Tuesday, February 28, 2012


I have been amiss lately and I do apologize, however, I just sometimes feel that I haven’t done anything that is “blog worthy”.  While it is a triumph when Steve picks up all of the 44 zillion pine cones in the yard, I don’t necessarily feel that it would be a before and after that you would garner any knowledge or know how from whatsoever…then there is the BIG screen that we purchased and then I got motion sickness while watching it….yeah….not so blog worthy…that, however, is another story for another day.  :\

Sharon and I did head out Saturday to places that we have come to know and love and felt the need to check out again lest they get in a treasure that we desperately needed, whether we knew it or not :)

We first headed to Trussville, Alabama…home of The Sassy Sofa and The Trussville Antique Mall, which are places we both love and adore…

The Sassy Sofa had some really cute stuff….more notably this chair which I have been eyeballing for WEEKS!

I had decided waaaaay back in the recesses of my mind that if this chair was still there, then I was getting it!

It was….and I did!  It looks like a salmon color here, but it is red, green and gold, which are my colors and I  SO love it!  Whoever upholstered this did an AWESOME job!  (having taken ONE upholstery class for ONE semester….I feel that I am an expert on such things)….HA!

Look at the way the stripes match up…..you can’t see the back here, but it is pleated all the way down….love it!

22.28.12 034

Then on to the Trussville Antique Mall…

old chippy worn books…..which we love…

22.28.12 016

22.28.12 017

This chair was $35 and HEAVY!  There were two of them….I loved these!  It was in our FAVORITE dealer’s room….she has three here now….loved the fabric….

22.28.12 023

Loved this little Adirondack chair…..wish I had gotten it!  I have a “thing” for small chairs too….

22.28.12 018

22.28.12 021

22.28.12 020

22.28.12 024

22.28.12 025

These brackets are cute….Steve could make these and dress them up a bit for me…

22.28.12 029

22.28.12 027

Wish I had gotten this basket too…$15…may have to go back for this…

22.28.12 026

22.28.12 031

22.28.12 032

I have more photos that I will post later in the week.  I have to go and pick up my chair as we were not able to load it in the trunk of the car and get it home Saturday…..and after having Steve “get that rug out of the attic for me” so I could switch them out in the dining room…..I realized that is the wrong rug and the one I wanted to put in the dining room is now is Seth’s room…..OOPS!  Trip to Lowes for an inexpensive rug is on the agenda for today….and I have recovered the dining room chairs and will show those to you as well.  Thank you all so much for stopping by! 

Hope you are having a great week!

Lou Cinda


  1. Great looking chairs...super price of $35!


  2. The chair is beautiful! Love the bottom "ruffle!" --Looks like a great place to browse and shop! :)

  3. wonderful treasures! can't wait to see more.

    sweet blessings
    barbara jean

  4. So glad I found your blog. I live very close to Trussville...in Springville, actually. I've been wanting to go to the antique mall for a long time, but haven't yet.

  5. Hi Lou Cinda, what awesome find with that chair and for $35....I love it!!! I could have spent hours in that antique mall....so many pretties in there. Hope you have a wonderful day, Gail

  6. The chair is wonderful. Love that pleated skirt and the price.

  7. Does Steve know you throw his name around...a lot? LOL
    I'd love to see the back of that beauty.
    BTW...if you write about picking up pinecones...I'll read it.

  8. That's a fabulous chair, I like the mall you go too.They have some great find. I Just found your blog and I am your newest follower.Please stop by for a visit and follow me to.

  9. Lou Cinda,
    Oh, I adore your new chair! The fabric on the metal ones is just lovely, too! I have a thing for chairs...but have managed to sell or donate a few strays this past year. The Antique Mall was gorgeous...saw a few things there for my own decor, as well! Ha! Thanks for sharing your road trip and lovely finds!

  10. Looks like you had a wonderful day! The chair is a really nice find!

  11. I love that chair! How lucky that it's in your colors. I know what you mean about not having anything to post about sometimes. I don't know how people live on a perpetual house changing/redecorating mission. Sometimes you just have to live life.
    Looks like you had a fun day of shopping!

  12. WOW...look at all this eye candy!!

    SO glad to see you posting again!


  13. What fun you had, great chair too! Sometime you will have to show the back of it:)
    I've joined your Linky Follower!


  14. Oh my........could your chair Be any prettier? I LOVE it.... and so agree. What a wonderful job on the upholstery. It's just yummmm-o. Glad you got it.....and love that little Adirondack chair too. Need one to hang on my wall. :-)


  15. Thanks so much for stopping by! I don't know how I have missed you before, but I am following you now. I really enjoyed looking back through your blog, and had to laugh at your driving thru Nashville experience. I had a similar situation the last time I was there -- it is a hot mess!

  16. Lou Cinda I love your new chair! I've never taken an upholstery class but it looks great to me! *winks*...I also know that feeling that I'd better make the rounds lest the Picasso get away from me and go home with someone else...Quelle horror! lol! Ummm I'd run back for that basket...it's a cutie! Vanna

  17. You had an amazing day, didn't you? How fun to be with a friend of like mind, as well! You showed us some wonderful things- I would certainly have been on a buying frenzy had I tagged along. LOL Cute chair with all those pleats!
    I agree with you on the entire "let's do something to post about so I can have something to blog about." Half of what I see isn't what I would consider blog-worthy. Instead, it should be a tweet or a FB post. And then there are the numerous comments to accompany these inane posts! I just don't get it!! What? -You didn't want to post about all those pinecones strewn about the yard?! ha ha
    love ya, girl! Sue

  18. What a great shop and I love your new chair. I hope you can come back to Scott's in Atlanta some day.

  19. Don't feel bad about not blogging. I feel the same way that I don't have anything extra special to share, maybe I shouldn't blog. But who cares!! I l think that tureen in the last photo was stunning! Thanks for always leaving such nice comments at my blog.

  20. First, I agree, I can become so guilt ridden when I can't blog as often as I would like...why do we do that to ourselves, I don't know! It's supposed to be for our passion/love so if sometimes LIFE comes first where blogging is concerned then we need to CHILL.2nd I love when I get to travel to great places via a blog...loved it. And last the chair is beautiful and I loved that basket and the tureen makes me sigh. Enjoyed your post, Shari.

  21. I would have loved to have gotten that red chair and the transferware tureen! Do not feel bad about not posting! There are enough things in all our lives to stress over w/o adding that!
    Blessings, Audrey

  22. Ummm Lou Cinda you have much better frenchy stuff THERE! And you always seem to find something fab! So you may not have a VV, but you do have Hobby Lobby and Homegoods...Do I? Nooooo I do not! Lol! So pity ME!! Hahaha! I'm constantly tortured by fabulous cheap stuff from the Hobby Lobby! I'm just about ready to move anywhere they have one! *winks* I hope you'll share your radio flyer? I adore old wagons...the chippier rustier the better! And I totally know what you mean about not really having anything that's blog worthy. I'm sure people are getting tired of seeing stuff I bought week after week (I know I am) but I don't really have anything else to share kwim? I'm not much of a DIY'r..I don't sew...What to do? I'm blog tapped out. So if you brainstorm and happen to come up with something let me know OK? *winks* Vanna

  23. Oh, it looks like you had a fun time. I saw so many cool things that I would love to snap up, too. I love your new chair. We'd like to have you join our link party. We'd love to have you!

  24. Lou Cinda what a great shop, I could spend hours in a place like that!! Love the chair!


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