Friday, July 24, 2009

Shrubbery Delima

See this shrub here? This HUGE spindly at the bottom shrub? The one in FRONT of our deck on the back of the house?

I hate this shrub...

I think it needs to come down. It is ugly, it is too tall, it is practically impossible to maintain! It is over my head no matter where I try to trim it from. We have to get the ladder and it is STILL too tall! I have disliked it since we moved in our house 2 years ago.

Steve was out there the other day "struggling" to trim the thing and I said "Cut it down!" Now, he did not like that idea too much! He insisted he could trim it, but I really want it gone!
He pointed out you would be able to see under our deck if it was gone. So? Is that not what lattice is for?
I will not miss it!!
What do you think? Stay? or GO!


  1. Go, if you want it gone. Lattice can hide a multitude of sins, and maybe you can find a vine or ivy to train up the lattice. If it makes you unhappy,Lou Cinda... off with its head!

    Sorry about the blog thing earlier. What happened is that I reversed the lettering on my blog with some words, and I had a new name. LOL! We are back to normal. Didn't mean to cause any problems. I was just trying to get things worded over a silly picture I had up today.

    See you when I get back from my little jaunt!


    Sheila :-)

  2. I would take it down too and not worry about it ever again!!!
    How have you been??
    Have a wonderful weekend!

  3. Put a chain around it...attach the chain to a trailer hitch and pull that sucker out! You can hide under the deck with lots of items that are not so big and ugly! Adios, bush!


  4. Take it out, baby. If roots are too deep,cut it down and use Root/Stump Rot.

  5. Go! Sometimes plants and bushes become overgrown with time and they have to be replaced.

  6. GO! GO! GO!! It looks like it is trying to eat your deck! You (and Steve) will be SO happy that it's gone!!!


    Robin :o)

  7. Hi Lou Cinda :)

    If it doesn't grow flowers, I would rip it out. You can always grow lower bushes to hide the underneath part of the deck.


  8. Lou Cinda, looks like we all agree that it's gotta go! There are other nice shrubs that you can control and that will fill out the space. We need to see your deck! Linda

  9. Go! Life's too short to put up with ugly. Plant a rose.

  10. I would say "Gotta go!" You could plant some pretty banana trees there instead. They multiply and they look tropical. I have them planted outside next to my back deck and I love them.

  11. Oh that baby must go. I think the votes are in, right? Look how pretty you are! I knew it. Keep killing those grasshoppers..they are all probably breeding in that shrub (just kidding)

    ps: Thanks for pulling for me Lou.

  12. If he won't cut it down, I need a vacation, i'll come with my chainsaw and cut it down.

    It needs lattice and pretty flower boxes!!


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