Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Oh No He Didn't!!

I am at work on Friday
totally minding my own business
I get a call from Cameron..
Mom, I was on my way to baseball practice and there was "something" in the road
I stopped but it wouldn't move....
It just kept sitting there in the middle of the road...
So I got out and picked it up.
It's eyes were matted shut and it couldn't see.
What was "It" Cameron?

Yeah, ANOTHER cat!
How many do I have you ask?
Um .....4
I have 4 cats!!
I did have 3
Now.....I have 4

Because you see, this one was really sick on Friday.
Cameron was calling me from the vet's office.
"Our" cat had an upper respiratory infection,
She was dehydrated
She had about 4.8 million fleas
And she was very, very thin!

They gave her a shot for the infection...
They gave her a shot for the fleas...
They gave us medicine to give her twice a day for 7 days.

When Cameron got home with her (before me)

Seth sprung into action....

He gave her a bath and tried to get the 4.5 million fleas off of her.

I came in and got the last million off.

She is feeling much, much better!!

Amazing what a little tender loving care can do!

Yeah, she fell asleep in my hand.

She is five weeks old...

She has blue eyes.

We named her Bella.

We love her...

I hope she can make the transition from life in the streets.....

To life with the Munroes....

It's gonna be tough...

But maybe she can adjust.
What did Steve say?

Well....Steve is adjusting.
He said people were going to call me the "Cat Lady"
I told him I have been called worse...
ALOT worse!


  1. Oh Honey, bless your heart. It just makes me want to cry to see such a sweet little thing in such pitiful condition. I'm sure she's just lovin it!

  2. Another beautiful Bella! What a sweetheart and I mean you! She'll probably sleep all night and wake up purring! She's going to be one pretty kitty cat.

  3. Yay! I'm so glad you raised boys who rescue cats. :) Bella will love you extra amounts because she is rescued.

  4. Aaaah! She is so cute! What a little bundle! I have three cats . . . don't think I'll get away with having four :( But they are so darn lovable! I usually end up having all three in bed with me (I don't move too much). LOL! Congrats!


  5. How sweet! She is so pretty! I know that she is so happy now to have a home!

  6. Aw. Bella is flippin' adorable! Very cute blog, thanks for visiting me, and I'm following :o)

  7. I only have one cat. Wish that little one had showed up on my street. Love cats. Good for you to give it a home. You will be rewarded with lots of love.

  8. Oh, Bella is DARLING! What a cutie pie. I don't blame your son one bit for picking that cutie pie up out of the street. She is a heart stealer, and it looks like she's part Siamese. The poor little thing... wonder what she was doing out wandering the streets??? I'm so glad you have her now, Lou Cinda. She is a blessed kitty, indeed. I just love her! She's a little doll!


    Sheila :-)

  9. Oh what a sweet little thing!! Glad you saved her from a life on the streets:)
    We have a Bella too but she's a cute black cocker spaniel.

    Fun blog I just found you from another.

  10. She is just precious. I'm glad Cameron rescued her.

  11. There's a special place in Heaven for your kiddo for rescuing that baby. How cute!!! And I'm also lovin' Simon, man he does believe in relaxation, doesn't he?
    Thanks so much for visiting and posting on my blog, please come back often!
    All the best,

  12. Oh what a sweetie!! She is so cute, I'm sure life will be happier for her from now on. Congrats on the new addition!

  13. Well if you had to get another cat atleast it's a cute one. I think she is adorable and you can't help but love her!

  14. Oh, Lou Cinda! Bella is beautiful...obviously at least part Siamese!! She will grow up to be gorgeous! And if you are the cat lady, so am I! I have 4 also, 3 of which were literally picked up off of the street like Bella. Amd I might add that our Isabella started out as Bella but her name got longer! lol I picked her up in the middle of Lowe's parking lot all alone at 6 weeks and she's the prettiest cat I have ever had. You and your family are angels to rescue little Miss Bella. She is one lucky kitty! Bless you!...hugs...Debbie

  15. Oh, how sweet of you and your kid to take in a sick cat. She is precious, love her color!..Christine

  16. Awwww. So so very cute. However I think I officially hold the "crazy cat lady" title. I have 6 now.

  17. Yes, bless your heart, and Cameron's, for rescuing this adorable little creature. She is going to thank God daily that she's now a member of your wonderful household!!!

  18. What a big heart your son has!! And Bella is just the sweetest blue eyed baby. Don't you wish she would stay this little?

  19. Every creature deserves the comfort of a perfect home where they are loved and cared for. Thank you for giving this furry creature a home.


  20. Lou Cinda,
    What a delightful post, and a sweet sweet kitty.
    How nice she has found a loving home.

    I so appreciate your kind words about my blog, and sooo glad you enjoyed your visit.

    To answer your question: Yes, the little nest on the music box is still available.
    If you will email me your zip code i can let you know about shipping.

    I'm off for garage sales and then open the store, so will come back later to see more of your delightful blog. =0))

    Blessings new friend,

    Barbara Jean

    PS Love you banner and background already!!

  21. Oh my goodness what a beautiful little kitten!!! Thank goodness your family saved her! Life on the streets is no place for a cat -- thank you for visiting my blog and commenting on my "street kitty" too! ;) Hubby wants me to go back to the shelter for a third... will keep everyone posted on my blog! lol Happy Weekend!

  22. I think Bella will do just fine! She will be so spoiled rotten!! I also love your fall decor. Hob Lob has the most amazing stuff!!! Just going in there makes me want to redecorate. I can't wait for Christmas.

  23. awwwe, she is adorable. Thanks for stopping by and for following !

  24. Oh my, Bella is a little treasure - and to fall asleep in your hand - precious! She knew she was rescued and safe now from that wild and dangerous jungle out there! I think she "adjusted" right then. I really believe God entrusts these little creatures to just the right people.

    Please visit me at my new blog, Beauty and Blessings, when you have a moment.

    With lots of kitty love....Cynthia K.

  25. Hi Me again! I decided to sign up as a follower of Bella (oh, and you too!)

    Cynthia K.

  26. What a cute little kitty! If I wasn't allergic to them I would be the crazy cat lady here in Dayton! I love them but they make me sneeze and cough and break into hives. Not pretty...
    Bella has found a good home with you.
    hugs, Sue

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  28. Awe...your post sounded soooo stern at first...I knew you would melt!!!! After looking into those pretty blue eyes, who wouldn't melt? Good for Seth for picking her up off the streets, he's got a sweet heart. I'm sure she'll fit in just fine with her new loving family!!!!!
    Bella ~ what a sweet name.
    everything vintage

  29. Oh my goodness! Bella is so very sweet!!!!! I couldn't pass up a face like that either! We have four cats as well~ they are extremely spoiled! Trust me, Bella will be able to adapt to your home.... she will be so spoiled, too... like a princess!

  30. Very lucky kitty!! Seems we've had several kitties find us recently too. Yes, there are worse things than being a cat lady :) First time visitor here (great blog BTW!), and I had to note 2 things we share: age and profession. I'll come back to visit again! -Tammy

  31. AWWWWW! What a great story! Thank you so much for being a caring, loving family. So many others may have just left that poor thing in the road! I have only one but I secretly want more,lol. Take care and smooches for little Bella!

  32. Hi Lou Cinda, Miss Bella is sooo precious. What perfect timing for Cameron to have found her when he did. It's obvious he has a big heart like his mother to have the concerns for this itty bitty kitty.
    My kitty weighed 4 ounces when I rescued her 16 years ago. You're so right! It is amazing what a little TLC can do. Please continue to share her progress with us. I'm sure in time the other kitties will come around.

    Thank you for coming by my humble blog and especially for your generously offering to try and locate the manufacturer of your Bistro Set. The fabric looks very similar to the floral Waverly fabric I have. Is it a Red background? I'll keep an eye out when I'm at our Fabric Depot. They can order just about anything.

    Sweet wishes,

  33. Such a sweet little kitty. She knows she's in good hands , especially to fall asleep in them.
    Nice to see her have a great home.


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