Tuesday, August 11, 2009


I have taken some random pictures in my bedroom, which is still being "tweaked". I will tweak it for the next zillion years I am sure. I never get quite finished with anything!

These photos are in no particular order (obviously) just what I pulled in....

This is the top of the armoire, which I have already changed since this photo was taken! lol I took away the birdnest and added more hydrangeas. Love hydrangeas, but they are MESSY in their dried state...

I got naked wall issues~looking for "stuff"

This is my dust ruffle which is actually a valance I bought at an estate sale. I just tucked it up under there and pinned it in place.

You cannot appreciate the enormosity of this bed! It was Steve's bed and I do love it, HOWEVER, Steve is not a big guy, at all! He is 5'10" (same height as me) and he is built up you know (got those "guns" as Cameron would say) but I would not think he would need a massive bed! He got not a King mind you, but a California King! Which I think is 4 inches LONGER than a King! Now....the issues with putting a bed that size into a room are aplenty! When we bought our house I fretted and fretted over the size of this bed and whether or not it would fit comfortably into the space. Well....it did....BUT there ain't gonna be no cartwheels going on in there, however, it does work. Made Stevie baby happy :) See my "M" on my lampshade? Got that from Twice as Nice. They are so sweet!

Now, this is my vanity that I have had for YEARS! This is where it all happens! I do everything here! Hair, make-up (or spackle as I call it) the works! When we were looking for a house I would say, there is nowhere for my vanity. Seth would say, your not gonna buy that house because there is nowhere for your vanity? Yep!
I had the skirt made and then I covered the top with a complimenting floral that I fell in love with. I covered it using spray adhesive, which is my tool of choice. So easy! And if you want to change it, you can pull it off in one piece. Simple!

Close up of the top...

Hope you all have a great day!


  1. A bed that big is not for turning cartwheels in...it's for playing hide and seek!
    Spackle, huh? Laura at White Spray Paint calls it "painting the barn"!
    You really do have a lovely room and put it all together beautifully. Think mirrors on the wall (just not on the ceiling!).

  2. I just love what you've done here! Anyone that loves and decorates and names their blog with hydrangeas has fabulous taste! Love it ! Cindy

  3. Love your pretty vanity area and that initial lampshade!

  4. I really love the fabric on that vanity Lou Cinda, just my style!

  5. I just took down all the hydrangeas off my armoire...they were so dry and dusty...but I may have to put more up there after seeing yours!
    I love your dust ruffle!! Very creative!!

  6. Hi Lou Cinda,
    I always enjoy stopping by. Your posts are always so interesting and cleverly written (great humor!).
    Great idea to use the valance as a dust ruffle, and that spray adhesive idea could be great for all covering all sorts of things with fabric!

    Have a wonderful weekend!

  7. Hi Lou Cinda,
    You always have such great ideas!!!

    Thank you so much for visiting my Blog ealier and leaving such a sweet and thoughtful comment! It really meant a lot to me...
    Have a great weekend,

  8. Love the top of your vanity - the whole thing is pretty! I love hydrangeas too - they do get a bit messy when they're dried but they are worth it!


  9. Hi Lou Cinda,
    Twin and I haven't forgotten you or the M for your mirror. She is coming over after work today and we should be able to make it. We'll go by the measurements you gave us and come up with what we think would be a good size monogram for it. We have been so busy trying to take our business in a new direction. We sometimes get together and work 10-12 hours. It's fun but time comsuming.
    Your bedroom is looking great! Love the vanity.

  10. Lou Cinda- always enjoy looking at your pretties! The vanity is so sweet! Calif King! I remember my hubby and I slept for a few nights on a twin bed when we were newly married!!


  11. Cute bedroom! I have naked wall issues too...but who doesn't! Love you valance repurposed as a bedskirt. I'm having bedskirt issues with my daughters bed, as it's a 3/4 sized bed, and they don't sell that size in stores. I gotta check out those valances though...great idea!

  12. Hi Lou Cinda,

    Thanks for the visit and comment...it is a touching story...thank you for the good wishes for Edward.

    As I mentioned in a comment to you last week, we went to northern Alabama last week and I was with Sheila Aiken a couple of days (Dogtown). I told her how nice your sofa looks in your home...she asked where you were from and I didn't remember other than Alabama...we came through Gadsden on the way home Saturday...and Anniston....She and her husband have recently been to Egypt and Israel....

    Your home is lovely...Betty

  13. Oh my gosh! I love them all!! The pics are fabulous! I really love your night stand and table with the mirror. Sorry my blog had been giving me some trouble lately and I had to switch to rrmama.net

  14. Hi Lou Cinda,
    Thanks for stopping by yesterday. So glad you enjoyed the Sam Harris post. I added two more songs so, if you want to hear/see young Sam singing "Over the Rainbow," c'mon back over!

    bye for now ...

  15. LouCinda, your room is gorgeous! I am in love with the vanity. I just stand in front of the bathroom sink...your way is much nicer. :)

  16. Oh, your bedroom looks so pretty and homey! Love it.

    You won the honeymoon story giveaway on my blog!
    Email me at clarksrfun@gmail.com with your address and I'll be sending you a jar of my homemade salsa and homemade muscadine jelly.


  17. Hello,
    I am new at blogging so I thank you for joining my blog... such sweet compliments.
    I am adding my face to your followers too and on to my blog roll. Thanks for stopping by...

    I want...covet that vanity. You will be hearing more from me for sure.

  18. Love your pics, and love getting to take a peek inside your lovely home. I have a dust ruffle just like yours*! Love it*! (((Hugs)) _Ashley*

  19. Hi Lou Cinda :)

    Your bedroom is beautiful! I'm really loving your vanity :)

    Oh and your new couch?? LOVE IT!! It's fantastic in your den!!!

    Sorry I haven't been by, but well... issues! LOL


  20. Your bedroom is chic and cozy and I love your vanity area! Great idea using the valance for a bed ruffle.

  21. I'm currently tweaking my bedroom as well...
    love your valance turned bedskirt~very pretty!!

  22. What a lovely dressing table. I have not used spray adhesive before but it sounds like something I should look into.

  23. Hi Lou Cinda, I have you linked to join the Rooster Party....so glad to have you with us.

    See you at the party....hope you have a wonderful time!

    Barb :-)


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