Sunday, November 29, 2009

It's Beginning to Look Alot Like Christmas!

I have been itching to post some of my Christmas photos but I wanted to wait until at least after Thanksgiving~~Which we had a wonderful one and I hope that all if you did as well! So much to be thankful for.....

I am joining up with the extremely kind and talented Susan at Between Naps on the Porch for Met Monday as well as The DIY Showoff! I am sure everyone's homes are undergoing a metamorphosis at this time of year!! I thought I would share some photos of the exterior of my home, beginning with the bench in my front flower bed....

Some greenery, ribbon, berries, a star and an angel, which was my mothers...I miss her...

The white sprinkling on the ground? It is NOT snow! That would be the remnants of my styrofoam pumpkin that the dogs across the street chewed up...yeah, a little ambiance if you will...

The front porch and allllll the presents!

The chair filled with greenery and ribbon and more presents....

I moved my birdbath to the front porch and did an arrangement in it, and of course my rabbit bedecked for the Season with her red glittery bow.....

Threw in a few big ornaments....

I have some photos of the inside that I will post later this week. A quick tip in case you didn't know, cos' I didn't until last year, but the places that sell Christmas trees most of the time will give you the greenery that they cut off of the trees they sell. Ours is the Lions Club and they have a HUGE pile of evergreens and they smell soooo good! I had Steve go by and just fill up the back of his truck for me on Saturday! When I use it outside it holds up for the whole Christmas Season because it is cooler, and just "keeps". I used it indoors too and the aroma is awesome! Sometimes, though, I have to freshen it up before the end of December.
Thank you SO MUCH for visiting me and please be sure and visit everyone else for Met Monday and DIY Showoff!
Lou Cinda :)


  1. Very pretty! Love your bench with the angel!

  2. It all looks fabulous especially against your "new" red door!
    I don't even wrap the presents that go in the house that fancy!
    I have to tell you, we used to buy two reall trees, one green and one flocked to cut up for greenery. Then one year Calloway's Nursery took pity on me and let me start getting their cutoffs. We did that for a few years, but this year when I went over there to get some for W&T's, they were selling it for 5.00 a bundle! Not to fear...Home Depot took up where they left off! Hurray for H.D.!

  3. I love the smell of fresh greenery, Lou Cinda! Love your outdoor decorations ~ love the bunny and that you brought your birdbath into the decor, too.

  4. What a wonderful idea with the bird bath. I need to bring it out and fill it up!

  5. Lou Cinda, I loved all of your decorations, and how neat that you have your mom's angel. It all looks so festive with the greenery and the pretty bows along with the packages. Love your wreath, too. It just speaks Christmas.

    I am tickled about the dogs and the styrofoam. One year, I gave a friend of mine this adorable snowman who was felt covering styrofoam, and their dog ate it, too. What is it with dogs and styrofoam? Mine never touched the stuff... they ate rocks and Track Two razors instead. ;-)

    I have an ornament as my header that you need. I found it at Cracker Barrel.


    Sheila :-)

  6. Hi Lou Cinda! I love your Christmas decorations! It's so sweet that you have your mom's angel. The packages on the porch are so festive! So funny about the neighbor's dogs! Have a great week!...Debbie

  7. Lou Cinda, Your porch looks so inviting and festive! I decorate my birdbath, too. I like all the beautifully wrapped gift boxes. There is no way they would last in our OH weather, LOL Unless on a fully covered, deep porch, there would be way too much rain and snow to wreck them...
    I'm glad you have your Mom's angel to remember her by- little sentiments like that always make it special...
    hugs, Sue

  8. OMG Lou Cinda, you have been a busy little girl with all that gorgeous decorating! Can't wait to see the INSIDE of your abode.

  9. Well if that does not say WELCOME I don't know what would,lovely my friend just lovely!!!

  10. I LOVE your outdoor decorations, Lou Cinda! It definitely competes with my indoor stuff!! lol!! And I love all the greenery. Your presents are darling...what a neat idea. I hope you have a covered porch! ;-). Your bunny is so charming...I have a little one that I think I will now dress up and do the same with!

    They SELL bundles of branches at our garden center~that is Chicago for you. But it's not expensive and I don't use more than 2 big bundles. I too, love how it smells!

    I need you to email me your address so that I can mail off your giveaway gift. I will start to shop this week and hopefully get it off before the post office has a line wrapped around it!!

    Have a great week, girlfriend!


  11. Gorgeous! What a welcoming front porch!

  12. Looks so wonderful!! I love the bench and the bird bath! So when are you coming to my house???

  13. it all looks lovely! Thanks for the tip about the greenery.

  14. Oh everything is very pretty! I love the bench with the angel. Isn't decorating for the Holidays fun?

    Jane @ Finding Fabulous

  15. I love the rabbit. White snow bunnies.
    You have been very busy. I put my stuff out and then put most of it back in the box, I just have too much stuff. LOL
    Can't wait to see the rest.

  16. Your home is just BEAUTIFUL Lou Cinda!!! I love all of your decorations ~ we have a Christmas tree farm down the road a little bit...maybe I should pay them a visit!! Thank you so much for buying my little stocking ornament, I hope you love it sweetie! Have a wonderful rest of the week, xxoo, Dawn

  17. I love the front porch! I really need to beef mine up a bit more.

  18. Your out door transition is lovely.

    I really like when I visit a home that has fresh greens-- the aroma is yummy.

    You might enjoy some of the yard and porch decor my sister did at her house this year, posted on my blog.

    If you get a chance I would love for you to stop by as well.

    TTFN~~Claudia ♥ ♥

  19. This is my first visit. Your decorations are wonderful! I have that same extra wide ribbon, but I didn't know how to use it. How did you do yours to get that effect? Thanks!

  20. Ok Lou Cinda, what will it take for you to come decorate my home? I'll give you free room and board, a message every evening, unlimited wine and cheese and I'll even have the pesky neighbor's dogs taken care of for you (although they did do a good job of simulated snow!)

    Seriously girl, I've missed you while I was out and I'm so happy to be here visiting with you again. I am so jealous of all of your beautiful decorations but I'm always jealous of your goodies no matter what season it is! ;)
    Hope you have a wonderful holiday season, you are certainly off to a great start!!!!
    everything vintage

  21. Hi Lou Cinda,
    Looks like it's beginning to look alot like Christmas in your neck of the woods! I live in upstate New York and we had snow showers for the first time so far, no accumulation though... Anyway, hope you had a wonderful Thanksgiving and enjoy your decorating for my favorite time of year too! I've only begun to scratch the surface of decorating my home. My white tree is up with white and pink lights and a few bottle brush trees are around as well. I will be posting more pics soon as I am able too. By the way, love the pink lil trees and your bunny on the front porch, sooooo cuuute!
    ~ Stephanie

  22. Hi Lou Cinda, you're giving me some much needed inspiration for front porch decor. Mine is usually "lacking". Love the birdbath and the Big Boy Rabbit with the bow!!!

  23. You sure have been a busy girl! Your porch shouts Christmas. It's so pretty!!

  24. Wow!!! Do your neighbors hate you because you are putting the outside of their houses to shame?!!! I love everything on your porch and using the birdbath for greenery and ornaments was genius! Everything looks beautiful!


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