Sunday, November 1, 2009


I am once again joining in the party given by Susan at Between Naps on the Porch! I have been doing some painting and tweaking and generally movin' stuff around somewhat! I have been Metamorphing....if you will...

I put a burlap runner on the table for some texture and to help things stand out a bit more...

tiny balls of twine...

a teeny tiny nest.....I got this nest from Barb at Treasures from the Heart. It is so tiny and intricate....she makes them by hand....I SO love this...

I painted my coffee table cream and wiped it down with a glaze to age it a little. I like it, but I have had yet another thought, which is a dangerous thing in and of itself. I am pondering painting the top a burgundy red, which will work better with my colors in this room, I think, and glaze it, leave the rest cream...

And while I am at it, may I point out that although I can do many things....paint, hang pictures, coordinate thing I cannot accessorize my flippin coffee table! People I cannot do it! I am going to have to hire someone to come over and just do that for me!! I am serious!! Drives me NUTS!

What do you think? Does it stick out like a sore thumb now? Red or cream?

This was my buffet in my dining room before. I have moved things around on there, added a few things, added a runner...

I think moving my soup tureen to the other side looks so much better! I don't know why I had it sitting right in front of the white platter when it blended in and looked like a big blob. Go figure....

I love the orange in front of the platter...

These are some tiny little balls of string that I found in an antique shop and for some reason....LOVED. The precious shop owner sold them all to me for a few dollars. I bought the little bowl and runner at my favorite consignment shop, Esthers, for a dollar a piece.

I really love the way it looks now...changed my candles too....

This is the dining room AFTER the Rosemary Sprig paint job. See that big blank spot to the right of the door? Bugs me.....

Thank Goodness for Twice as Nice because I found this vinyl in their Etsy Store and LOVE IT!

She wrote me a note and told me to "take my time" putting this on the wall, or as Steve said "installing" it. Which we did, and it came off without a hitch! LOVE IT!!

I think it is FAB! Jamie came in today and I asked her if she liked it and she said "Well, it is different." WHAT! Define "different".... What does she know anyway?

I LOVE it!! And so did Steve! I'm just sayin'

And last but not least the "morphing" of Bella....She is getting so big....I think she is adjusting to her life here.....

Yep! She's adjusting JUST fine.....

Be sure and check out the other participants!! Thank you for visiting my blog. I appreciate it more than you know :)

Thank you Susan!


  1. Oh, I love all of your vignettes, and of course you know that I spotted all of the cloches and just drooled. They are so pretty and displayed so beautifully. Love the wall color and the applique is just perfect. Now as for the coffee table. I love it white. I would scrunch up a piece of red cloth and stack some books and a plant on top of it, then use the candlestick and a pretty bowl full of nuts or something fall and I'd say you would be good to go. Hugs, Marty

  2. You have been one busy lady!! I like all the rearranging you've been doing and I LOVE the vinyl you put on the dining room wall!!
    Based on the pics you posted of the coffee table, I would vote for painting the top...I agree that the burgundy would help the table blend in better with the warm colors you have in the room.
    Have a great week.

  3. I was so happy to hear your question about what to do with the coffee table arrangments as I am so non~creative. Everything on my coffee table looks like somebody just left it there. And that is what is usually going on so I don't put anything breakable or really nice on it. The guys just push everything aside to eat and watch sports! I am a total pushover...I am not compliant, but I am not a big complainer, except to you guys. So...I read Martys comments and I like that. As far as your coffee table paint...if it were in a family room, I would play with it. A burgundy top with maybe a crackle glaze over it. Since it is your living room you have to have more of a stiff upper lip, if you will. So add color like Marty suggests!! I am! ;-).

    I love your wall decal, really fits that space. And your buffet looks really nice. I love the little twine balls. You have a lot of good ideas. Have a great evening, Lou Cinda!


  4. wow! busy! I love vignetting, such a nice way to spend some time...yours are great!


  5. L.C., I'm not a decorator, but I had a brain fart...what if you did a fabric square (tablecloth) in the center, perhaps with fringe or some other embellishment. You could change it with the seasons or on a whim. You'd get the color without the labor. It might also provide a jumping off place for creating a tablescape for your center or off center...which ever you prefer. Just some random thoughts!
    I've got a photo of my Bella that looks strangely like your Bella I'm going to be posting in the next couple of days.

  6. Okay, now you're making me want cute little balls of thread or string or twine! As if I needed something else to be yearning for - they look so great in the bowl and under the cloche. Oh, my cloches = they are fantastic! You decorate your buffet and other tables beautifully, just think of your coffee table in the same way, its just lower. I'm going to vote for some burgundy cloth or paint on the top also.

    Now, that Bella! You just need to load her up and ship her to me - she is so precious!!!!

    Cynthia K. (Beauty and Blessings)

  7. It's nice to change things up every once in awhile. I like your table painted, I have to paint mine and I'm stuck between black and white {and now, thanks to you, white with a glaze?}.

  8. Lou Cynda, I love what you've done! The color of the DR, the new arrangement on your sideboard, the new runner in the foyer, the twine balls, the white table (with the top that's about to morph)... all look great.

    I have one suggestion for your table arrangement. Think about putting a bigger item on there (a tray, maybe) that will be bigger in scale. You can even 'scape within a tray. I think that's what you're seeing. The candle is fine as is the statue, but the other piece is a little small for that table. Try something flat and larger in scale, and then if you want to do do, tablescape within that piece if it's a tray. You could put decorating books, balls of twine, a magnifying glass or shells, etc., in it. But if all of that is too much, then keep it simple with some books or something. But I think the trick is scale. Play with that first. I see decorators use those in the mags, those and/or books, and it makes for a nice look. But you got it going. It looks great!


    Sheila :-)

  9. Make that to "do so"... horrible typo up there. ;-)

  10. Everything looks awesome! I love that vinyl wall decor!

  11. You have so many things to look at. I also love the orange pumpkin against the white plate as well--it really makes a lovely statement.

    I hope you'll come by to see my fun tassel tutorial.


  12. I love the viny thingy in your dining room! It's the perfect little touch in there. Love that green paint too.

    Your buffet looks great. The twine is neat in the pretty bowl.

    I like the color of the coffee table too. I have a sofa table that is about that color. On your coffee table try a tray. You'll be amazed at how it pulls things together...I have trays everywhere now.

    Happy Monday. :)

  13. Such an adorable kitty! I love all the changes that you made. They look terrific.

  14. We don't dare accessorize. Our friend Gordon does it. He'll come over and say, "let's change the mantel." and in a few minutes he's done. He always uses less then we expect.

  15. You've been hard at work. What a transformation. Light and airy. That's what I'm going for in my dining room too.
    Love what you did with the vinyl. The bird on the light switch is such a cute touch.
    Twin and I want to thank you for being such a great blogger friend. You are too sweet!!

  16. Hi Susan,
    Thanks for dropping by and your sweet comments about my desk!
    Your comment about your coffee table gave me a chuckle.....just keep at it and you'll find something you like. Try some scrunched up fabric under the accessories, and books under the bunny, move the tall candlestick between the bunny and platter....just my random thoughts.
    I love your twine and strings and that tall bunny under the cloche!

  17. I called you Susan, forgive me, I read your post wrong, it's Lou Cinda.....oops

    Forgot to say, I vote no on painting the top of the coffee table.

  18. Well, Ciny lou who!!!!! hehe.... I love what you did with all the changes! I agree, that a tray may work and when I did design, we grouped things, so if you put three things together on one side, you made them touch. Not sure if you know what I mean, hope it helps!
    I am so happy you like my Christmas thingy I am working on, I had to make it fuzzy cause I don't want the recipients to see too much!
    If you send me your address I will make you one!!!
    Margaret B

  19. I love your sweet little nest! Thank you so much for your sweet comment on my kitchen!


  20. Oh, I LOVE your buffet vignette! The bunny in the dome makes my heart flutter! :) Just pretend your coffee table is your buffet! LOL! Just kidding!!! I think the coffee table looks great! But I know what you mean! I have those "trouble" spots too! Mine is my mantel in the family room! Never seems quite right to me!

    Love the little nest in front of the cherub, too! The cherub is just precious! You have been one busy lady and it has paid off well! Everything look beautiful! ~hugs, Rhonda :)

  21. How lovely everything is. Love that little wall sticky (don't know what it's called). I too love the orange pumpkin against the white platter! Very pretty! Your table color looks great. You know, I have a hard time decorating my coffee table too. I hate to say it, but that kitty kinda steals the show! Little stinker! :)
    Be a sweetie,
    Shelia ;)

  22. You are too funny :o) Love the bitty nest! Love your coffee table too, but it would look great with the top painted. Can't help ya with arranging it though, I'm totally coffee table arranging-challenged. Mine generally has gum wrappers, glasses with melted ice cubes, cheeto leftovers....and a big ole remote. Lovely.

  23. That bunny in that cloche? To. Die. For. I agree with adding some red fabric. I love the table painted like it is....What about adding a tray with some books, a candle, and something green??

  24. The wall decal with all its curliques adds just the right touch to the wall!

  25. Hi, Love your blog. I say go for it, paint it red !


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