Monday, November 2, 2009

Coffee Tablescape~ Take Two

Okay, I am giving this another go. I am a woman on a mission ~ a mission to get the flippin coffee table done! we go again! I took all of your advice, and thank you so much for your opinions and suggestions!! I read them ALL!

So...I got some fabric and made a quickie runner to break up all of the cream. Lifted the rabbit up on some books, got a platter and worked in threes...

Pears in a pretty bowl, rabbits under a cloche and a pumpkin on a flower frog. Pumpkin on a flower frog? with me here....

Candlestick, books/rabbit, bowl of cherries....I'm working the red people....

I do love this platter. I already had it. In fact I had everything except the fabric for the runner...

So.....what do ya' think? Better? I like it I done? Lord no!! I will be tweaking this from now on, but I like it much better than the way it was.
Just in time for Christmas....when I have to change it again.....Lord help me.....


  1. Looking Good Mrs. Lou Cinda! You won't have to change it for Christmas...only tweak it. Everything is laid out...just add greenery, a pot of narcissus, a manger scene under the cloche and you are good to go!

  2. Looks good! Just think though, you really only have to add Christmasy stuff to what you already basically have set up now.

  3. I definitely like it better, Lou Cinda (whose name I distinctly remember writing with a "y" yesterday because I had written something to a friend who's named Lynda. ;-)

    It's good working in threes, and I like the fact that you have that platter with the bigger scale. Now, you're cooking with gas, girl! Don't you feel better??? You're like me... you will tweak till you get the perfect feel for you. I like things to evolve and change. To that end, I have a HUGE coffee table in my living room, and I tweak it. So I took everything off the top, and I stacked tons of design books under it. Didn't want people putting glasses on my good books, and you know they would. And it would be a woman that would be the first which always shocks me. Most men have been scolded by their wives to behave in public. LOL! ;-)

    Sending you big hugs...


    Sheila :-)

  4. Lou Cinda,
    I'm loving the red on the coffee table. The red really helps to ground it and I think your vignettes are perfect. Like the other comments....I don't think you'll need to tweak it much....just a few Christmas items and greenery and it will be ready for the holiday.
    Have a great day.

  5. Loving it Lou Cinda, especially the rabbit on the books. Like Sheila, I love stacks of books but always top them with something equally interesting so no one can put anything on my precious books!

    Also agree you're ready for Christmas by a little more tweaking!

  6. I think it looks great, Lou Cinda! Love the rabbits and the pumpkin on the frog!! I need to get me a frog! I have been seeing them everywhere! I also LOVE those bicycles hanging in the background! Very cool and different! BTW -I just noticed you are from Gadston - I have family in Attalla. In fact that is where my mother and her entire family are from!

  7. Very cute! You did a great job! I love it!

  8. Your a hoot...I think it looks great,I have the bowl that goes with that platter!!!Thanks so much for you note on my bathroom,I keep going in there,I am soooooo happy with it!! Talk soon,Chrissy

  9. Lou Cinda ~ That did the trick. It looks excellent now. The platter is so wonderful and I really like all the goodies resting on it. Tiny pumpkin on the frog is so clever and nothing beats a cloche. I have a few and I want more!!

    Cynthia K. (Beauty and Blessings)

  10. Hey Lou Cinda,
    It looks great! Your cloche is one of the nicest I've seen ... I really like the shape.

    Thank you so much for stopping by today and leaving the nice comment. Always wonderful to hear from you!

  11. OK, my head is spinning and I had to go back a post or two to catch up. Missing a day with you girl, it's too easy to get lost! Love the white coffee table, no matter what you do with it! Cloche, frogs, rabbits, books, I love it all. BTW you are hilarious! AND love that cutie pie kitty you have!

  12. Your coffee table looks wonderful! I have to say that that is the hardest thing to decorate for me. I have never been truly satisfied with mine. I can't tell you how many times I've changed it!! It's ok now, but still not great. Thanks for your concern on my hubby, we are VERY relieved, and yes,now we can enjoy the holidays! Kristen

  13. Love it! I change my tablescapes all the time. :)

    I too wonder about "what happened" at estate sale. :)

  14. WOW, how did I miss this blog? lol Where have I been? I love your stuff. Will follow along. Thanks for your visit today and for your kinds words!

  15. That looks so good!!! I don't even own a coffee table because I know it will only end up covered with my JUNK (well, actually Jameson's junk)!

    I hope you and Steve have a GREAT trip to the mountains this weekend! Things are still GORGEOUS around here today!!


    Robin :o)

  16. Oh, I can't wait to be able to decorate a coffee table again. With two toddles, that runner would be pulled off in about three minutes along with everything else! I like the little pupkin on the floral frog. I'm feelin' ya!

  17. It looks great. I'm jealous of all who are able to decorate their coffee tables. My boys can't seem to leave anything alone and just end up using my pillar candles as blocks :(. I love the red up against the white on your table.

  18. Hi
    I'm a new follower here, but I just wanted to tell you how much I love your blog. It really is beautiful.
    I have passed the Kreativ Blogger award onto you.
    Please check out for more info.
    Congrats and well done!

  19. Everything looks great. You followed the rules of odd numbers and balance. Woo hoo~

  20. Thanks for sharing your comment with me today. Now I know Im not alone...hehe~

  21. Love the new look!!! Can you come to my house?


    Thanks for coming by.
    I feel kind of out of the loop since we were gone a week,and now busy with getting store ready for sales from now till Christmas.

    Hoping to get some crafting in too.

    Blessings and have a great week.

    barbara jean

  23. Lou Cinda~~~

    Love, love the coffee table. Now I have to work with mine!! I like the bunny on the everyone else, I was worried about people putting their glasses on my good books, so this is a nice solution. I don't like coasters, who needs to clean those too?? Like the runner. Wow, girl!! You have given me ideas!!



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