Monday, August 8, 2011

100 Mile Yard Sale

100 miles of 100+ degree weather = MISERY!!  Howevah, my partner in Crime, Sharon, came up Saturday and we did venture out to explore a small portion of said 100 miles……ever so small….more like 20 miles…give or take….

Suffice to say, way down here at the beginning of said sale….there are no “pretty booths” accessorized and decorated so as to “lure” us in….no no no….things are strewn about and splayed out on the ground in the hot hot sun for us to peruse.

Lucky for us, it was overcast Saturday, so it was not as hot as it could have been…..I did manage to score a few things that I loved…

the tray I bought for $3.00 because well… just never know when you will need a good tray and also because it was only $3.00….the little white pitcher was also $3 and I LOVE it!  The pots were FREE!  The little red chipped ones are my favorite and I couldn’t believe he gave them to me for nothing!  He said I had bought quite a bit….my total was $16.00!






I LOVED this the most….a chamber pot….who knew??


yeah, $10….




So, I spent a total of $16 at the sale and love my stuff….Sharon got some really cool stuff too….I am working on her cos’ she NEEDS a blog!!!!!

Coming soon……redoing a bathroom…..involves this….



and this…


and a sewing machine….I know….Dear Heaven….

Stay tuned…..

And for those who really needed this….a Sadie shot :)



Thanks for stopping by~!



  1. Lou Cinda,
    Adore your chamber pot and your little pitcher! Perhaps that tray will work into your new bathroom re~do? The Sadie shot is my favorite...along with the love flowing from your post! Great things happen when you're sewing...relax, exhale...and get 'er done! I'll be back to see the finished results!

  2. OMG I am LOVIN that fabric!! Can't wait to see what you do with it! Martina

  3. Oh my gosh, Sadie is tooo cute!! snuggle her up for me, lol.
    I think you probably should of bought more at that sale. I know I would of done some good damage!
    Looks like you got some cool things.
    Can't wait to see the bathroom re-do!

  4. Oh I sooo needed that Sadie shot today! Love the little white pitcher too.

  5. You did great!
    I love that white pitcher.

    White Spray Paint

  6. You always go to the most fun sales. Good haul there, girlfriend, and I can't wait to see what you do with your bathroom. I know it will be adorable. And look at that Sadie. What a cute picture. LOL! I can tell she is so mistreated. NOT! ;-)

    Love you...


    Sheila :-)

  7. L.C.,I'm cracking up over that last photo...reminds me of Cat Daddy at nap time!
    Girl...if I'd been with y' some point I'd be splayed out on the ground (not a pretty sight). What great finds, but you got me curious about your big plans and that cute checked fabric.

  8. You got some great bargains! Pitchers are ALWAYS fantastic! Love the shape on the light colored pot. And the chamber pot - beautiful! You did a great job on lamp shades in the previous post and the the dust ruffle and sewing in the post before that was wonderful! Linda

  9. Lou Cinda you did good and I Love the chamber pot!

    Have a wonderful day,

  10. I was in Gadsden Wed. - Fri. and none of us sisters could find it in us to get out in the heat to venture up the mountain and explore this end of the yard sale!!! I would have fainted in the heat! I do love what you found.

    Is that the fabric from the store where you kept running into Jana??? I bought several pieces that she bought there to make some pillows. She is my personal shopper!!! : )

  11. Lovely fabric. Sewing.... oh dear, mine is staring at me and I'm just staring back. :)

    Those long, long yard sales look fun at a distance, while I'm siting and having a sip of something cool.

  12. Loved the yard sale adventure. Next time we must venture further north. I am so pleased with my treasures from our trip.
    I love, love the fabric that you are using in this bathroom. I must brag on your sewing skills for that shower curtain. You have done an amazing job. I am excited so see how the paint turns out in that room. Looking forward to that post!
    The picture of Sadie so cute!!! She is just adorable.
    Ready for our next adventure. I feel like Thelma and Louise! Ha Ha!

  13. Forget the yard sale...that kitty shot was priceless....what is it about pets when they are sleeping...I just want to hug on them! I am glad you scored some loot.....$16 is pretty cheap entertainment!

  14. You are one brave gal to get out in this that darling little pitcher and that chamber pot was a steal!!!


  15. Looks like you found some great stuff! We shopped the sale in Ky., I bought a whole van load of stuff, which is still in the van! I'm been so tied up with the new baby I haven' had time to unload! Next three days I'm gonna try to get my kitchen painted so I can have the rest of my wood floors laid! Hopefully I can get the van unloaded next week! I'm just way to busy for my own good! Hahahahaha!

  16. What great finds you got! My favorite is the white pitcher, such a pretty shape....Christine

  17. Wow...what some wonderful finds!! I am in love with the chamber pot! Thanks for stopping by my blog! I am from Alabama too! For the past two years we have headed to Kentucky via interstate and come home on Hwy 127. We have had a blast!! It was on the hot side this year, but the finds were so worth the heat!!


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