Thursday, October 15, 2009

Mish Mash

This is my newest "M"
I got it from Twice as Nice
I put it on my mirror!
I love it!
They are wonderful!

Bella is adjusting wonderfully :~)

She is pretty much ruling the roost around here...

She hasn't had any problems handling things...

Are Chloe, Sissie and Simon adjusting?

Not so much.....

Maybe time will help that little "situation"

This is my most adorable skeleton canvas....

I got it from Jen at Sanctuary Arts At Home!

I just love him!

I may leave him out allllll year!

I could put a turkey in there for Thanksgiving
in place of the pumpkin...
A Wreath at Christmas....
A heart for Valentines Day...
You get the picture

Jen is in the newest edition of Country Living Magazine!

Page 74!

She is SO talented and her blog is amazing!

I can say I knew her when...

Be sure and check her out!
And Have a Great Friday !!


  1. I love the "M" on the mirror....I collect "E"'s and you have just given me a great idea!!! Thanks for the inspiration.

  2. That "M" looks great...looove how big it is.


  3. Hey looks GREAT!! The fit is just right. We will be putting the welcome on real soon. Have a great weekend. The Twins

  4. Love the "M" and the skeleton.. how cool. I have two "Bellas"... twins. Just a half-shade lighter than your Bella. All 5 babes are on the blog... on a post from a couple of weeks ago. Your other babies will adjust soon ~ I'm sure. Who wouldn't love Bella? What a doll! -Tammy

  5. That skeleton really is great! I hope the kitty situation works itself out! And now I'm off to grab my CL magazine and turn to page 74. Have a great weekend!

  6. I like your "M" on the mirror, Lou Cinda! And yea for Jen that she got in the mag!


    Sheila (who is still pouring over brown colors! Argh!) :-)

  7. Girl...I almost fainted when I saw that mirror...ALMOST I tell you!
    I love love LOVE it! It's soooo elegant and classy, what a wonderful idea! I'm going to have to snatch that idea...hope you don't mind! ;)
    I think your little skeleton man (or woman) would look precious in any holiday setting! However, many would be probably thinking of committing you once they see that, but it would be pretty none the less! haha
    Have a wonderful weekend Lou Cinda!!! I love coming here, you always make me smile :)
    everything vintage

  8. Fabulous place for your newest M, Lou Cinda. And Bella looks totally happy and loved. I'm sure the "situation" with the others will ease as soon as they get used to her and her little kitty ways.

  9. Lou Cinda, Fern and Fran have designed an "S" for me. I'll post it once I have it up. Your initial looks lovely and that skeleton is cool...
    Bella is such a pretty little thing- hope the others adjust soon.
    hugs, Sue

  10. The "m" looks great and what a cute little kitten. I love it when they are tiny fur balls. Thanks for sharing!

  11. Oh! I'm another who loves the M on your mirror. Now that is a great idea. I even love the way the "M" maiden initial.
    I want to thank you for stopping by my blog today and leaving a comment!

  12. I love your chic "M", you're lucky since some letters don't look as nice. Hum, I have this issue of Country Living I will have to go check out pg. 74! Give the kitty's a bowl of milk for me.

  13. We put a Welcome in our shop. It is different from the one you purchased. If you want the old one that is fine just email us and let us know. The Twins

  14. Hi ~ The M on your mirror looks fantastic - and what a mirror!

    Bella, obviously, has taken over the Princess of the House role. She looks so much like a little kitten that showed up years ago on my porch - I named her Twinkles and she was my little blessing. And I know how grumpy all the other cats can be - been through that - they're jealous of course and want more stroking and babytalk!!

    Cynthia K. (Beauty and Blessings)

  15. I love your M!!!! Great idea with that too~ Good to hear you have a boobie buddy! Mrs Jane is doing well today~

  16. Lou Cinda...i love your "M" on the mirror! I've gotta find me a "B"! Where did you find it again?

    Jane @ Finding Fabulous


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