Monday, August 1, 2011

I got it Covered….

Catchy little title don’t you think?  Lampshades would be the topic…covering the ole’ dreaded lampshade….I covered the two in my dining room….and it was time….high time….that they get an updated little do over.

Alas, the before…


Isn’t that a lovely before shot?   I totally suck at this…..let me see if I can find another one….


LOL  That is as good as it’s gonna get folks… for the AFTER (I did better on this)

Better yes?




You know I am a gingham freak!  I made a shower curtain and window treatments for my bathroom….more gingham used in there….it is a sickness….


It wasn’t hard….just tedious….SORRY!  No tutorial!  I just get something on my mind and am a woman possessed!  No photos….no pauses….just full speed ahead!!  I do know that I used Fabric-Tac to do this…that stuff ins AMAZING!!  These seams are glued….no sewing machine was used in the covering of these lampshades…


LOVED this fabric!!


See that trim?  It’s going around the bottom of the shade…..stay tuned…


I still have to paint the lamps….maybe heirloom white….distress them a little…..

Thank you for stopping by and I hope you have a FABULOUS week :)


  1. Well just look at you go girl. I am loving the covered lamp shades. Maybe you should use the new AS paint that we purchased Saturday when you paint the lamps.

  2. Great job, Lou Cinda! I have a couple of shades I'd like to do and I'm figuring you cut the fabric to fit each section and then the trim covers that? I think I bookmarked a couple of tutorials on it so I'll have them. Will have to look for that Fabric Tac stuff though.

  3. So pretty. I love your whole dining room.

    Speaking of gingham....I just bought an orange and white gingham blouse. Fun times!

  4. Love those lamp shades. So pretty and I love gingham too. The whole room is so pretty.

    Lee Laurie

  5. The lamp shades are wonderful and the gingham is wonderful.
    You did a great job!

    White Spray Paint

  6. wow, these are adorable. I've always wanted to learn how to cover lampshades!! great job, love the floral and gingham together! xoxo Debra

  7. Lou Cinda,
    From the lady who doesn't sew to the lady who dislikes sewing...these are amazing!!! I adore the color combination and that gingham sets off the floral inset perfectly! YES!!! I'll be back to see the added trim and new paint!!!

  8. Great job and I just LOVE that fabric and trim!! Martina

  9. Seriously Lou Cinda...that looks hard????? You should have made a tutorial......I think the trim would have done me in! Look great though....

  10. What cute shades, Lou Cinda. You got them to fit so well with your fabric-tac. I like the print.

  11. Hey girl. I'm impressed with your lampshade skills! I'm with Sherry - do it again with a tutorial!

  12. Hey, Lou Cinda! I know how tedious recovering lampshades can be and you did an amazing job! Good for you! They look great and that trim is adorable!

  13. I'm so thrilled you'll be coming to my party!
    Be a sweetie,
    Shelia ;)

  14. cute title and cute lamp covers. White will be a perfect color to paint them!!

    barbara jean

  15. Anything that looks sewn, but doesn't require sewing is tops in my book! I love gingham. It always looks so fresh and bright.
    You got it made in the shade.

  16. They look great! You done good girl *winks* I wish you'd done that tutorial but I totally understand that whole "posessed" thing *winks* Love the fabric! Vanna

  17. Ah, to be so talented. I'm started to get excited for the fall season to arrive here. Love that first scent of fall, or that nip of coolness, in the air.

  18. Just you go ahead, Girl! Those lamps are FABulous! When I see how good those look, it makes me a little embarrassed to think about how much time I spend hand sewing my shades. Yes I can sew anything... but I wish I had your nack for decorating. Love what you've done.

    My blog was hijacked for over a month, so I'm just making my rounds again. Ain't no hijacker gonna beat me!

    Be sweet, yall!

  19. Cute! Cute! Cute! Cute! CUTE!

    Come to my house and help ME!

    Darling shades...


    Sheila :-)

  20. Hi Lou Cinda
    You found me earlier today at 21 Rosemary and simply had to stop by and check out your blog! The lamp shades are wonderful...I was just up in Brimfield Mass. for their Antique/flea market and there were ladies there who did the same thing as you only with vintage shades. They were selling them at a very healthy asking price. I have them on my blog if you'd like to see what they did. Right now I am chomping at the bit to try out this idea!
    Also really love the green in your diningroom...fantastic job!!!


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