Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Craigslist Etiquette

Okay…I LOVE Craigslist!  LOVE HIM!  However….there are certain rules that the listers should follow don’t ya’ think??

For instance….if someone were to see, say a sofa they LOVED on Craigslist and sent said lister an e-mail inquiring about the sofa….and you get NO RESPONSE!

I think that is just RUDE!  I mean, would it be SO hard to just respond to the e-mail with “Sold” or “decided to keep it” or whatever?  I hate to be a bother and resend another e-mail, but you wonder, did they get the e-mail, have they even the e-mail yet??  I know spamming is a problem, but I always try and inquire so they will know I am NOT a spammer.

Just RESPOND people!

OR, scenario number two….you see a sofa that you think you love and you e-mail and ask a few questions like, does it have visible signs of wear, or are the cushions firm…you know the usual.  They do respond and tell you the sofa is in excellent condition, firm cushions, just a great sofa….so…..

You drive 2 HOURS to get to said excellent sofa only to find that it is just worn all to hell and back OUT!!

SHUT UP!!!  This happened to me!!!  And Steve…God bless him….We drove 2 hours to go and we thought pick up this great sofa and it was just AWFUL!  4 HOURS total in the truck to go see a beat up sofa…

So….we came home without it….we had to laugh!

Take photos of any damage and e-mail it to the prospective buyer, especially if they are driving to another STATE to see it…..JUST SAYIN’…

That said, I do have two recent purchases from wonderful sweet people off of Craigslist….

First my sink….LOVE this sink….Exactly what I had been looking for…EXCELLENT condition…EXCELLENT! $50.00



This cute little chandelier….I spray painted it (of course) oil rubbed bronze…$25.00



I am looking for some shades for it….


I am wondering if I need to lower it….what do you think?


And my swan I have had…not a Craigslist find…but she is all decked out for Fall…




Thank you for stopping by and REMEMBER the rules for Craigslist….be honest, and RESPOND!!

Just sayin…


  1. Hi Lou Cinda! Amen!! I so agree with you about Craigslist! I love it, but have had some the same experiences as you! Driving there and the piece wasn't what they said it was.
    I get aggravated too when I find the perfect item and email them and they don't respond - I check back and the item is taken down. So many folks forget to take the picture off when it's sold. That just hurts my feelings! :)
    Well, I love your sink! It's beautiful and the chandy is lovely. Maybe you could hang it a tad lower but it's lovely!! :)
    Be a sweetie,
    Shelia ;)

  2. Lou Cinda,
    I so agree with you about Craigslist...I have only sold items here and it's always been very easy...load pics and tell about any damage...answer the e-mails...we have always sold our items FAST! Love your sink and chandy...think I'm going to paint my chandy soon...what brand of paint did you use?


  3. I totally agree with your rules, simple etiquette. I'm so sorry you had to drive so far for nothing, but glad you are able to keep your sense of humor and laugh about it.

    Wowsers! I love that sink! My light fixture is similar to that one and it hangs much lower and everyone is always hitting their noggin on it...but maybe just a tad lower?

    And the SWAN...omg, how beautiful and how smart are you to dress her up like that for Autumn! Perfect!

  4. I just found your blog and I love it!!! I've been reading through some of your posts! Your kitchen is gorgeous with the painted cabinets, and I can't believe what you did with the counters! Great job. If for some reason you get tired of that bunny under glass on your buffet, PLEASE send him to me!!! LOL!!! If you'd like to "visit" me in New England, it's beautiful this time of year - I love company and new Followers are very exciting! I enjoyed my visit today!

  5. Oh, you scored big with that sink!

    I've never bought anything off Craigslist, only sold. But I do check out my competition and a LOT of stuff on the Charlotte list is so awful it just needs to be dumped in the trash.
    I've had the opposite problem as you lately - I go to the trouble of taking multiple photos, posting detailed description, measurements, etc. Then someone emails me the first day asking if X item is still available. I respond that it is and then I never hear from them again! What's up with that?!

  6. Couldn't agree more! I think your chandy would look great lowered. Love, love that swan decked out for fall! Very pretty.

  7. I have a love hate relationship with Craigslist for all of the same reason.
    Love your sink!

  8. You must be looking in a different STATE than me....I can't ever find anything on Craigslist in Alabama! HAHA!

  9. I have never done Craigslist but my dil has. She had good luck, but there are always rude "stinkers" out there....just sayin.~Hugs, Patti

  10. Love you blog, fairly new to it. I believe I seen on HGTV that a "hanging" light over a table should be 30 inches from the table top to the bottom of the light. I know mine is higher, just one of those things I haven't changed...LOL

  11. Yes and yes! What about the item that sold "2 days ago". Take down the post then! :)

  12. I have never bought or sold anything on Craigs List. To be honest, I forget about even looking on Craigs List. Thanks for the tips though. Love your finds.

    Enjoy your day.

  13. I have had my own CL disappointments, but thankfully I didn't have to drive too far, but I did make my husband drive his truck down there. We ended up re-negotiating the price for a better deal to make it worth the extra effort it was going to take to repair the piece. Stop by my blog before Monday to sign up for a Kayce Hughes Warehouse Row Gift card. Don't think it's too far for you, is it?

  14. I agree completely - it also drives me crazy when you have had multiple emails with a buyer and then they just stop responding or don't show up...really! But I still love CL! Have a great weekend.


  15. So sorry about the craig list problems! We live too far from the big cities that list with Craig's list so I have never tried buying that way. I sure see that alot of ladies get some great things that way though- and your 2 items are proof!!

    Your swan is just beautiful too filled will all the luscious fall!

  16. I agree with EVERYTHING you said... and I'll add.. when you are a seller... I hate when the same person contacts you over and over and over again showing interest, asking you to lower your price and then never coming to see the item!

  17. Those dang Craigslist people. It is like a cult.....and real estate listings. For instance charming means shack and so on....Your husband must be a saint because my husband [well first of all I would have to use sexual favors just to get him to go with] would have gone all engineer on me asking about what facts I had gotten before I went running to another state. It would not have been pretty!

  18. I have bought a lot of things off Craigslist both for my shop and home. Most of the experiences have been good but there was the the guy that thought his coffee table was in excellent condition. Really, with all the scratches and the missing corner the dog chewed off!
    Hugs, Sherry

  19. Love it! Love what you found, but I hate that the other was a bust! Some people!

    I also love the fact that your swan is so decked out for wll. WONDERFUL! Great job, girl!


    Sheila :-)

  20. Hey Lou Cinda!!!! Well, I've never tried out Craig's list, but I'm glad you had your husband with you. Bummer on the lack of consideration of some people...blah..., but I love that chandy, and oh my that swan all dressed for fall is gorgeous! I'm always glad to hear from you. Hope you're enjoying the change of season,

  21. Your sink looks wonderful. It's the good experiences that outweigh the bad ones, right. Your swan is gorgeous, I love the large scale of it. I'm waiting for a CL e-mail back right now. At least it's in town. Blessings, Kim

  22. I have not yet purchased from craigslist but how can anyone expect to sell something without telling the truth. It isn't like you aren't going to see it in it's actual condition! Love the sink and chandy. I say lower it a tad. I have the same swan! Love her (or him). Mine is disquised as a ghost at the moment but will be full of fall flowers once November hits. I always look at craiglist but haven't found much. Now I will have to look further because you have some great finds! Take care, Pam

  23. Seriously, I love the sink! I've never bought anything off of Craigslist. But maybe now I just might. I find things on EBAY all the time. And the swan...to cute!

  24. glad you could laugh...otherwise you might have cried :)

    what an adventure....

  25. Great buys! I feel your pain. Recently, my husband saw an ad in the newspaper with a phone #. When he called and began asking questions, the seller said: Look these are expensive minutes on this phone. Either you wanna buy it or you don't!! My husband replied, well, I don't and hung up! Why would someone place an ad with their # if they didn't want people to call them? Grrrr! laurie

  26. Love the chandy. Where, oh where are you finding the ORB paint???? It's become so scarce.

  27. too cute Lucinda! I hear you on the reply thingy..I'm waiting to hear from someone on there about a woodstove for my workshop. Love that sink..love it!!

  28. I love the chandelier and I think I would lower it a little bit, but only if it's not too much trouble. It looks fine as is. I also love the ideas of shades on it. That will really make it look rich. Beautiful job!


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