now…

The buffet got changed around from the pre-Christmas arrangement….Sharon got me this fabulous platter for Christmas…she knows me well…

January 2012 029

Found the candlesticks at a thrift store…I love silver candlesticks…

January 2012 030


January 2012 033

January 2012 034

I love buttons….

January 2012 035

January 2012 031

I love millenary and old silver…

January 2012 028

January 2012 025

January 2012 027

I don’t think I ever showed you the lampshades I covered after they were totally done…

painted the bases….they were gold…

January 2012 040

added the beaded trim…

January 2012 041

*disclaimer* please disregard the vinyl on the mirror…it is gone now :)

January 2012 042

January 2012 040

January 2012 033

So, there you go…thank you so much for stopping by…Have a Great Day!

Oh Wait!  I forgot the question I was going to ask!  DUH! I KNOW that you all will know what I need to do…

I want butcher block countertops in the kitchen, and as we all know, Ikea has the most reasonably priced butcher block of anyone, anywhere!  Problem is, it only comes in 6’ and 8’ lengths….hence the problem…I need at LEAST a 9’ length for one section of the kitchen countertop.

Now, I think the solution is going to be for us to split the 8 ‘ length like maybe at the middle of the sink??  Have a seam there, and then that would break up that 9’ section…..I have no idea really!  BUT, I know that you do….I have googled, searched, read, hunted and fretted over this and even sent a really nice e-mail to Ikea requesting that they procure a 9’ length for me…alas, they could not….what is THAT about?

Anyhoo, please advise me as to how I should proceed with this little endeavor….or should I just throw in the towel altogether???

thanks much!

Kisses :)


I am joining Courtney’s Feathered Nest Friday at French Country Cottage.


  1. Doesn't it feel good to play after the Christmas stuff is put away. Don't have a clue about the butcher block. Sorry.

  2. I'll have everything away over the weekend, but I've been moving some things to one area to pack up. I'm already seeing blank spots, Lou Cinda, and trying to think about what I want to put in them. It is funny how it always looks so empty after Christmas is put away!

  3. Lovely home. Thanks for visiting my blog. I have a puppy named Sadie!

  4. Love, love, love your displays! Great job on that lamp and if you new platter goes missing, I did NOT take it! HAHA!

    We had the exact same problem with our countertops! We wanted wood for our island, but nothing we could find was wide enough (in the stuff that we could afford). I chickened out, though, and ended up with boring solid surface. I hope somebody has a fabulous solution for you!!

  5. Love your winter display Lou Cinda- what a pretty job on the lamp and shade too!

    I don't know anything about butcher block but am wondering if having a seam at the sink area might lead to issues later on since that area gets much more water and wear. Just a thought.

    bee blessed

  6. BEAUTIFUL Lou Cinda! I love your candle sticks and dishes!!

  7. Hi,
    You have a great blog.
    Thanks for stopping by ours.


  8. I love all your little keepsakes and trinkets! Especially the buttons.
    I'm not much help either for your counter tops only to say I've never liked seams of any kind. I have one on my granite top now. Just prefer a smooth surface all the way across. Hope something works out for you!

  9. Oh gosh, I wish I had an answer for you Lou Cinda, but alas, I don't. I'm sure others will be there for ya. I'm loving your post-Christmas buffet! Those new lampshades are so sweet and I love the silver candlesticks. I'm in the minority here, but I love taking down the Christmas decor and getting things back to normal. I'm OCD like that!

  10. Looks like you had a lot of FUN playing with the new vignette...looks wonderful. Love that new platter and the cute buttons. Now about the countertop...I'm sorry but this friend has no idea:(


  11. I love your vignette on your buffet. The platter is very pretty and so is the set of red transferware. I love the doll too...Christine

  12. Your buffet is beautiful! You have such lovely things on it.
    Hugs, Cindy

  13. Very pretty! I love that little pitcher and the transferware. I think I'd be hesitant to put the seam where the sink it, I think it could cause problems. I think it would even be more noticeable there too...rather that off to one side. Good luck with your decision!

  14. Hi Lou Cinda--Your buffet is so pretty. I really like your sweet baby doll/cherub. How exciting that you're remodeling your kitchen! The wood will give it such a nice warm feel. I can't give you any advice on the splice!

  15. Hi Lou Cinda, I love ur vignettes. I really like ur style, and am happy to have found ur blog...I love all the silver, in fact a have a salt and pepper set very similar to urs.....thanks for stopping by and visiting my dining nook and for ur sweet comment...........Bonnie

    Oh, and i know nothing about kitchen countertops other than i hate mine, LOL.

  16. Your vignettes are so pretty and the platter is perfect.

    I don't know about a seam, maybe it wouldn't be so bad.....just don't know how it would look or hold up.

  17. Oh how deee.lish everything looks...... Divine! Love your little dolly. I've got a little vintage number.... long sought after.......still NEKKID after about 8-9 years. Oh boy... I am NOT too speedy.

    Countertops......not sure. I think they say not to put seams around the sink, but not sure at all on that. Divorced the cabinetmaker so I surely can't get advice from him. :-)

    Your lampshades are sensational. WOW! What a great job.


  18. Hi Lou Cinda! Post Christmas looks great! Here's my two cents on the butcher block question....I'd weigh the cost difference and see if it was worth taking the chance and putting the seam at the sink. When I built my island about 7 years ago I considered the cost of a granite slab vs. tiles. The difference was huge so I went with the tiles. It came out great and now 7 years later I want a change, tired of the cold I'm SO happy I didn't invest the extra $$ in a slab! I don't know if that helps but that's the way I look at it:)
    happy new year!!

  19. Your platter sets the stage for a very pretty buffet vignette, Lou Cinda. And the little pitcher filled with silver is adorable. You made a good choice painting the lamps and using that sweet fabric on the shades.
    Have you gotten other quotes on butcher block for your counter tops? I don't know that seams near a sink would be wise. Wood and water - not good! hugs, Sue

  20. Lou Cinda you always do such beautiful vignettes! Everything is so charming and lovely! I especially love your new/old silver candlesticks and the lampshade and lamp look fab! Vanna

  21. Everything looks fabulous! I was reading your other posts but thought best to just leave one comment! I too sometimes look a mess but it is always so nice to get the house back in order!!



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