Wednesday, December 2, 2009

O' Christmas Tree

I thought I would share some photos of my tree! I decorated the tree one night last week when I was tired and a little cranky! I was just determined to get it done that night...for some reason. Long about 11:30 Steve said, well, you know you don't have to finish it tonight! I looked at him and said I am finishing this tree tonight! Well, I did....but the next morning I looked at the tree and HATED it! Soooo....Saturday I eased the garlands out that I did not like and replaced them with the big wide mesh ribbon and retweaked everything and I am much happier!

I would describe my tree as traditional. I love the reds, greens and golds. My motto in life is you can't be too thin or have too much glitter! I LOVE glitter and sparkles. It it doesn't have any on it, I will glitter it!

Can you tell that Bella "frolicks" under the tree on my tree skirt? Alot....
You gotta love a kitten! So far, thankfully, she had not tried to climb up in the tree... Been there, done that, with Sissie. I thought I would lose my mind that year. She trashed the tree everyday when she was a kitten...

I really liked the mesh ribbon, though it does have a mind of it's own! Just roll with it! Literally!
It will do it's own thing...

Gold glittery leaves...

A glittery snowman...

A little church...

A pink flamingo....

A bird with a loooong tail....

Thank you for stopping by! I appreciate it so much and I hope each and every one of you is having a wonderful holiday season.....much love to each of you :)


  1. That is a beautiful tree!!! I always love the red and green when I see it!!!
    Love all the glitter!
    Margaret B

  2. Oh sooooooo pretty!! I'm all about the gold , glitter and sparkles!!!! And I REALLY LIKE 14kt gold:)

  3. You did a great job on your tree!! I love the pink flamingo ornament!

    Got the Christmas music out and while listening to it drag (all my Christmas is still cassettes ) I decorated on little tree in the study. Guess it is time to go buy some CD's maybe it will help me go a bit faster as I was seeming to drag too! LOL


  4. Have I ever told you my favorite color is shiny? Second favorite is lame' so naturally I love this tree. I love each and every ornament you hung and that you are just like me...if I don't like it, I just take it out and start over.
    It's a beautiful tree. Let's just hope that Bella doesn't decide shiny is her favorite color as well!
    P.S. I always say if you can see the branches...I need to add more!

  5. Wow, I think that's pretty perfect. Deb's favorite color may be shiny, but mine is "BLING" with shiny added in. It's inspirational!

  6. Very pretty. I am hoping to start working on our trees this weekend. I just heard cold/rain for Saturday so I think we'll be watching a lot of football and decorating the house. Sounds like a good way to spend a Saturday to me!

  7. Just beautiful Lou Cinda! I love the colors of the tree skirt too. I'm seeing a lot of people using the mesh ribbon, love it!

  8. Oh your tree is so pretty. :) i really like that ribbon you chose.

  9. Your tree is beautiful! I love the colors that you chose. I better get busy with mine!

    Lee Laurie

  10. Beautiful tree! Mine is in our family room with lights on it and nothing else!! I guess I will have to get to it this weekend. I'm enjoying seeing all of your Christmas decorations.

  11. OOOHH Wonderful photos and tree is so beuatiful :)

    Wilhelmiina from finland

  12. Beautiful tree Lou Cinda! Love the mesh ribbon garland and it goes perfectly with the red, gold and green theme and am so glad you're happy with it now; important for peace of mind to be happy with what you've accomplished.

    I'll bet Bella is loaded with glitter every time she frolicks under the tree!

  13. What a beautiful tree. I love your special ornaments and the mesh ribbon.

  14. Very pretty, Lou Cinda! Love all your sparkly things!

  15. I love your Christmas tree Lou Cinda, glitter and all!!!!
    So when will I be expecting you???? ;)
    We can't be decorating at night bedtime is 8:00 tee hee!
    It's all so beautiful~
    everything vintage

  16. Lou Cinda,
    I agree 100% you can never be thin enough, and bring on the bling! I must have been Southern in a different life, because I sure love your sensibilities. Your tree Re Do turned out beautiful.

  17. Lou Cinda, I love it!! It looks wonderful!!!! You should join The Nesters Christmas tour of homes on the 14th. The link is on my site.

  18. Hi Lou Cinda! Oh, your tree is just beautiful! Poor one! There's a lot of work to decorating a tree and sorry it made you sad (mad)! :) But you made it so pretty. Now I want to go and redo mine! ;)
    Be a sweetie and thanks for popping in to see me,
    shelia ;)

  19. Lou Cinda, it is BEAUTIFUL! I mean knock your socks off BEAUTIFUL! Great job. Cranky or not, you got her done! ;-)

    Love you...


    Sheila :-)

  20. Hi,
    What a beautiful Christmas tree.
    Nice that we have the opportunity to admire a variety of Christmas atmosphere:)

    Greetings from Finland Aino Sofia


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