Monday, July 20, 2009

You Can't Handle the Grasshoppers?

It's okay! I can't look at that post either! So this is a quickie post, to get rid of the prior ugly, disgusting grasshopper post.

They are diminishing in numbers it seems. Steve did squish one yesterday, but that is the only one we saw...I am SO GLAD!

I really don't know of anything wonderful to post about....let's see.....hmmmm.....nope, blank!

I'll post something tonight, I have a shrubbery delima I need help with.

But at least the grasshopper pictures are gone!!

Just don't scroll down or you will see them again! Maybe I should delete them altogether! I just didn't want you guys thinking I was a big Sissy being scared of a little cricket! As you can see....THESE AIN'T CRICKETS!

Prettier posts to come...I promise :)

Lou Cinda :)

(Feel better Jodie ?)


  1. I think your big strong hero shooed them down my way. I went out this morning and the little devils were ahoppin'! Thanks a ton!!!
    Do you want me to send you photos?

  2. Hey Lou Cinda. I missed a post or two...don't know how I did that. :) I hate grasshoppers! They will totally strip the leaves off of things. Get rid of em!

    Look at you on the sidebar over there! Gorgeous!

  3. They are so weird....ugh! I hate those big cicada they are scary

  4. Lou Cinda, you need to check out my Outdoor Wednesday post and see who came a'courting. Told you they were still around. ;-)


    Sheila :-)


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