Thursday, December 3, 2009

It's a Cloche Party AND Frugalicious Friday

I am participating in Frugalicious Friday at Janes of Finding Fabulous fame AND The Cloche Party over at Martys at A Stroll Thru Life! I will start with my frugalicious finds...

I found this planter in an antique store and was immediately drawn to it! It was just $4! I also found the butter pats in one of my favorite little shops called Esthers. I just fell in love with them and paid $2 each for them.

I filled it with all kinds of glittering beauties...

LOVE the details. The roping and the little emblem...the feet.....SCORE!!

And now on to the cloche partay!!! My glittery, sparkly snowman....

Sitting in a bed of SNOW! btw it is supposed to snow HERE tomorrow night! We NEVER get snow here! NEVER! It is only supposed to be 1" to 2" but around here that is AWESOME!
I'll believe it when I see it...

My rabbit decked out for Christmas....

He has his key, so he won't be locked out!

A Christmas tree...


Thank you so much for your visit and be sure and check out the other Frugalicious Finds as well as the Cloche Party at Martys! Be prepared to be inspired :)


  1. I love rabbits, too, Lou Cinda, so your rabbit cloche is my favorite! Love the planter ~ that is a score! Amazing piece for $4.00!

  2. Silly rabbit...cloches are for drama!

  3. Oh my gosh, you have SO many beautiful cloches. I love the tall one that the rabbit is in. And I love the snowman!! OK - I love them all...everything takes on an air of importance under glass!

  4. What pretty cloches you have. I think my favorite one is the simple tree inside. It's simple, but oh so pretty. Thanks for sharing!

  5. Your cloches look great, I especially like the last one - is that the herb terrarium? Looks great.


  6. What a great job you did Lou Cinda on your cloches! The rabbit is so sweet.

    I have to say I am loving the silver planter best of all!! Is it silver or hammered aluminum? That is definitely a keeper!


  7. Your bargain hunting paid off, and I love all of your cloches, especially the one with the small red present inside. Please come see mine.

  8. Jane above said it all! I love the rabbit! (of course I'm a little bias here!) the santa, the snowman....I love how you filled your frugalicious find with all the glittery beauties! I am a strict believer that you can never have enough glitter at Christmas! God Bless you today! Lauralu :)

  9. Oh my you really did find some awesome treasures. I love the silver bowl, it is gorgeous. Your snowman looks like it is really snowing and your Christmas tree as well, then that gorgeous rabbit is just tooooooo cute. Love the santa, and that beautiful gift under the small cloche with the tiny mouse looking on is wonderful. You have created such beautiful cloches and wonderfu vignettes. Thanks so much for joining the party. This is such fun. Hugs, Marty

  10. Hey, Lou Cinda! I love all your cloches, they are SO cute! And the snow always makes it look so wintery and festive. Thank you for stopping by. I adore that silver container you found too, that's a keeper.

    Merry Christmas to you and yours! xo

  11. Oh Sweetie...
    Everything looks positively beautiful. You have so many beautiful cloches I can't decide which one I love most. The one with the rabbit is stunning. He looks so rich inside that glass cloche. Where on earth did you find so many tall ones? They are so hard to find. I also love the Santa one. Isn't he just so Christmas himself?

    Now the one holding the little present is cute too. I love the boxed present look. Is it an ornament? So colorful and it is like sharing with each guest when they walk by, saying "A present just for you."

    Ofcourse I love snowmen so I don't won't to forget your snowman. He looks so antiqued. Love him.

    Thank you so much for sharing your wonderful cloche ideas with me today.

    I have signed up to follow your blog. I can't wait to see what you share next.

    Please stop by and let me share my cloche ideas with you. I would also be so honored if you signed up to follow my blog as well.

    Country hugs...Sherry

  12. Hello there~

    Love your cloche jars.. my fav. is the frosty and the first santa one you show... all so cute! thanks for your visit and follow! have a great weekend!

  13. Lou Cinda, these are all adorable! I just LOVE what you did. And that silver bowl... GORGEOUS! I adore what you put under your cloches. You outdid yourself on these. Just darling.


    Sheila :-)

  14. Do you know that I don't even own a real cloche? Your decorations look cute inside them and what a magnificent thrifty find with that bowl!

  15. What excellent finds! As for the cloches, must say the snowman and rabbit are my favorite! It really looks like it is snowing in the cloche! If you got snow... enjoy it! Dee Dee

  16. Your decorations look wonderful. You have a great collection of cloches.

  17. All your cloches are beautiful but there is something extra special about that little snowman. :)

  18. Love all of your pretty cloche displays! This is so much fun!
    be a sweetie,
    Shelia ;)

  19. pk @ Room Remix
    I'm certainly feeling left out because I don't have a cloche! Yours all look great and I like the variety. Have a good weekend!

  20. Great job! Each one is darling, and I think the silver planter was a fantastic find. It is beautiful with the rope detail and the little feet.
    Snow flurries here this afternoon in TX. ~ Sarah

  21. So beautiful! I know what you mean about snow. It snowed here today. Big flakes! It finally started to stick around 5pm. And it snowed last year too. Could this be a new trend for South East Texas? It was so pretty. I will post pics next week. Have a great weekend!!!

  22. Oh Wow! You did score. That bowl is beautiful. All of your cloches look so pretty. I'm loving the bunny with the red key! laurie

  23. I love the planter you found, and the way you filled it with glittery Christmas fun. Too charming. And all of your cloches are so pretty.

  24. I love all your cloches and the one with the snowman is my absolute favorite.
    Thanks for letting us have a peek.

  25. LouCinda, everything looks so festive. I am in love with the wooly sheep picture back there. Your rabbit is adorable!

  26. I just love your beautiful Christmas decorations - it was a joy to visit.

  27. I think my fave was the one with the present under it but they all get my vote. What fun this has been seeing everyone's ideas. Oh and your christmas's beautiful. And I had to laugh about you redoing...been there...done that...many times. :) Hope you get your snow. We are supposed to get some too.

  28. Lou Cinda, All of your cloche decorating is gorgeous! Love the bunny rabbit and the first snowman. It all looks so very winter wonderland special...
    hugs, sue

  29. Wow!! What treasures you found. The silver dish is "gorgeous" all decked out for the holidays. My favorite cloche is the one with the bunny. I don't have a Christmas bunny,many others but none for Christmas..have you had it long? It is just too cute for words. Thank you so much for swinging by my blog and saying hello. Stop in any 'ole time..hugs ~lynne~

  30. Your bell jars are just beautiful and I love what you did with them. THanks for sharing. Happy Holidays

  31. What lovely cloches you have! Love all your decor! Very festive!

    My post was late getting up, but please do come by and visit me, too!

    Big TX Hugs,
    Angelic Accents

  32. I love the mouse and the wabbit (rabbit ;-)

  33. ALL of your cloches are so great! I don't think I can pick just one fav! I gotta say I absolutely love, love that planter! It's just gorgeous all by itself (and at $4 - what a steal). Love all the sparklies you put in it!


  34. I had to find out where you got the planter!! $4??? You are "That girl" that finds all the great deals. I wish I had that gift! What a score!


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