Tuesday, October 5, 2010


Well, I finally got it finished!  The spray painted countertops…..What a hoot!!  The hardest part was removing said countertops from said kitchen and taking them OUT into the back yard, cos’ you CANNOT spray paint in the kitchen….

just sayin’…

This is a photo of the less than joyful husband because after all, football was on!  It was a hot mess taking those things out!  My kitchen was TRASHED!


Everything came off the counters and out from under the sink, because we got a new sink….that is what I have been waiting on….and of course when Steve was disconnecting it….things broke….HOT MESS!


It did not take me very long at all to paint the countertops and we had them back in the house before Bama kicked off at 7:00…that’s just how I roll….


New sink and faucet!  I found the sink on Craigslist for $50!!!  PERFECTION!!!!






We went from this….


To this….101_0874

To this!


What do you think???  I really like it!  I didn’t do anything special to spray paint it…just point and spray….light coats….and then I rubbed it down and sort of buffed it out afterwards…so far…so good…

The worst thing that can happen is I get new countertops down the road, which was always the plan anyway….this is just an “interim” fix…

LOVE my sink!  You can’t tell much about the faucet but I got it at Lowes, oil rubbed bronze…I still need to change the ceiling fan in here…that is next….

Steve is thrilled…

just sayin’…

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  1. Holy cow! That is fabulous - looks like a magazine picture. I know you are loving it! Linda

  2. Lou Cinda,
    It's so neat how a little spray paint can make such a huge difference in a room...love how it turned out for you and Steve. Hop over and show it off at NIFTY THRIFTY TUESDAYS!


  3. That is so neat. I'd be interested to know how long it holds up. It is beautiful and the transformation is stunning. Good job.

  4. SO perfect! What a happy place to cook!

  5. You have transformed your kitchen into such a stunning beauty. I would never have thought to spray paint the counters, but why not. It looks fabulous. Beautiful kitchen. Hugs, Marty

  6. I love what you've done! It looks awesome!

  7. I really want to say Holy S@#t!!! But instead I will say WOW! I can't believe this, it looks great, and really really transforms the room, WOW!!!(Thanks for the kind words about Brooke's Bunny!)

  8. Beautiful, Lou Cinda! I have never heard of painting countertops but obviously it turned out great! Wonderful new look for your kitchen! I love the cabinets painted white!~Hugs, Patti

  9. Hi Lou Cinda! Oh, you're amazing! I love what you've done to your countertops! It looks wonderful!
    Now I'm having a blog party on Oct. 13 called the Heart of the Home Party - we'll be showing our kitchens and this post would be wonderful. I hope you'll join me.
    Be a sweetie,
    Shelia ;)

  10. WOW OH WOW!!! How incredible! Your kitchen is absolutely fantastic!


  11. Marvelous! The black counter tops really make your cabinets pop now. You have a very sweet husband. You two did a great job!

  12. Too gorgeous and I love the sink with the oil rubbed bronze faucet. It all looks so fresh with the white paint.

  13. Girl, you did a FABULOUS job! My hubby would not have been happy to do that during football either:) The black looks great and you have a brand new kitchen!

  14. Wow..you must be thrilled,I know I would be! It all looks lovely...now enjoy it! x0x0

  15. What a brave and clever woman you are! Love the painted countertops and even tho the wood cabinets were lovely, I am thrilled with the white paint in your kitchen. Keeping all your ideas in mind for my own redo. Thanks.

  16. What a transformation!!! All in a day! I am terribly impressed with your wonderful husband!

  17. Wow, this looks really good. You made excellent choices! I know about the mess, too.
    Just did my kitchen back-splashes and now I have my fridge in the kitchen rather than the dining room!
    Awesome :)

  18. This might seem like a dumb question, but why can't you spray paint in the kitchen? Especially if you are only spray painting like 4 feet of stuff?? I adon't know if our counters come off, because the cabinets have sides all the way down on each of the ends (its a VERY small counter area- 2 feet or so on each side of a large sink). Any suggestions?


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